Appidemic: Pixel People for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Chillingo—publishers of such iOS classics as Angry Birds, Cut The Rope, and Order Up! To Go—have a new surefire hit on their hands in Pixel People, an addictive and unique mix of genres that will have you constantly checking your iDevice for progress within your pixelated utopia.

Fishlabs announces MMORTS Galaxy On Fire – Alliances

Galaxy On Fire – Alliances will task the player with building, managing and expanding their own galactic empire in a previously unexplored star cluster. The game will focus more heavily on strategy with some real time elements played on a massively multiplayer galactic scale.


iWatch: Are we ready to change the way we view the time?

Recently, both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal reported that apple is indeed working on a smart wristwatch device—the iWatch—thanks to inside knowledge received via the never-tired journalistic trope of “people familiar with the matter.” Both of these reports claim that deep inside Apple’s Cupertino headquarters, top secret research is going into curved glass displays that will curve around the wrist and act as an extension of your iPhone.

First Lady invites Tim Cook to the President’s State Of The Union Address

Apple CEO Tim Cook is set to have a front row seat to the President’s State of the Union Address on Tuesday, the 12th of February, thanks to an invitation from the First Lady. Michelle Obama’s special guests for the address include Apple CEO Tim Cook, NASA’s Bobak “Mohawk guy” Ferdowski, various military families, individuals affected by recent gun violence, and proponents for immigration reform.

Appidemic: Fitocracy for iPhone, iPod touch

As of today I am a level 9 human, and I couldn’t be more excited. For the uninitiated what I am referring to is my level on the new iPhone “game” Fitocracy. Originally a browser based game, the idea is to help you be motivated to get fit. I know what your thinking, and I was skeptical too, but Fitocracy really is a unique and engaging way to tackle physical fitness.

Evasi0n jailbreak causing weather app crashes…and creations?

Just like an iOS update, no jailbreak iteration ever goes live without some kind of curiosities or bugs, and Evasi0n’s iOS 6 jailbreak has proven to be no exception to this rule. After receiving 100,000 downloads in the first ten minutes and going on to do huge numbers beyond that, reports came flooding in of the jailbreak causing the iPhone’s default weather app to crash.


How to install the Evasi0n untethered jailbreak for iOS 6

Most of you probably already know by now, but we’re going to let you know again; iOS 6.0 and above has recieved an untethered jailbreak for all devices today courtesy of the relatively new jailbreak team the Evaders. Evasi0n will work on any device running iOS 6 or above (yes, that includes the latest iOS 6.1) including the new iPhone 5 and iPad Mini.


Sunday’s Super Bowl sees Apple score two touchdowns

Yesterday was a big day for Baltimore. But despite not being involved in the game (or even having a team in the sport), it was just as big a day for Apple. Last year, Jim Cramer at The Street noticed that Apple had the best ad in the super bowl despite not running an ad at all. The same held true this year if you really examine the footage; I’m talking about two entirely different touchdowns the tech giant managed to score during Super Bowl XLVII.

Appidemic: My Dashboard for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

My Dashboard for iOS—the latest universal app from Red Knight Interactive—takes a lot of its cues from the widget heavy Android phones we all love to hate by bringing completely customisable in-app home screens to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It allows us to see our Facebook and Twitter accounts side by side on one screen with our RSS feeds on the next.

How to get the custom iPhone carrier logo you deserve, without Jailbreaking

Just like you, every day for the past 4 years with my various iterations of iPhone, I have been forced to look at an ugly carrier logo in the upper left corner of my screen. I’ve read for years that we can change this icon by jailbreaking our devices, but thanks to coder uhelios, we now have Carrier Editor for Mac which can change our iOS carrier’s logo in four simple steps.

Appidemic: Spaceteam for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

If you have ever wanted to be a crew member on a rapidly deteriorating starship, Sleeping Beast Games’ Spaceteam may be the game you’ve been waiting for. More accurately, if you’ve ever wanted a legitimate reason to scream over your friends and call them horrible names for something that really turns out to be your fault, Spaceteam is definitely the game you’ve been waiting for.

Get stuff done with Finish. for iPhone, iPod touch

Finish. is one of the few apps that comes along and really changes what should be expected of an app in its category. By challenging the mundane to-do list status quo with its one-of-a-kind reminders system and a slick, well-designed gesture based UI, Basil Ltd.’s Finish. has separated itself from the pack as the one to-do list app that, at least for this writer, actually helps get things done.