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The Best Free Apps for October 17, 2014

Angry Birds transform into Autobirds, and the universe goes free.

Review: Misfit Flash activity tracker

One of the most affordable activity trackers on the market.

Review: Satechi Bluetooth Smart Selfie Extension Arm Monopod

Now your selfies can look like those fake selfies in Kentucky Fried Chicken commercials.

The Best Free Apps for October 10, 2014

Words With(out) Friends, Highway(s) with Zombies, and Daddy(s) with Long Legs.

The Best Free Apps for October 3, 2014

Pokémon TCG Online, Adventure Xpress and Weather Underground are your highlights.

iPhone 6 case spotlight: LD West

Just be careful when reaching for your phone at NSA checkpoints.

Control the groove with IK Multimedia’s iRig Pads

Who better than you to control the groove?


The Best Free Apps for September 26, 2014

Racing games with licensed cars and racing games with zombies. You decide what’s important.

Get your gigawatts with the Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger

It’s uncertain whether hitting 88mph will send your iPhone back in time to a point when it was fully charged.

Take selfies better with Satechi’s Smart Selfie Extension Arm Monopod

Despite popular convention, selfies don’t have to look bad.

The Best Free Apps for September 19, 2014

Swipe instead of type with SwiftKey and TouchPal, and make your Zen garden epic.

Misfit Flash is the best deal out there for activity trackers

Misfit Flash has the Misfit Shine’s best features encased in an extremely durable and waterproof soft-touch plastic case that comes in seven different colors.