Aaron Kraus
Associate Editor

Reared on a Mac Plus, graduated to a Performa 6400/180, detoured briefly into eMate 300 territory (which still runs), and currently rocking several variants of MacBook, Aaron is steeped in arcane Apple lore and fluent in Reality Distortion™. Cybersecurity consultant by day and hopeless technophile with aspirations to be a low-grade foodie.

Grovemade Limited Edition Metal Docks now available

West coast design shop Grovemade can cover your iPhone, iPad, or entire desk in warm luxurious wood, but the designers are mixing things up with a new limited edition metal iPhone dock for iPhone 4/S and 5/S/C. An extension of their existing lineup of metal-and-wood docks, the new line does away with the wooden top for a sleek black top over your choice of a black, silver, or brass base.


Hands-on with the OS X Yosemite beta, 24 hours in

Yosemite represents the most drastic Mac OS interface shift since the original OS X Aqua interface with its pinstripes and lickable buttons. I guess it’s appropriate that this version be opened up for beta testing just like its predecessor. Here are my impressions from my first day using the new OS X.

Kickstarter Find: OwnPhones wireless, custom-fit, 3D printed earbuds

Earbuds are many things: wireless, sweat proof, noise isolating, stylish, and custom fitted. But they aren’t all these things at once, forcing you to choose different earbuds for different situations. OwnPhones, which recently launched on Kickstarter, aims to change that by giving you a pair of custom fitted, personalized Bluetooth earbuds that are built to match your ear and your style.

Primovisto Bamboo iPad mini case sacrifices functionality for design

The Primovisto bamboo iPad Mini case makes a statement; natural beauty protecting a high tech gadget. This is a book-style case with a solid flap that protects your iPad’s screen, and an internal frame made of maple to hold your iPad securely in place. Despite its good looks, the Primovisto case emphasizes appearance over utility. As a result, the case can limit your iPad’s usefulness.

The Bridge is part MC Escher’s doodles, part side scroller, and all addicting

The Bridge is a little bit sketchbook, a little bit MC Escher, a little bit crazy. It’s sort of a sideways scroller, but there are two twists that make the game particularly notable. First, you don’t really control the character so much as you control the whole world. Second, the entire three dimensional world has been flattened into two impossible dimensions, leaving you to figure out how to navigate not only your character, but also manipulate objects both good and bad.

Appidemic: Nightmares from the Deep: The Siren’s Call

The last installment of Nightmares from the Deep took us to a cursed pirate island, but left out several archetypal pirate characters. Back for a second installment, The Siren’s Call, this new entry takes you to the forgotten village of Kingsmouth where the evil mayor has enslaved a Siren and terrorizes passing ships with a terrifying krakken, because pirates.

Appidemic: Pinch social matchmaking for iOS

The premise behind Pinch is simple; browse through your friends’ friends, and if you find one you’re interested in you pinch the profiles together. The app gives you some simple ice breaker games to get to know your matches, taking the guesswork out of blind date mutual friend hookups.

Review: PhotoSweeper duplicate photo cleaner

PhotoSweeper promises spring cleaning for your photo library, and the app does not disappoint. It’s like a personal trainer for your photo library: it can slim down your photo library and speed up your iPhoto/Aperture experience, and it’s got a great interface and powerful functionality to boot.

2014 Ten One Design Pogo Art Contest announced

Ten One Design’s Pogo Art Contest is back for another year, so mobile sketchers, artists, and doodlers should start prepping those portfolios. This year’s contest winner gets cash and tech goodies valued at $1,000, including a Ten One Design product that hasn’t even been announced yet.

Kickstarter Find: Pond and Stream Wireless iPhone Charging

Devant Technologies is out to change the ugliness of iPhone charging with their recently launched Pond Wireless Charging Valet and the accompanying Stream case on Kickstarter. The Stream case enables your iPhone 5/5s to charge wirelessly, while the Pond provides a convenient place to park and charge your iPhone, as well as to hold your car keys, change, or earbuds once you arrive home.

Hop messaging app adds Hop Groups for multiparty emails

The Hop app aims to reimagine email as a series of conversations, similar to iMessages or chat apps we’re all used to. It filters for conversations from real people and presents them as coherent timelines, rather than as individual back-and-forth messages. The app now supports multiparty emails called Hop Groups, which allow you to isolate those group conversations in your email in the same manner.

Libratone introduces Spotify Connect, updated iOS apps at CE Week 2014

With the launch of their new 360 Scandinavian branding earlier this year, Libratone upped their design game. The company also used the recent CE Week show in New York to introduce some upgraded tech to their line as well. Announcements during the show last week included Spotify Connect integration, as well as updates to the company’s iOS app for better performance.