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Review: Dragon Quest III for iPhone and iPad

Great for fans of RPG nostalgia. Not so much for everyone else.

Google app for iOS updated

One tap search, built-in maps, material design and more.

Apple and IBM announce IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps

The apps to be delivered can be customized for any organization.

Gameloft updates Asphalt Overdrive for iOS

Two new cars, a new race mode, new storyline, and more.

iPhone 6 Case review: Spigen Neo Hybrid Metal case

A stylish, sturdy frame with dual layer impact protection.

Review: Ironkill Robot Fighting Game for iOS

Two robots fighting…in a casual kind of way.

Appidemic: Flyhunter Origins for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Side-scrolling action that’s equally addictive and frustrating.


iPhone 6 case review: Spigen Tough Armor Case

Durability, optimum protection and style.

iPhone 6 case review: Case Mate Naked Tough Case

Naked and tough, like the Olympians of ancient Rome.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to arrive in China on October 17

Preorders start in China on October 10th. Hopefully, Apple’s ready this time.

Appidemic: Asphalt Overdrive for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

With luck , the closest we’ll ever come to a Miami Vice endless runner.

Apple reports record-breaking iPhone 6 launch

Over 10 million units sold in three days.