I was born on the heels of Apple's Think Different campaign in the heart of Jersey. Since then my entire life has revolved around technology. I sought out every single gadget and gizmo I could get my hands on. Past experiences/hobbies have included owning and operating a mobile DJ company, being a swim coach, and of course the computer fix-it guy for my friends and family ... and their friends. Additionally, I have spent time with: a top Japanese electronics company on a product development team, at a SoHo, based advertising firm, a tech magazine, and marketing male targeted personal care brands -- amongst other things here and there. While I never envisioned being a writer, that is what you call this, right? I do love innovation, technology, and toys; this is just the best way to explore the great frontier. Oh, and if you can believe it, Doug and I aren't even related.


Appletell reviews the Moleskine Folio for iPad

If you have never written on a Moleskine before, you don’t know what you’re missing. And if you never used an iPad before, well, I wouldn’t start by reading an iPad case review. The way Moleskine elevated standard notebooks (much like Starbucks “premiumizing” coffee), they have now done the same with iPad cases.


Appletell reviews the iHome iP90 Clock Radio for iPhone/iPod

Back in my day, an alarm either beeped until your ear rang or attempted to pull in a radio station (but ended up playing mostly static). Fast forward to 2010 and enter the iHome iP90. This “i” generation alarm clock, comes with everything you need to get you (or your millennial out of bed in the morning). The iP90 acts as your charger, syncs its time to your iPhone, and keeps your phone working, so calls can come through. Unfortunalty, the iP90 is not compatible with iHome’s iPhone app.

Hands on: Twitter apps for iPad

Though I have no proof, one would assume that social media use must over-index with iPad owners. With additional screen space, being able to literally touch the social graph, and the ability to hop between programs, the iPad is the home portal for sites like Twitter, Facebook, and others. Here are my thoughts on three iPad optimized Twitter apps: Twittelator, Twitterific and TweetDeck.


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A new Appletell design for 2009

Appletell New Design Screenshot
We are very excited to launch the next version of Appletell. We have rolled this new design out to Gadgetell and Appletell, and will follow-up with Gamertell in two weeks. Here is a rundown of what we were trying to achieve with the new site and some of the changes that went along with it.

Be famous! (aka: blog for Appletell)

We are looking for a few new writers and figured that there may be no better place to look for Apple-heads than on Appletell itself. With our recent rapid growth we are in need of additional writers to provide regular, high quality, content for the site. To make the cut you must: have a strong more »


Easy iPod to iPod file transfers with miShare

Want to put the external disk option in your iPod to good use? I mean, your iPod Shuffle, Nano, and 5th generation with with video models are all good as portable disk drives, right? So why let a good feature go to waste because of Apple’s closed system? With a new product called miShare, you more »

The iPhone finally makes its way to Asia

On the heals of the iPhone’s geographic expansion in Europe, the iPhone is making it’s official entrance into Asia. Singapore Telecommunications (Singtel) will bring the iPhone to Singapore, India, Australia and the Philippines later this year (read, iPhone 2 with 3G speeds). This is probably the only way to curb the massive knockoff problem that more »

IT through the decades

Advertorial: Ever imagine why it took sooo long to get tech integrated into the workplace? Dell tries to begin to explain the answer in the hilarious video featuring Olivia Munn and “the boardroom”. Burn it! (you have to watch to get the joke) Now only if it was Apple…sigh.


Apple Store down for the third Tuesday in a row, updates are on their way

Apple Store Status View Pingdom’s Apple Store Status. Note that the store online status will change based on the current status. The store is down at the time of posting. Happy Tuesday folks (for the third time). It looks like the Apple Store is down this morning, so we’re waiting patiently for some product updates more »

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