I tested MacKeeper 6 years ago and it worked well for me. Now I know better.


Avoid NTFS-related nightmares with Tuxera for Mac

Since NTFS problems are not new to the system, the web already has thousands of articles and blog posts on the subject. Many solutions are available; some of them are free, and some of them are paid. I’ve tested a few, and today I’d recommend the one I believe to be the best among them all: Tuxera NTFS for Mac.

Web development on the Mac: Client requirement handling

Coming from a developer’s niche, I will admit that getting client’s requirements in the proper fashion, and implementing development methodologies along your project, is a hard thing to sell to fellow programmers. Developers’ impetuous desire to get things done goes against most of the best practices development methodologies recommended. In addition, the client’s urging to see the final product doesn’t always go along with patience and the detail-driven requirement descriptions we know are needed.

Web development on the Mac: Fields and technologies involved

Carrying on with a complete web development project could be an enriching and also a complex job. As I mentioned in my previous article about web development on the Mac, there are many technologies involved within the management of web projects. In this article I’ll cover some of the basic fields and technologies involved in the whole process. In future issues I’ll undress each and every one of them in detail.

Web development on the Mac: The platform

Many software applications, ugly web pages, and server settings into my web development experience, I’ve come to understand a bit better the whole process related to modern web development and best practices. After trying to make the best out of the available tools for both Mac and PC, I’ve decided to share my experience with everyone out there who considers getting into this demanding but highly rewarded field.

UserVoice: a way for the readers to tell and the writer to listen

UserVoice is a great way for you to let us know about what content you actually want to read. I’ve set up this simple and personal voting site called “Borrowed Ideas” where you can go, post your idea, and wait for it to be supported (or not) by other readers with votes. Depending on how fast (or slow) the content flows, I’ll be taking every week (or every other week) the most voted idea(s) and will turn it (them) into an article that hopefully you will find interesting, and helpful.


I’ll believe Apple when I see iPhone 5

It’s a pretty convenient position when Apple advertises a product as “magic,” “revolutionary” and “unique,” and when things go south, it turns out it’s just a phone. If you take expectations to the roof and drive public opinion into the idea of Apple making space-tech-based devices, then you have to take judgment and criticisms like the multi-billion dollar company you are, and not like the man who justifies his faults by signaling the neighbor’s mistakes.


New features in the iOS 4.1 update

The iOS SDK 4.1 Beta and iOS 4.1 Beta are available for download to any of the registered iPhone developers. It includes some new features, including new modem firmware software. The update seems to be packed with even more interesting features, which may be why they decided to name it 4.1 instead of 4.0.1 (which is normally reserved for minor updates and bug fixes).


Is there another transition on the Apple roadmap?

Objetive-C could be a thing of the past for Apple. Well, that could be a little harsh since no programming-language-transition could be accomplished overnight, but it’s been reported—as a rumor by the Daring Fireball—that Apple could be thinking about making a radical change on the development platform, bringing a new language known as “xlang” to surpass Objective-C.


1Password 3 is “a greatly executed work of art”

It was 1Password 3 that finally got my attention. I was talking to my friend Luis about my need for an application to store my bank PINs, endless set of card numbers, passwords, etc. After he finished counting backwards from ten to one and overcome the need to hit me in the head, he gently reminded me of this program he’d been telling me about for months. He showed me the Wallet feature of his 1Password local installation, and that was it; I was sold!


The new Quicken for Mac is as Essential as it gets

This is not intended to be a review of Quicken Essentials for Mac, but instead, my take on this new version, with all its pros and cons, applied to a not very common use case. Since I’m Venezuelan, my native language is not English, my local currency is not the dollar, and my local banks don’t support online updates through Quicken. This makes my relationship with Intuit’s software a very interesting one, and it’s a key factor in my overall opinion on this update.

Bodega: Your corner store for apps

Some applications, or even some ideas, just make you want to write about them. They make you grab that (virtual) pencil and put down your opinion for the world to read. Bodega is one such application. The team responsible for this new product (IDFusion Software and aims to solve one of the ancient problems of the Mac users developers community: application search and distribution.

Things: the art of getting it done

Things is a very easy-to-use task management tool that helps us approach the GTD (Getting Things Done) philosophy proposed by David Allen. The concept is very simple, and the application is neat, clean and powerful. The idea behind this article is not to explain or detail every single feature of the application, but instead, to share my personal experience using it and giving one more try to the art of organizing every activity I’m in charge of.