Aaron Kraus
Associate Editor

Reared on a Mac Plus, graduated to a Performa 6400/180, detoured briefly into eMate 300 territory (which still runs), and currently rocking several variants of MacBook, Aaron is steeped in arcane Apple lore and fluent in Reality Distortion™. Cybersecurity consultant by day and hopeless technophile with aspirations to be a low-grade foodie.

iSkelter launching Beats Station to corral your over-ear headphones

iSkelter’s continuing their mission of covering your desk with organic-modern bamboo design. Their latest product, the Beats Station, gives you a place to hang your Beats by Dre (or other over-ear headphones) and hold your iPhone or iPod, helping you to keep your desk organized and showcasing your headphones.

Adobe unveils new hardware, updates Creative Cloud, mobile photo apps

Yesterday, Adobe unleashed a slew of app updates and some new hardware for photographers and other digital creatives. There were updates to mobile and desktop apps, some brand new apps, and even a new appcessory bundle consisting of a digital sketch pen, ruler, and companion apps.

Kickstarter Find: Headbones bone conducting headphones

Traditional headphones utilize tiny speakers to pump sound straight into your ear canal, but UK-based Damson audio is going a slightly different route with their Headbones. Just launched on Kickstarter, the Headbones let you use your noggin (or, more specifically, your skull bone) to deliver sound without jamming speakers directly in your ear.

Review: Cloak 2 VPN for OS X and iOS

The Internet’s full of spies and hackers! Everyday users probably stand a low chance of falling victim to one, but for an added measure of protection, Cloak gives you the benefit of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) without all the hassle of setting up and maintaining your own.

Appidemic: Sleep Sounds HQ for iPhone

Sleep Sounds HQ provides a variety of audio tracks—from vehicles to nature sounds—which can provide you the perfect audio backdrop. Whether you need to block out a noisy coworker or want something to lull you to sleep, Sleep Sounds has a track.

Review: Korus V400 and V600 wireless speakers

The Korus V400 and V600 offer incredible sound and amazing wireless capabilities thanks to their proprietary SKAA wireless protocol. They’re definitely on the premium end of the market, but if you’re looking for top notch wireless audio these speakers should definitely be one of your considerations.

Appidemic: Kamino for iPhone

Whether you want to explore the city in which you live, share the hotspots in your favorite metropolis, or discover a new city, Kamino’s neighborhood-based walking tours are a great way to get out and see the local neighborhood. The app features urban hikes in major cities all over the world, and the social sharing takes the traditional travel guide model and adds mad useful details from locals on where to find all the best experiences.

Appidemic: …and then it rained for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Let the rain fall down and distract you, challenge you, and zen you out. …and then it rained is one part game, one part zen garden, and one part audio meditation, and it’s all around a great game for either a quick brain recharge or hours of entertainment.

Indiegogo Find: XS Powercard charger+battery+USB storage

Based on the premise that your wallet and iPhone are the two things you carry with you at all times, Xyra is launching the XS Powercard on Indiegogo. They’ve managed to cram a charger, battery, and USB drive into one slim device that can easily fit in your wallet, meaning you’ll never be without power or extra storage while you’re on the go.

Hands on with the Acme Made Ergo Book iPad case

I generally hate iPad cases because they’re not as attractive as the iPad they conceal, and they’re usually not functional enough to overcome their ugliness. Acme Made’s Ergo Book case manages to pack so many features into an ultra slim case that I found myself actually liking it!

Macphun’s Intensify, Intensify Pro updated

Macphun’s Intensify and Intensify Pro apps represent some of the best standalone photo editors, and a recent update has brought several important new features to these detail-enhancing photo apps.

Review: iSkelter Slate Mobile AirDesk

With its warm bamboo, crisp lines, and Apple-specific design, the iSkelter Slate Mobile AirDesk is a portable desk that turns any chair into a full-featured desk, and looks like Apple designed it. It lifts up your laptop to a more ergonomically correct height and keeps both your lap and computer cooler, which makes using a laptop on your lap a more pleasant experience.