Toronto’s Pearson Airport offers free music and book downloads

It only works when you’re actually there, but the gifts are yours to keep.

Brikk Lux Apple Watch on pre-order for only $74,995

For those who wouldn’t be caught dead wearing the Apple Watch Edition.

Good Technology report: iOS continues to win back share from Android

According to Good Technology, iOS share increased from 69% in Q3 to 73% of activations in Q4.

“Killer App” for Apple Watch (and the Mac) announced

Send messages to Mac and (soon) iOS and Apple Watch users with predefined replies.


Review: CotEditor is a nicely-featured, free plain text editor for OS X

CotEditor looks and behaves as you would expect an OS X application should.

Textkraft Pocket Text-Cruncher for iPhone free all day Sunday

In a category of one among word crunching apps for smaller iOS devices.


Why practical driverless cars are decades away – perhaps never

“Ignorant troglodyte?” Stuck in 1995? We’ll take those over being woefully, almost touchingly over-optimisitc.


Review: ParcSlope MacBook Stand memorializes Mac history milestone

The ParcSlope MacBook Stand matches the Apple machines in standards of finish and careful, thoughtful design.


Apple Car or not, driverless cars are an ethical dead end

Sharing the road with a bunch of mindless automatons does not enchant me in the slightest.

Kinesis announces Freestyle2 Blue ergonomic keyboard

Splittable ergonomic typing with the ability to switch between up to three Bluetooth-enabled devices.


Does the iPad’s identity crisis spell its doom?

We know what the iPad is good for, but does it need to be good for more?


Finally time for a Yosemite upgrade? Not yet for me

Upgrading from a stable Mavericks installation to iffy Yosemite still seems like a dice-roll at best.