Review: The Journey Down (Ch. 2) for iOS

Welcome to the ground floor. I hope you can find your way around.


Appidemic: Touch Racing 2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Gentlemen: Start your tiny little engines.

Review: Ultima – Model S phone mount

Mount it up, or mount it down; it looks good in either hemisphere.

Appidemic: Learn to dive with Fishy Feathers for iOS

No matter how early this bird is, it isn’t getting any more worms.

Review: It’s time to try defying gravity with Terrella for iOS

It actually behaves more like magnetism than gravity, but it’s all good.

Review: You don’t need the full hardware setup to enjoy SketchBook Pro

SketchBook Pro 7 is where the digital artwork toys are.


Appidemic: High Five Hero for iOS

Celebrate your favorite team with a pint, maybe some shots, and definitely lots of high fives.

Exploring Left in the Dark: No One On Board for OS X

The ghost girl says not to get on the ship, so let’s get on that ship!


Taotronics’ Elune LED Multi-function Desk Lamp, reviewed

It does what it claims, just don’t pay list price for it. Or even half.

Appidemic: Primitives Puzzle in Time for iOS

You may need to bend your brain just a wee bit for this one.

Appidemic: Hook’d – Video Music Messaging for iOS [updated]

Hook’d from MuseAmi lets you record yourself singing along with your favorite song(s) and post the video(s) to the web. The app includes the ability to purchase a variety of karaoke tracks ($0.99 each or 5 track packs for $3.99). Hook’d functions as advertised, but that’s about as good as it gets.

Appidemic: 80 Days for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Well, Passepartout, it’s time to see it you can live up to your name. We shall be travelling around the world and we have only 80 Days in which to complete our journey. Let’s go. 80 Days is based (in some ways more loosely than others) on the Jules Verne classic, Around the World in 80 Days.