Aaron Kraus
Associate Editor

Reared on a Mac Plus, graduated to a Performa 6400/180, detoured briefly into eMate 300 territory (which still runs), and currently rocking several variants of MacBook, Aaron is steeped in arcane Apple lore and fluent in Reality Distortion™. Cybersecurity consultant by day and hopeless technophile with aspirations to be a low-grade foodie.

Harman introduces new wireless speakers, headphones for fall

Harman continues the trend of ditching cables for freedom.

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The pros and cons of Apple Pay

Two important pros, one significant con.


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What animal better represents minimalist aluminum protection than the Koala?

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Lemur Monitors BlueDriver Bluetooth-enabled OBD II scanner review

Diagnose your check engine light twice, and you’ve already covered the cost of the BlueDriver.


Kickstarter Find: LIFT by iSkelter, a standing desk

The “cure for sitting disease.”

iPhoneSoft shares purported iPhone 6 box, iWatch vision

And let’s hope both of of them are inaccurate.