Erica Marceau
Associate Editor

Erica Marceau's love of Apple, technology, and computer games started when she used a Mac Color Classic. It was one of those life-changing moments you read about in books. After that she studied electronic engineering while writing for many Apple sites. Currently she's living in the Pacific Northwest while continuing to write and adventuring in Azeroth in her free time.

Save money at Apple stores with a tax holiday

If you’re thinking of hitting the Apple Store for some new products in the coming days, you’ll at least want to wait until Friday. Apple Store customers won’t pay sales tax on select Apple products, both in retail stores and online, if you live in one of nine states that have a tax holiday.

Hands-on with Heroes & Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar

Heroes & Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar is a role-playing game set to be released on August 21st for OS X, Windows, and Linux. The game starts with you searching for a magical artifact that can prevent an upcoming catastrophe. After finding it and returning home, you’re accosted by the castle guards and thrown in prison. Thus begins your adventure of finding out just what is wrong with Queen Sijsen and the rest of the kingdom.

MacBook Pro with Retina Display gets updated

The MacBook Pro with Retina display laptops have been officially refreshed with more memory, faster processors, more upgrade options, and a cheaper price. As has been rumored, the 15-inch model now comes with 16GB memory standard, along with a 1TB flash drive upgrade option.

Heroes & Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar

Heroes & Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar is an upcoming fantasy role-playing game for OS X, Windows, and Linux. Combining a variety of gameplay elements from RPGs, strategy, and roguelikes, it creates an exciting and frantic game revolving around automated combat.

OS X Yosemite goes into beta testing today

There’s still time to register for Apple’s OS X Beta Program before the OS X Yosemite beta test begins today at 11 a.m. Pacific. Act quickly since only the first million who sign up can participate. All you need is an Apple ID, a Mac running OS X Mavericks, and if you’re lucky you’ll be given a redemption code to download the beta from the Mac App Store.

Apple earns $37 billion in Q3 2014

Apple earned a revenue of $37.4 billion and a net profit of $7.7 billion during the third quarter in 2014, which ended June 28th. This is an increase over this time last year, which saw a revenue of $35.3 billion and net profit of $6.9 billion. The earnings are a result of strong iPhone and Mac sales.

Appidemic: Blackwell 3: Convergence for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

A chance encounter leads Rosa Blackwell and her ghostly sidekick Joey Mallone to a series of unexplained events—an actor haunts the last scene of his movie, an art gallery prepares to open, and a grieving father watches over where his son died. Are they connected somehow? Find out in Blackwell Convergence.

Help London by trapping ghosts in GhostControl Inc.

GhostControl, Inc. is a turn-based strategy and team management game where you hunt ghosts in London with high-tech gadgets. The game was recently updated to v2.0 with over 50 new features, and is available now on Steam for OS X, Windows, and Linux.

Broken Sword 5 – The Serpent’s Curse: Episode Two now available

Broken Sword 5 – The Serpent’s Curse: Episode Two concludes the adventures of intrepid American George Stobbart and sassy French journalist Nico Collard. Can George and Nico save mankind from disaster using only their logic, integrity, and wry sense of humor? Can they solve the secret of the Serpent’s Curse? A curse which, some claim, was forged by the Devil himself…

Sue Wagner replaces Bill Campbell on Apple’s Board of Directors

Bill Campbell, the board’s longest-serving member, is retiring after 17 years of service. He first joined Apple in 1983 as vice president of marketing and was later Intuit’s CEO. Sue Wagner, founding partner and director of BlackRock, has been elected to Apple’s board of directors. BlackRock is the world’s largest asset-management company which Sue Wagner co-founded in 1988.

Appidemic: Blackwell 2: Unbound for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Manhattan has a ghost problem that only Lauren Blackwell and Joey can solve. A construction site has a series of unexplained accidents and saxophone music can be heard on Roosevelt Island. With a little investigative work and a lot of talking, the ghosts can be sent to their eternal reward.

Deponia – The Complete Journey brings the trilogy together

Deponia – The Complete Journey comprises Deponia, Chaos on Deponia, and Goodbye Deponia in one complete game experience for OS X, Windows, and Linux. One new addition is the graphic quest log, which will not only be a very helpful feature to point and click adventure newbies, but also gives new useful information for seasoned fans of Deponia.