What you need to know about Thunderbolt

When Apple released their new MacBook Pros on Thursday, they also introduced a new I/O technology originally developed by Intel under the name Light Peak. We have seen demos of Light Peak in the past, but now it has been officially launched as Thunderbolt. And the very first (and currently only) products to use the technology are the new MacBook Pros. So, what is Thunderbolt?

Macworld 2011: Appletell’s surprising finds

One of our favorite things about Macworld are the unique items we stumble across on the show floor. Yes, we get the press releases and we see the company names on the maps, but they don’t always tell the full story. Sometimes, you just need to see the product in action or speak with a developer for it to fully click. Here are the items from Macworld Expo 2011 that caught the Appletell staff by surprise.


Macworld 2011: Special deals roundup

Many exhibitors are offering special promotions at this year’s MacWorld Expo, a lot of which are available to those of you who couldn’t make it to San Francisco. iDevice skins and accessories, Mac software, apps and more can be found on sale. Jump past the break for a list of the deals we have found so far.

MacWorld 2011: HyperJuice announces Magic Box

HyperJuice has announced their Magic Box solution which will allow MacBook users to easily make their own HyperJuice compatible MagSafe charging cable. This DIY solution contains two small boxes that allow you to modify the Apple cable you already own so you can either charge your MacBook or MacBook Pro from a HyperJuice battery or you can charge your HyperJuice battery using your Apple power adapter.

Macworld 2011: Boinx Software releases Boinx TV Home

Boinx Software, the makers of the award winning Boinx TV, announces the release of Boinx TV Home. Boinx TV Home allow you to create your own high quality You Tube videos by turning your Mac into a live production studio.

Macworld 2011: Winners of the Best App Ever Awards announced

The third annual best app ever awards were announced during this years Macworld Expo. The awards process began in November when app users from all over the world could nominate their favorite apps. Out of the over 90,000 submissions they narrowed it down to the top 609 that were divided up into over 30 categories. Every category had an iPhone division and an iPad division except for the overall best app ever. They then allow users to votes during the first 25 days of January and received nearly half a million votes.

Macworld 2011: NAVIGON announces new iPhone Car Kit and extended Live Traffic Coverage

The NAVIGON iPhone Car Kit is designed to easily hold the iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4 so that it will reduce driver distraction and position the iPhone for better GPS reception by fixing it to the windshield. NAVIGON wants to put the focus on the iPhone and not on seeing the cradle itself. NAVIGON has also announced that they will be using INRIX to provide more comprehensive traffic information. INRIX uses real time traffic feeds and will allow NAVIGON to give you more routing options around congested areas thanks to a 76% increase in road coverage.


Mobile hotspot coming to the iPhone 4

The Verizon iPhone 4 announcement today contained at least one surprise. When Verizon announced the pricing they let it slip that the 32GB $299 version would have mobile hotspot included. Wait, what? What’s a mobile hotspot and why doesn’t my AT&T iPhone have it? Mobile hotspot is a great feature that will let you share your cellular data connection with other devices over a WiFi connection. It appears from screenshots that Apple is calling this a personal hotspot and that the capability is built in to the iOS (4.2.5) that was running on the demo Verizon iPhones.


My journey with slow iPad backups

I have to confess, I am an iPad addict. It has come to be my primary computing platform for many tasks. I have returned to my trusty MacBook Pro recently as my needs have shifted slightly, but my computing patterns have clearly changed and I couldn’t be happier about it. But one thing that I have struggled with is backing up my iPad. Over the summer, my backups were taking longer and longer. Finally, this past weekend, I decided I needed to do something about it.


New Apple TV will include Netflix integration

Apple TV has been the subject of a lot of rumors recently, and Apple broke their silence today by announcing a new version of the Apple TV. It’s a much smaller and less expensive version of their “hobby” device that will allow you to watch movies, listen to music and see photos all on your TV. The new box is 80% smaller than previous versions. It uses HDMI to connect to your TV, which is great news for newer HD TVs but it means you shouldn’t expect to be able to easily use it with your older SD television.


The iPad and AT&T; here we go again

Since the announcement that AT&T would providing 3G coverage for Apple’s iPad, lots of people have asked “Why?” This question is based on the fact that many people have been very disappointed—and even frustrated—by the performance of AT&T’s 3G network performance and coverage. But I think the answer to why AT&T was chosen again is not as much an issue of network performance as it is network technology.


The iPad: 3G or not 3G?

We are just past halfway through the 60 day waiting period that Apple announced for the release of the WiFi iPad. While we don’t know everything about the device, we do know there are six different models split in half by a single feature: a GSM 3G cellular radio for data only. In the last 30 days, the first question many people have asked is “Are you going to get an iPad?” But if the answer is yes, the second question is almost always “Are you going to get the 3G?” The choice is tough.