Has Apple’s A8 SoC enough power to stay competitive?

One preliminary benchmark records only a modest speed improvement with the A8 SoC.


Sluggish iOS 8 uptake likely attributable to a constellation of factors

It’s not because people don’t want it.


Did Apple create a new category of driver distraction with Apple Watch?

“The very device that distracted you also has the power to convict you.”

Review: PhotoScissors background removal tool for OS X

TeoreX’s PhotoScissors app for OS X is a smart tool for removing unwanted background elements or clutter from photos with a few mouse gestures.

Review: Lap Log Pillow Stand for tablets and e-readers

It’s made in the U.S.A. entirely from natural materials.

Apple Watch underwhelms, media event disappoints

But is that entirely Apple’s fault?

Will the iPad Air 2 get a gold color option? If so, when?

I really want a new iPad, and I want it in gold if that’s going to be an option.

iPad Air 2 To Launch Next Week With iPhone 6?

Will Apple cram all fall 2014 hardware announcements into next Tuesday’s event?

IDC: Phablets to outsell portable PCs worldwide in 2014 and tablets by 2015

Apple may be joining phablet sales wave at just the right time.

Review: Mac Backup Guru 2 gets more features, price cut

Added value at a cheaper price. If only all software updates were like this.

Sluggish sales pose challenges, opportunities, for tablets and PCs

Consumers continue the push for one device that does everything.


Opera is an excellent web browser, so why don’t more people use it?

Gone is the erstwhile funkiness of its interface, but the deep set of unique features remain.