How to restore the horizontal red/yellow/green buttons in iTunes 10

Though iTunes has sometimes sported unusual design characteristics, it has also proven to be Apple’s testing ground for future UI decisions. This time around has chosen to move the standard red, yellow and green buttons from their normal vertical arrangement into a horizontal arrangement in iTunes 10—an odd decision, to say the least. If the button placement is bothering you, however, there is a simple process to fix it in OS X.


iOS 4.1 to finally integrate Game Center

When Apple first previewed iOS 4 back in April, one of the many features touted was Game Center, a social gaming network akin to Xbox Live. The release of iOS 4 came and went, and there was no sign of Game Center. But in their press event yesterday, Apple announced that Game Center will be available when iOS 4.1 is available sometime next week. Users will be able to keep track of high scores and challenge their friends in games that have multiplayer functionality.


Apple previews iOS 4.2 for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

At their extravagant, live-streamed event yesterday, Apple showed a pre-release version of iOS 4.2. The biggest feature of this update is that it provides the iPad with all the features the iPhone and iPod touch have had for several months now: multi-tasking, app folders and the like. Multi-tasking alone is sure to make the iPad much more useful and help it be more of a tablet computer rather than a large iPod touch of sorts.


iOS 4.1 to add HDR camera functionality

At their press event yesterday, Apple announced version 4.1 of their iOS which included a bevy of impressive features. One particularly interesting addition is the ability for users of the iPhone and iPod touch to take HDR pictures. HDR, for those not familiar, stands for High Dynamic Range. Essentially, it involves taking several exposures of the same picture and combining them into one hyper-real image that is, ideally, exposed properly in every part of the image.

Rumor: Apple to reboot Apple TV, rename it iTV?

A recent rumor suggested that a thinner, $99 dollar Apple TV is in the works. However, newer details have since emerged. Supposedly, Apple will this fall be renaming the device the iTV. If you cannot recall, Apple had initially named the Apple TV, you guessed it, the iTV, but changed the name of the device by its release. But what’s in a name?

Rumor: CDMA iPhone nearing production?

Since users first experienced the shortcomings of AT&T, there has always been talk of Apple bringing the iPhone to a secondary carrier in the United States. In recent weeks, signs have begun to point to a version of the iPhone soon being available on Verizon. Now, John Gruber (who else, right?) has word that the CDMA iPhone is nearing the production stage. This version of the iPhone—apparently internally codenamed N92—may not be a sure thing, Gruber says, but recent evidence seems to indicate it is.


Apple announces 27″ Cinema Display

Concluding the day’s desktop Mac theme, Apple announced this morning a new 27-inch Cinema Display. The new display sports a 2560 x 1440 resolution, and, because of its size, has an actual 16:9 ratio (no more letterboxing when watching widescreen DVDs!). Like its 24-inch sibling, the display is targeted at MacBook and MacBook Pro users, with a built in three-in-one cable: a MagSafe power adapter, USB plug, and Mini DisplayPort.

Apple announces new Mac Pros, up to 12 cores

The new Mac Pros sport Intel’s Xeon (“Nehalem”) processors with a variety of configurations. The extreme end is, obviously, the most gaudy one: Apple is offering users the options to slap two CPUs, meaning up to 12 cores of processing power, into the towers for a starting entry price of $4,999. Twelve! These machines use Intel’s “Westmere” processor series, which is the codename for the 32-nm processor chips.

Apple releases iMacs with faster processors, better graphics cards

The new iMacs sport the Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 processors, meaning the archaic, low-end Core 2 Duo model is now history—the new low-end iMac has the Core i3 chip. Also, the iMac line now sports new graphics cards, all of which are dedicated GPUs. Done away with is NVIDIA, with Apple instead opting to put two flavors of the ATI Radeon HD GPU—the 4670 and 5670—in the iMacs. And if the processor and GPU difference wasn’t enough for you…

Apple releases its own batteries, charger

Apple’s wireless peripherals (keyboard, Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, and counting) eat through those AA batteries like nobody’s business. The one thing about Apple is that it does not pass up the opportunity to generate more revenue—it’s not the most valuable tech company for no reason, you know. And perhaps those two things together explain the announcement of Apple’s own rechargeable batteries and wall outlet charger.

iMac supplies dwindling, refresh imminent?

Apple has begun signaling retail outlets of an impending shortage of iMacs, as supposedly, a refresh of the entry-level desktop Mac is imminent. Appleinsider reports that the company is telling retailers they should not expect any new supply of the 21.5-inch, 3.06GHz iMac, as the computer will no longer be in production. Retailers are thus being told to sell whatever iMacs they have in stock and to keep room in their stockrooms, almost assuredly for new iMacs.

Apple’s North Carolina Data Center to be ready by year’s end

It has been well documented that Apple has been preparing a large data center for quite some time now, as it was announced in June 2009. Though there may be many theories as to why Apple is constructing this $1 billion facility, rumor is the company will be pushing its way into cloud computing. The 500,000 square foot data center is five times larger than the one Apple has in Newark, California.