Erica Marceau
Associate Editor

Erica Marceau's love of Apple, technology, and computer games started when she used a Mac Color Classic. It was one of those life-changing moments you read about in books. After that she studied electronic engineering while writing for many Apple sites. Currently she's living in the Pacific Northwest while continuing to write and adventuring in Azeroth in her free time.

Review: Trapped Dead Lockdown for Mac, Windows, and Linux

It makes surviving the zombie apocalypse feel like a chore, not a challenge.

Green Riding Hood is a cheerful fairy tale coming to the iPad

Green Riding Hood is an interactive iPad book that will introduce children to healthy living ideas.

Spirit Lords hack-and-slash RPG now available for iOS and Android

The spirits of the dead are the key to the survival of the human race.

Raven, a hack and slash RPG, coming to iOS and Android later this year

It reached 3 million accumulated downloads ten days after is launch in South Korea.

Apple lawsuit wrap-up for March 2015

Tim Cook is being sued for something having to do with…reproductive access? Are we reading that right?

Become a powerful mage in Warhammer: Arcane Magic for iOS

Assume the roles of famous wizards from the Warhammer world.

Mabinogi Duel coming soon to iOS and Android

Your chance to check out Nexon Korea’s work while waiting for Final Fantasy XI.

Appidemic: Road to Dragons for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Your introduction to panel-action RPGs.

Review: Hell: Fight for Gilrand for iPad

The Order of Radiance vs. the Demons of Hell: epic war or high school battle of the bands?

Avernum 2: Crystal Souls coming to the iPad next month

An epic fantasy role-playing adventure.

Race around the world in Fast & Furious: Legacy

Fast & Furious: Legacy will debut for iOS and Android on March 26th.

Explore the stars with Sid Meier’s Starships for Mac, Windows, and iPad

Set in the science-fiction universe of Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth.