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Case-Mate’s Monsta and Waddler cases for iPhone 4 review

Case-Mate have been making excellent cases for the iPhone for quite some time now, and the Monsta and Waddler are two of their latest. Both are silicone shells that offer resistance against impact whilst not restricting access to any of the ports or buttons on the iPhone 4. There’s nothing groundbreaking here, but the offer a nice design touch if you’re looking for something a little more playful.

Mr. Sudoku for iPad review

For those of you that are new to the world of sudoku, let me introduce you to Mr. Sudoku, a friendly bee that resides on the iPad offering many sudoku puzzles ranging from simple to hard difficulties. Mr. Sudoku’s interface on the iPad is clean, and its number input options are intuitive, which leaves very little between you and the puzzle—just as it should be.

Rumor: seventh-generation iPod nano to feature a camera?

Apple seems to quite like adding cameras to their portable devices, with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad all sporting at least one. Now it seems the ability to take photos on the move could spread to the second-smallest iPod in the family: the iPod nano. The latest rumors suggest we could see a seventh-generation nano being available in the coming months, with a camera. It wouldn’t be the first time the iPod nano has had a camera, either.

Apple releases the first iPad 2 ad

A couple of weeks after its launch, Apple has released the first television commercial for the iPad 2, entitled “We Believe.” It’s hard to see just why Apple needs to advertise on TV, with the iPad 2 already sold out around the globe, but it goes without saying that it’s a classic Apple advert that makes the iPad 2 look truly magical. Take a look at it inside, but be careful—it could result in you feeling the need to place an order for one.

Apple releases iOS 4.3 early

On March 2, Steve Jobs introduced the second-generation iPad along with some very welcome enhancements to iOS. Those new enhancements form part of the iOS 4.3 update, which has been made available today—a couple of days before the iPad 2 launch on Friday. The software update, available through iTunes, brings Personal Hotspot, a faster mobile Safari browser, and more.

Apple is the world’s most admired company, again.

Apple has topped Fortune’s Most Admired Company list for the fourth year in a row. It doesn’t come as much of a surprise, as Apple is a huge hit with people from all walks of life, and their rock-solid product line-up with manages to catch the eye of most. You might think that we’re a little biased when it comes to Apple, but honestly, I don’t think we have to be.

Blackberry Messenger coming to iOS?

A couple of years ago, Blackberry devices were known for their email capabilities. Now it seems the first thing that comes to mind when you mention Blackberry is BBM—Blackberry Messenger—which could be soon finding its way onto iOS and Android devices as slimmed-down versions of the popular messaging application.

Apple’s Smart Cover for iPad 2 [video]

As they did with the first generation iPad, Apple has unveiled a cover for the brand new iPad 2 that they’re calling the Smart Cover. The Smart Cover offers the best of both worlds, in terms that it protects the 9.7-inch display, while allowing you to hold and use the device as it was intended. So, what is a Smart Cover, I hear you ask. Well…


Original iPad now available for $399

Those of you who were paying close attention to Apple’s media event yesterday will be aware that the brand new iPad 2 will be available for $499—the same price as the original iPad. As a result, the price of the first generation iPad has dropped, making it a very appealing purchase for those who don’t need the extra processing power or video recording capabilities.


iPhone 4 Personal Hotspot is now official

Possibly the most anticipated new feature to come with iOS 4.3 is the Personal Hotspot capability. If you have an iPhone 4, after March 11 you’ll be able to turn your iPhone into a personal wireless hotspot, allowing you to connect your Mac and/or iPad to the Internet where there isn’t an existing WiFi signal available for use. When you enable Personal Hotspot, you’ll be able to connect up to five devices to your iPhone 4 via WiFi, Bluetooth and USB to share your 3G data connection.

Apple announces GarageBand for iPad

Following the launch of iPad 2, Apple has released a brand new version of GarageBand, built specifically for the iPad. From what we’ve seen from the demonstrations at the press event this morning, GarageBand for iPad is an incredibly powerful application, that could prove to be just as useful – and more intuitive – than the full version of GarageBand available for Mac.

iMovie for iPad

A mobile version of iMovie has been available for the iPhone 4 since its launch, but today, Apple brought the hugely popular video editing tool to the iPad. It appears to be a very similar experience to that found on the iPhone 4, but the bigger display means you can see more of what you’re working on, and the controls look to be more refined.