KeyMouse offers a truly unique keyboard/mouse combo

An ergonomic keyboard/mouse combo you can use from a recliner chair.

The history that inspired the ParcSlope MacBook Stand name

Know the history behind the stand that supports your MacBook.


CURVED/labs Mac desktop concept evokes original classic Macintosh

It’s fun to look at, but I’m doubtful I would enjoy actually using it.

Quell wearable pain relief device stimulates nerves and blocks pain

Use your smartphone to track and personalize your Quell-based pain therapy.


Apple should buy BlackBerry, and not just to keep it out of Samsung’s clutches

An iOS BlackBerry? Perhaps down the road.

TextBlade is something completely different in keyboard input

Light, small, and easily pocketable.

Bushel offers Apple MDM solutions for the rest of us

Apple MDM solutions for organizations with 2 to 100 employees.

Textkraft 3.1 upgrade restores interface features cherished by serious writers

A new expanded toolbar returns access to all important writing functions without opening pop-ups first.

App prices up 20% in Canada; Canadians to get Apple Pay

Developers will be happy, and getting Apple Pay might ease the sting for Canucks.

Fanless ultralight Broadwell laptops – Samsung shows Apple how it’s done

The downside? Windows, with all that it signifies.


Will the new MacBook Air go for the gold?

A gold MacBook Air? Some of us would prefer black.


Harsher distracted driving regulations and penalties needed in 2015

Touchscreen system control input without analog physical controls should be outlawed.