iOS 8 to include Wi-Fi calling

If you weren’t at the Moscone Center in San Francisco or weren’t able to watch the live stream, Apple unveiled iOS 8 with with many new features. What wasn’t announced is Wi-Fi calling, which Apple silently showed off during the visual presentation. We have no idea how Apple is going to implement this, but I’m thinking it’ll be something along with lines of Viber or WhatsApp. Or, it may be something like what can already be done with FaceTime.

WWDC 2014: 800 million Apple iOS devices sold

It’s Apple’s special day today as the gates to WWDC 2014 are now open. There’s plenty to tell you about, but first a bit of congratulations is in order, as Apple has already sold 800 million iOS devices. That’s a lot of gadgets right there. Of this number, 500 million iPhones were sold, with about 130 million being added to the install base since 2013.

Nomura: 46.5 million iPhone 6 Air, iPhone Pros will ship

The iPhone 6 Air will be the 4.7-inch Apple phone that has been the subject of many rumors and leaked images. A Nomura report says the unit will be $650. A Pro version will also be available—the iPhone 6 Pro—with a more expensive with a $750 price tag. The iPhone 6 Pro is also believed to be the bigger 5.5-inch model.

Apple shares hit yearly high ahead of WWDC 2014

Apple’s all-time high was $700 back in September 2012. Unfortunately, Apple shares went down after that for various reasons. Sales have not been as good since then, but Apple can make a comeback during the second quarter of this year, as there’s much anticipation of new Apple products to be unveiled this summer.

Apple says iCloud not compromised in Australia

A number of iPhones, iPads, and Macs were hacked in Australia the other day. Following these reports, Apple sent out a statement that iCloud was not compromised. The company claims the iCloud service is safe and secure, contrary to reports that users in Australia have been locked out of their own iDevices. This hack has since spread to Canada, the US, and New Zealand.

Apple to live stream WWDC 2014 keynote

Nothing really new here, I just want to get you more excited about WWDC. Apple once again will be live streaming the keynote for the enjoyment of those who can’t be at the conference. The WWDC 2014 Keynote address will be streamed live from the Moscone Center direct to your computers and tablets running Quicktime 7.

WWDC 2014 banners going up at Moscone West

It’s always been Moscone. WWDC is held at the Moscone West in San Francisco year after year, and this 2014 is no different. The Apple developer conference will open next week, and the venue is now being prepared for the big event.

iPhone once again leads U.S. smartphone sales

Just the other day, we told you about the iPad leading the market in tablet sales. Before that, we learned Apple had been surpassed by Google as the most valuable brand in the world. This time, we’re reporting that the iPhone is the number one selling smartphone in the U.S. for three of the top four mobile networks in the country.

Apple wins in Dutch court, old Samsung phone sales banned

A Dutch court recently released a sales ban against Samsung; the Galaxy Ace and the Galaxy S II can’t be sold in the area because they’ve been found to infringe on some Apple patent filings in Europe. The two models are not the popular ones, and perhaps their ban won’t even affect sales, but Samsung should worry that the ban could extend to other products.

Apple-Beats deal is “70% sure” to happen

A reliable source for TechCrunch reported that he’s “70% sure” the Apple-Beats deal will be finalised. I don’t really doubt this particular news because there are just too many hints. We currently don’t know what Apple wants to do with Beats, but we hope to hear their plans at the WWDC in early June. We were expecting the Apple-Beats deal to be finalized this week, but it’s already Friday and nothing from either of the two companies yet.

Apple to add NFC to iPhone 6, says Morgan Stanley analyst

Thanks to Apple’s deal with China UnionPay, a Morgan Stanley analyst is saying that the Near Field Communication (NFC) mobile payment method could be coming to the iPhone 6. Analyst firm Morgan Stanley is saying Apple could include NFC on the iPhone 6, making use of the TouchID fingerprint scanner similar to PayPal authorization on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Verizon announces VoLTE, getting ready for the iPhone 6 and iOS 8

We recently told you about AT&T launching HD Voice and VoLTE. Now we’ve learned Verizon is also introducing its Voice over LTE service. VoLTE is growing, especially now that more LTE-enabled smartphones are coming out in the market. While 4G/LTE networks are not as reliable in some areas, mobile carriers like AT&T and Verizon are working hard to expand their coverage.