Is the CHIP nine-dollar computer an IT game-changer?

Computers are too expensive.


Confessions of an OS X “Mac laggard”

Although, Windows teaches us that laggardness is relative.

First self-flying, throw-and-shoot, personal tracking Lily Camera unveiled

Just throw the device into the air, do what you do, and let the Lily Camera handle the filming.


Auto industry first to get wireless charging open standard

Open Dots Alliance will announce its first user consortium at the Ward’s Auto Interiors Conference this week in Detroit.


Is your WiFi router getting long in the tooth? The tech has evolved

Linksys and TP-Link have both released new WiFi router products worth a look.

Express Dictate digital dictation software on sale

Record and send dictation from computer or mobile.


Apple Watch gets 55% approval rating in national study

It apparently “… seemed better when we knew less about it.”

Tristan Nunez and Cooper Tire launch distracted driving awareness campaign

It’s pretty sad when the race car driver feels safer on the track than on the highway.


It’s not just curmudgeons like me who aren’t buying the Apple Watch

I still have my doubts about the Apple Watch ever being more than a modest success.

Laser radio technology a cheaper alternative to fiber optic cables?

Get the Internet anywhere in all weather conditions.

Relo app makes switching from Android to Apple easier than ever

You’ve made the right choice, now make it hassle-free.


Gold iPad is elegant – gold MacBook, not so much

The gold MacBook look a bit cheesy rather than classy.