Erica Marceau
Associate Editor

Erica Marceau's love of Apple, technology, and computer games started when she used a Mac Color Classic. It was one of those life-changing moments you read about in books. After that she studied electronic engineering while writing for many Apple sites. Currently she's living in the Pacific Northwest while continuing to write and adventuring in Azeroth in her free time.

Siri, fix my iMessage crash

That Siri…always looking out for you.

Appidemic: Alphadia Genesis 2 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Fight against the Empire to save the Accursed in Alphadia Genesis 2.

Jony Ive takes on new responsibilities at Apple

Jony Ive gets a promotion and new responsibilities in design from Apple retail store to the Apple Campus 2.

Breach TD coming soon to iOS

A mix of tower defense, real-time strategy, and MOBA-like gameplay.

Haunted Empire – Three Kingdoms pits ghosts against humans

MOBA and RPG elements combine for a unique strategic RPG experience.


Earthcore: Shattered Elements CCG now available for iOS

You are the card designer, with endless strategic abilities.

Obsolete Apple products will soon lose repair support

You won’t be able to get hardware support after June 9th if you own one of these older Apple products.


Apple Watch updated for faster performance, more

Apple released a 1.01 update for the Apple Watch which includes performance improvements, bug fixes, and more.

Dungeon Trackers is a card collecting tactical RPG coming soon to iOS

Sign up now to receive in-game currency and a rare Succubus.

Momocon hosts its first annual Indie Game Awards

Many nominees are available for iOS and Mac, and one of them involves Doctor Who.

Soul Unleashed rekindles adventure for iOS and Android

Fantasy RPG that draws inspiration from the PC games of the ’80s.

Apple lawsuit wrap-up for April 2015

Art that can’t be named, Rob Gronkowski porn, and car wrecks that haven’t even happened yet.