Appidemic: Astronest for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Does the iOS version live up to the franchise’s name?

Appidemic: Master of Craft for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Master of Craft is an adorable little fantasy town sim with a strong flair for including RPG elements, and has blended social network appeal with a teensy bit of combat action to create what this reviewer thinks might turn out to be the freemium blockbuster of the summer.


Appidemic: Titan: Olympus War for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Titan: Olympus War is a virtual card collector/strategy enthusiast’s dream come true, so double down on that wish fulfillment if you’re into Greek mythology. Titan gives you the opportunity to rule a vast empire, overseeing up to ten cities and almost 200 territories—if you have the wits to harness the power of the gods.


Appidemic: MemoZy for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

DesignPlusD’s new note taking super-app, MemoZy, does a lot more than take notes. Thanks to a powerful UI, great set of features, and easy customization, MemoZy can also be used as a project planner, list manager, and even scheduler. The app’s big draw is its innovative, creative user interface design.

Appidemic: EpicHearts Plus for iPhone and iPod touch

4:33 Creative Lab wowed the iOS gaming community with their spooky, convoluted Secret of Chateau de Moreau, and now they’ve aimed to impress another group of game fans: RPG lovers. Their new App Store launch, Epic Hearts, couldn’t be more different than its adventure mystery predecessor, other than being equally outstanding in its field. 4:33 has shown it’s good at delivering a narrative that engages gamers, and it lives up to its sterling reputation with EpicHearts as well.

Appidemic: Lich Defense for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Jelly Oasis’ Lich Defense joins the horde of tower defense games currently fighting for precedence in the iTunes App Store. Plenty of Lich Defense is by-the-book tower defense (done very well), but the game does pack in a few tidbits that are a pleasant surprise for lovers of this genre.

Appidemic: Wannabat Season Plus for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Vitusoft’s playing hardball with their new 3D pitching and hitting-centric baseball game iOS app, Wannabat Season Plus. Oozing street-smart style and an urban attitude, Wannabat is a fast-paced take on baseball that promises to woo many an iOS game fanatic—not just sports fans.

Appidemic: Keri Racing for iPhone and iPod touch

Finally, a social network game that keeps on keeping on. SNGs are such a rollercoaster for me—instant addiction, but then the inevitable click-click-wait-click grind. There’s a cure for that now, though, and it’s called Keri Racing, a new social network game from Neowiz Internet that is a balm for boredom in the realm of SNGs.

Appidemic: Bloody Western for iPhone, iPod touch

Mobicle’s new game, Bloody Western, is one of the best new social games to launch in the App Store this season, and it’s bound to equal and outpace many other games for guys with its gritty, gunslinging attitude.


Appidemic: MonTowers – Legend of Summoners for iPhone, iPod touch

Collect what it takes to summon monsters, pit them against one another, and dominate the legendary Montowers. That’s the idea behind Buffstone’s recently launched MonTowers – Legend of Summoners digital collectible card game, and it’s an addictive addition to the iTunes App Store.

Appidemic: Brandnew Boy for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Brandnew Boy from Oozoo offers Unreal Engine-powered 3D martial arts mayhem in a beautifully animated package for iOS. Thanks to that much-lauded Unreal Engine and some twisted art direction, Brandnew Boy is more than fun; it’s exceptional. Facing off against up to five opponents at one time, no lag, flashy fighting styles, and a seriously spooky (and sometimes strangely silly) anime aesthetic all add up to an incredible action experience.

iPhone Appidemic: Help Purple

Help Purple for iPhone and iPod touch combines puzzles, mini-games, collecting, and problem-solving, creating a one of a kind iOS gaming experience. It’s one of the few adventure games I’ve played on iOS that has a natural sense of exploration about it. And at the current sale price of $0.99, Help Purple won’t knock a hole in your apps budget.