Google Drive integration comes to Gmail iOS app

Google has launched a new software update for their free Gmail app for Apple’s iPhone and iPad. This update brings deeper integration with Google cloud services like Google Drive, allowing users to view, share and attach files within email messages. In addition to Google Drive on Gmail, users will also be able to upload files to the cloud right from within the mobile app, avoiding the need to multitask between applications.

Google Wallet app will let users redeem gift cards

Google has launched an update to the Google Wallet app for Apple’s iOS devices, promising it will be easier to navigate and brings exciting new features such as support for gift cards, the ability to send money to friends or family, and providing easier money transactions.

Apple unveils iTunes Pass for iPhone and iPod touch

Apple has launched iTunes Pass, which allows iPhone and iPod touch users to add funds directly into their iTunes account more easily than buying a physical iTunes gift card from a local retail store. Instead, customers can head out to any brick-and-mortar Apple retail store and—with their iOS device and the Passbook app—create a digital gift card in the amount of their choosing.

Shazam for iOS updated with Rdio integration

The most popular music-identifying app for Apple’s iOS, Shazam, announced on their blog that they have added a couple of new features to their mobile application. Now at v7.7.1, Shazam brings full integration with the Rdio streaming music service, and has also added more sharing capabilities for social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Apple fixes iMovie crash bug

On Tuesday, Apple released a minor software update for iMovie for Mac, updating the video editing app to v10.0.4. This update’s major purpose is not to bring new features, but to fix a issue that causes the app to crash while editing videos. In addition, the update includes the usual stability improvements in its list of changes.

Apple releases software update for Apple TV

With Apple updating OS X: Mavericks and iOS 7.1.2 in the last couple days, it’s not surprising they also updated the Apple TV OS, now at v6.2. According to Apple, this minor software update improves performance and bring a few bug fixes.


Apple releases OS X Mavericks 10.9.4

Apple has pushed out the OS X 10.9.4 update for all Mac users, bringing a couple of enhancements to the Mac’s security, compatibility, and stability. The update fixes a couple of bugs that should improve Wi-Fi connectivity and address the wake-from-sleep issue, and also comes with at update to the Safari browser, bringing it to v7.0.5.

Apple updates their Podcasts app for iOS 7

Apple has launched a couple of software updates today, including an update to the Podcasts app for iOS 7 devices that brings support for Siri and CarPlay. The update makes improvements to audio playback and to how users search stations from the “Feed” tab. Podcast users can now save favorite episodes for offline listening on the “My Podcasts” tab, and can also share links automatically across Apple devices via AirDrop.


Apple releases OS X Mavericks update, brings 4k resolution support

After quite some time in testing, Apple has released the OS X v10.9.3 software update. The OS X Mavericks update brings a couple of new exciting features, such as 4k resolution display support for a full range of all Apple line of products. This will allow users to plug their Macs into an external 4K high-res display monitor or television set giving, allowing to view content displayed at a larger scale.

Apple releases a software update for the Apple TV

Moments after Apple’s iOS v7.1.1 was released, Apple unveiled their latest software update to the Apple TV box set. The v6.1.1 update doesn’t offer new features to Apple TV, it simply provides a few bug and software improvements. Users can, however, look forward to getting more video streaming services to their Apple TV devices, as Apple has added new channels such as A&E network, The History Channel, and Lifetime.

Evernote gets updated with bug improvements and new features

Evernote now makes it easier for iOS 7 users to customize the look of the app with three new color themes: light, dark, and classic green. In addition to those small improvements, Evernote has added the ability to let users choose how they wish to rearrange notes and hide unnecessary sections on their home screen of the app, add a sync status bar, and many others options.

Rumors suggest Apple may add Bookmarks to

According to new rumors, Apple has a solution on the way that will make Safari bookmarks available for all users through While this is currently just speculation, it’s hopefully a strong indication that Apple is still dedicated to expanding their iCloud services beyond Apple devices, and will allow users to access their bookmarks from any web browser on any mobile computer.