Jake Gaecke

For Science!

Zoom in on the heat with Seek Thermal’s Seek XR

Focus on objects at close range or up to 2,000 feet away.

The Best Free Apps for January 23, 2015

A little bit of everything this week, including Minecraft Reality.

IK Multimedia announces iRig Mic Studio

An ultra-portable large-diaphragm digital condenser microphone that seems like it can do it all.

The Best Free Apps for January 16, 2015

Hot tubs and kegs, warhammers and vikings, wizards and golf…it’s going to be a memorable weekend.

Try out the smart home with iHome’s SmartPlug

This year at CES 2015, we saw a plethora of new accessories that are compatible with Apple’s HomeKit. The SmartPlug Series from  has three such devices. Each SmartPlug allows you to remotely control an outlet. Of course, what you can do with this is only limited by your imagination. These are relatively simple devices that more »

The Best Free Apps for January 9, 2015

Scrabble goes visual, Evernote goes scannable, and GREG goes numerical.

Misfit’s Swarovski Shine activity tracker is a solar powered beauty

The Misfit Shine activity tracker adds some sparkle.

The Best Free Apps for January 2, 2015

This week’s best free apps center around your New Year’s resolutions.

Review: Seek Thermal Camera for iPhone, Android

Your phone can see things you can’t. How cool is that?

The Best Free Apps for December 26, 2014

Run with Looney Tunes characters, battle with WWE superstars.

The Best Free Apps for December 19, 2014

SimCity gets a new experience, Fruit Ninja gets an update, and more.

The Best Free Apps for December 12, 2014

Marvel heroes and villains, pirates, and mystical Peggle Masters.