LEGO App4+ for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch review

LEGO App4+ is essentially a side scrolling, coin collecting platformer. The idea is that you can build your own LEGO vehicle and drive it. I loved the game, and my children’s incessant nagging to play it again and again says it all, really. LEGO App4+ is a kids game through and through, but one that’s truly developed and produced with the child in mind.

WWDC 2013: Incremental improvements or planet shattering announcements?

Something’s different as we approach WWDC 2013. Samsung has made their pitch for innovation this year with look-away control for video and hand swiping for call answering. For me, Apple has to start looking bigger. We’ve endured a couple of years of incremental improvements. We’ve lived through enough evolution, not revolution.

How many marriages have been ruined by Location Services?

Consider alone the impact Location Services such as Find My iPhone have had on all the unsuspecting love thieves out there. Find my Friends is another one; a service which is spectacularly useful for people when used in the light. But in the dark, the service becomes a frightening, incandescent bulb of truth, from which the cheater has little defense.


WWDC 2013: Is iRadio enough?

If you’ve read any Apple blog over the last few days and weeks, you may have noticed the buzz surrounding the potential arrival of iRadio on iOS at WWDC 2013; essentially a music streaming service along the lines of Spotify and Pandora. I love the idea, but, will it be enough for Apple in 2013? If this is going to be the flagship product for 2013, I think Apple will struggle to wrestle momentum away from Samsung over the next 12 months.

What does WWDC mean to me?

It’s important for us to recognize the impact of WWDC. Yes, it’s a massive marketing platform for a hugely profitable company. On a deeper level, however, it’s a technology spectacular with massive ramifications for the world’s tech companies and for billions of people.

Hands-on with Voxer PTT for iOS

In essence, Voxer is a walkie-talkie, Push To Talk (PTT) app with some texting and picture messaging thrown in. There are heaps of them on the market. With Voxer however, you get a package that’s produced to the standards I would expect from Apple themselves. The design is almost flawless and the reliability is exceptional.


iTunes ruined my birthday

If you have an iPhone or a Mac or an iPod, you’ll understand the magnitude and wealth of the possibilities on offer in iTunes: games, movies, music, apps, books…all the stuff you want, all in one place. The sad thing about it for me is that until Apple creates a different genre of entertainment altogether, I know exactly what presents I’ll be getting for the rest of my life!

Appidemic: Voice Recognition for iPhone, iPod touch

What’s the one thing about Siri that really holds it back? Is it the fact that when you’re trying to say something improvised—like an email or message—you get cut off before you can finish? There’s now hope in the form of an app called Voice Recognition for iPhone and iPod touch. The App does one thing; it recognises your voice using a technology similar to Siri and converts it quickly into text.


Apple made me boring!

Is it Apple’s fault I’m boring? With most Apple fan boys like me, we subconsciously attain this aura of self-righteousness; this idea that because we’ve chosen Apple as our brand of choice, we must be right. Everyone else must be a loser. Apple and all its beautiful design ethos have directly contributed to a change in my awesomeness, and that worries me greatly!

Phoster for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch review

Have you ever found yourself enveloped by stress due to your lack of Poster creation tools? Me neither. So, as with every other needless App Store purchase I’ve ever made, Phoster by Bucket Labs brings with it a wealth of cool, if slightly unnecessary graphic gimmickry to your iPhone.

Sex and the iPhone: Women are from Venus, men are from Moscone

When I speak to my friends about Apple and technology and cool things that interest me, we debate and even argue over most aspects of it. It’s the point of having a discussion. Human beings enjoy being tested and enjoy playing the devil’s advocate with certain topics. However, my friends and I all seem to share common ground on one point—our wives/girlfriends don’t understand what the fuss is about.

iOS development: the biggest bandwagon in town

Apple has turned me into a crazed, technology craving nut-case with a passion for sleek minimalist design. I now get into lengthy pointless conversations with other oxygen-depleting wannabe’s about how beautiful the bezeled edges of the new iMac are! I mean, come on…what am I doing?! I used to talk about women and sports!