Bill Stiteler
Associate Editor

A Macintosh user since 1988, Bill is a director, playwright, and filmmaker.


Review: ExoLens Exo 6 camera lenses for iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 has an amazing camera. The ExoLens Exo 6 makes it better.


Review: Simple Snap tempered glass screen protector

If you’re worried about screen damage for your electronics, this is the one.

Back to the Future DeLorean iPhone case available in Japan, life unfair

It’s 2015, and while we’re all riding our hover boards and enjoying self-tying shoes, what we don’t have are enough iPhone 6 cases.


Review: RAVPower Savior battery pack with Lightning connector

Hands down, my new favorite way to charge my iPhone 6.

Bruce Lee fights back from the grave in Temple Run 2

Escape from monsters without using any new fists of fury.

iPhone 6 case review: Reach79 with signal boosting antenna

It doesn’t pay off on claims of boosted strength with any consistency.

Puzzle & Dragons updated with Fist of the North Star content, because of course it is

Match-3 gameplay meets people exploding from 1,000 punches.

Review: Clear note-taking app for iOS

A genuinely useful and pleasing-to-use task management and note-taking app.

Monster Dash meets Ghostbusters in latest update

Who ya gonna call? Barry Steakfries!

Hands-on with the Marvel Heroes 2015 open beta for OS X

In Marvel Heroes 2015, can you play as Squirrel Girl? Yes. Yes you can.

Sons of Anarchy now a story-based game for iOS

Who wants another story-based game based on a popular TV show that’s released in episode format?

Review: Mean Girls: The Game for iOS

As another Tina Fey creation would say: “Blerg.”