AT&T CEO on rumored cellular FaceTime charges

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Following the discovery in the iOS 6 beta that users may be subject to additional charges and restrictions when using FaceTime on AT&T’s cellular network, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson has stated that it’s “too early” to discuss the matter. The company is still working with Apple to solve the issues over how the carrier plans to handle FaceTime over their 3G network.

Stephenson was questioned during Fortune’s conference event about how the additional charges will apply to iOS 6’s FaceTime over cellular feature. He replied that he’s heard the same rumor, but wouldn’t offer details as, “… it’s too early to talk about pricing.”

It’s still possible that the wireless company is planning to introduce an additional charge for those that wish to use FaceTime over cellular on their iPhone. Hopefully, though, Apple can convince the carriers to get on board with their plans and find a middle ground for mobile users in a world where wireless carriers are moving away from unlimited data plans.

Via [Techcrunch]

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