By profession, I'm a scientific glassblower. I started using the Mac in 1985 after the "Fat Mac" was released. I started writing reviews in 1994 and have written reviews for numerous organizations and websites.

Why you need the Adobe Camera Raw v8.8 update…or not

Adobe has caught up to some new camera models.

The Apple Watch: maybe, maybe not

It’s hard to get jazzed about drawing daises on my watch to send to my loved one.

Review: Drive Genius 4 OS X system maintenance and repair

Despite what some folks might tell you, computers (even Macs) do not run forever without some care.

Review: Moshi VersaKeyboard for iPad Air 2

Problems with the keyboard kill what could have been an excellent keyboard/case combo.

Twenty Five Years of Photoshop, a reflection

It’s time to sit back and appreciate what Photoshop is (and has been) over the years.

The Pelican Voyager iPad Case is for those who like it rough!

As close to bulletproof as you can get for your iPad Air 2.

Review: GCell Solar Powered Keyboard Folio for iPad Air 2

If the case is open, you’re charging the keyboard. Pretty slick.

Review: The SureFit Classic Folio iPad Case is a good one

Supports and protect your iPad with non-slip functionality.


Got an iPad for the holidays? Protect it with SkinIt

The first thing you need to do with your new iPad Air 2 is protect it.

How to share assets via your Creative Cloud libraries

New Adobe Creative Cloud libraries feature lets you share assets with others and within other applications.

In the Creative Cloud, you are not alone; no, really!

What will Adobe do with their $1.073 billion earnings? Purchase Fotolia, one of the leading online marketplaces for images and video.

Hands-on with LokSak protective bags for electronic devices

Protection from sweat, rain, bears and enemy radio frequencies.