Bill Stiteler
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A Macintosh user since 1988, Bill is a director, playwright, and filmmaker.

Civilization takes to the stars in “Beyond Earth” this fall

So the big news this week in gaming (and I don’t care if the inventor of chess came back from the dead with new rules) was the announcement of a new Sid Meier’s Civilization game. This alone would be enough to start many a strategy gamer to salivate. Civ has been one of the best and most addictive video games since it was released in 1991. No, the twist on this story is that instead of recreating history with several reality-based nations competing for supremacy from huts to the Space Age, the new game, Civlization: Beyond Earth, will reach into the near future of colonizing other planets.

Knights of Pen and Paper +1 for iOS free tomorrow

  Knights of Pen and Paper +1, the delightfully hilarious retro game where you play old-school RPGamers will be free tomorrow in the iOS version. The game loops through different geeky universes as your players meet NPCs who realize how ridiculous their requests are, “monsters” from 80s video games, and otherwordly gods who resemble the more »

Might & Magic OCG gets “Heart of Nightmare” expansion

Online card game Might & Magic Duel of Champions is getting an expansion titled Heart of Nightmares, which features “new heroes, a new base set, 100 new cards and new features including puzzles.” Puzzles, guys!

Hack and slash through Lightbringers for iOS

What is the mobile computing revolution for if not to allow us to mindlessly hack our way through wave after wave of enemies in a free-to-play iPhone game? Fortunately that dark future has been delayed—for now—by the arrival of Lightbringers, a free-to-play iPhone game where you hack your way through wave of wave of enemies.

Drobo backup stytem updated

Drobo, the automated local backup system, has just been updated with a slew of new features, including USB support, faster build times, and enhanced support for Time Machine. The four-bay system will also be four times faster than previous versions, and will feature a loyalty discount for previous users.


Smule releases AutoRap 2.0

Smule, maker of popular music apps, has released a new version of AutoRap, the iOS app that turns your normal speech into a song using autotune and rhyme correction. This is in addition to the “Battle” feature (introduced in January) which allows you to take on rap battles within the app itself.

Han tilts first in Star Wars Pinball: Heroes Within

What’s everyone’s favorite scene of Star Wars? When the characters played pinball based on their own adventures, of course! Featuring multiple tables based on Han Solo, the Droids, and A New Hope, Star Wars Pinball will be available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PS Vita, Xbox LIVE Arcade, Steam, iOS, Google Play, Amazon and OSX.

Appidemic: Threes for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Threes is a game that combines math with matching and sliding puzzles. You combine numbered tiles into multiples of three, trying to make larger multiples of three while preventing the board from being locked by a lack of moves.

Appidemic: iShows for iPhone and iPod touch

iShows keeps a database of the shows you enter. The search function works well, so well that I assume it’s using the Internet Movie Database because it was able to find even the most obscure show I could think of: “Blansky’s Beauties,” a little-loved “Happy Days” spin-off that aired for one season then vanished.

1954: Alcatraz adventure game now available for Mac

Point and click adventure fans take note: 1954: Alcatraz is now on Steam with multiple choices and endings. The game—set in a noir environment where the femme fatale might stick by her man or take it all for herself—challenges players to see it through to an ending that will satisfy justice or their own gains.

Garmin iPhone 5/5s Active Mount review

You used to pay hundred of dollars, often with a subscription fee on top, for a dedicated GPS device to give you directions. Now, you have multiple options given away with your phone. GPS-maker Garmin has stayed in the game not by fighting smartphones, but embracing them with their own apps and accessories, like the Active Mount for the iPhone 5/5s, a combination car window mount and charger.

The Walking Dead: The Game – Season 2, Ep. 2 for OS X review

It was probably inevitable that The Walking Dead would start to feel familiar. Season one had some amazing twists, both in terms of unexpected violence and consequences, but in season 2, the fabric is starting to wear. Clem will have to fight zombies in a quick-paced action scene. Someone will make a horrible choice, leaving Clem to deal with the fallout where it’s impossible to make everyone happy. These same scenarios worked brilliantly in season one, so what’s changed?