Aaron Kraus
Associate Editor

Reared on a Mac Plus, graduated to a Performa 6400/180, detoured briefly into eMate 300 territory (which still runs), and currently rocking several variants of MacBook, Aaron is steeped in arcane Apple lore and fluent in Reality Distortion™. Cybersecurity consultant by day and hopeless technophile with aspirations to be a low-grade foodie.

Ultimate Ears UE Boom finds its Safe Haven

UltimateEars’ UE Boom Safe Haven brings graffiti style to your Bluetooth streaming.

Review: Cyntur JumperPack mini

Keep your car and your iDevices running with the Cyntur JumperPack mini.

MetAir Solstice Portable Power for outdoors, emergencies

MetAir gives you a fuel cell for extended power outages.


Ampware CrankCase provides nearly unlimited iPhone power

CrankCase lets you turn muscle power into iPhone power, so you never run out of juice.

Pad & Quill introduces Apple Watch accessories

Display and protect your Apple Watch with Pad & Quill’s signature leather and wood style.

The Apple Watch is easy to justify, hard to pick

Not your typical Apple v1.0 product.

Sennheiser launches RS 195 headphones for hearing loss sufferers

If you’re suffering from hearing loss, there are better options than simply cranking up the volume.

ResearchKit is the Apple Watch’s killer feature

Apple made a pretty brilliant move with the launch of their ResearchKit framework.

WaterField Designs’ Spike Wallet for Apple Pay users

Accommodate just the essentials when you’re going card-free with ApplePay.

Review: Pixelmator for iPad

The only limit is your own creativity. Well, that and the usual iPad stuff.

Review: Octa TabletTail iPad stand and mounting system

Need a hand? Octa’s TabletTail lets you mount your iPad to walls, surfaces, or just about anywhere.

Spice up your text life with the Plume emoji app for flirting

Up your emoji game with sexy, scandalous, and cute symbols in a private, discreet chat app for iOS.