Review: FLOTE Desktop Stand for iPad, Kindle, tablets

Portability, good looks, solid construction, and good functionality.


Review: Ventev wallport r2240 charger

Dual port USB 2.4A rapid wall charging for tablets and smartphones

Review: Ventev Chargedock 2000 portable battery charger

A handy, somewhat flawed charger/dock for when you’re on the go.

Review: iPro2 iPhone car mount/dock

Lightning ready for the latest iPhones (and those yet to come)


Review: Move non-supported audio/video files to iPhone, iPad with WALTR

Not all media formats are created equal, but your iPhone doesn’t have to know that.

Review: Jamstik MIDI guitar for iOS

It looks like a baby Steinberger, but it can make a lot more sounds.


Necklace of Skulls for iOS will throw you into a watery pit

Don’t forget the stone you can put under your tongue so you can get into the underworld.

Review: OGIO Clutch Pack

A slender backpack with room enough for your laptop, a book or two, and a few oddments.

Review: Robotex for Mac, PC and Linux

It’s your job to clear all the undesirable life forms from the planet on which we just dropped you.

Review: Ballistic Jewel iPhone 5/5s case

Ballistic offers up a Jewel to protect your little bit of portable handiness.

Review: Defenders of Time for OS X and PC

And no, it’s not a spill-over from the little dust-up between Gallifrey and Skaro.

Appidemic: Musi – Unlimited Free Music for iOS

Free music streamed from YouTube, downloaded from SoundCloud to your iOS device.