My joy for writing came shortly after I bought my first iMac from Apple. Since that day, I have had a love for all things Apple and have loved writing about their company. The tech industry is a fascinating field to be involved in, and I'm glad to be part of it.

Boxee announces Boxee Live TV

While Boxee has been making waves in the Internet video space and helping people make the switch over from cable for a few years now, they still recognize that cable offers certain shows that Internet TV simply can’t. So what are they planning on doing? Available in January, Boxee will be shipping their new Live TV stick, an antenna add on for Boxee Boxes that will give free access to your favorite cable shows.

Boxee announces Grooveshark application

Hot on the heals of yesterday’s Boxee for iPad announcement comes another one from the Boxee team. This time it involves the Boxee Box and streaming music. More specifically, Boxee has announced they now have a Grooveshark application that will allow you to stream all of your favorite music just as you can anything else through Boxee.

Boxee releases iPad app, other goodies

If you were worried the folks over at Boxee were sleeping, worry no more. They’ve announced a slew of interesting updates/products this week, including an iPad app. Now, not only can you stream content from your PC to your Boxee iPad app, you can watch your iPad app content on your Boxee Box. Yes, it does sound a lot like what the Apple TV and Airplay allow you to do, and that’s great!

Boxee UK announcements

Ever since I reviewed the Boxee Box, I’ve fallen in love with it. And the company keeps getting better and better all around the world. This week, for instance, Boxee has announced some pretty cool updates for our friends across the pond in the UK. For one, the BBC iPlayer has been revamped with a new look and gives access to BBC programs for the past seven days. Furthermore, BlinkBox—one of UK’s largest online movies and TV website—has partnered with Boxee to offer their content on the Boxee Box.

Intego warns of new Mac Defender variant: MacGuard

More and more viruses these days are, in a way, joining the good side. That is, they’re pretending to be virus scanners that want to clean your computer from malicious files when they are, in reality, the malicious file themselves. For instance, names such as MacDefender, MacProtector and MacSecurity all fall under this category. Intego Security has uncovered another such virus naming itself MacGuard. “Unlike the previous variants of this fake antivirus, no administrator’s password is required to install this program,” warns Intego.

GQ iPad app makes debut with May 2011 issue

GQ has announced they will be debuting their new App Store application with the May 2011 issue. This latest version of the app was developed using Adobe’s platform and will provide “a more interactive and enhanced reader experience [that] more closely resembles the look and feel of the print magazine.” The app itself is free on the iTunes App Store, but digital issues of the magazine will cost you $4.99 each.

iPhone Appidemic: Utopia Island

Smashing things. Everyone loves doing it. Especially when those things are gophers or awful monsters that look like they want to eat you for dinner. However, thanks to the advent of technology, you don’t have to go to the local arcade and pay $.50 a pop to do it anymore. You can do it on your iPhone from the comfort of your own home. Unfortunately, your home probably won’t give you tickets to redeem for awesome toys.

Mac OS X Trojan Horse BlackHole RAT 2.0 detected

The SecureMac team has detected another Horse Horder in the wild for the Mac. Like previous findings from this team, this Trojan Horse attempts to disguise itself on your system and then affect it negatively in some way. In the case of the BlackHole RAT 2.0, it slows down your system by tying up the CPU, executes shell commands, and attempts to erase the hard drive. In short, it’s something you don’t want.

Boxee firmware update to bring some nice fixes and features

As Boxee describes on their blog, they’ve made it their goal to release a firmware update at least every three months or so in order to make sure their customers are getting the latest and greatest they have to offer. The next update is set to come out around May and is bringing some nice additions. For instance, they’re making some improvements to the loading and scrolling of their built in browser.

iPhone Appidemic: Fingertrap

Getting your fingers stuck in a Chinese finger trap: not very fun. Pretending to get your fingers stuck in a Chinese finger trap: not bad at all. Forget the hours spent trying to release your fingers from the grip of death; an iPhone application will now allow you to have the fun of finger traps without actually needing one. Fingertrap is a game that awards you points the longer you can keep your fingers on the screen while simultaneously tapping flying coins.

Microsoft Outlook 2011 review

Outlook for Mac seems like an acceptable alternative to Even though I probably won’t really use the Exchange support and other integration into Microsoft products, it handles the simple tasks of adding Gmail and other mail accounts very well. If there came a point where I absolutely needed Outlook for one of these features, I certainly wouldn’t mind having to officially switch from

iSkin solo FX case for iPhone 4 review

The solo FX for iPhone 4 differs from many cases I’ve personally reviewed for the simple reason that it isn’t a hard case, which is a nice change of pace. The problem with a lot of soft cases, though, is that they often end up attracting/sticking to things in your pocket, which can be annoying. The solo FX is a little different in this regard, though.