Review: Waterfield Designs Outback Solo for Macbook Air

The Outback Solo for Macbook Air is one of the best cases I’ve used from Waterfield Designs, especially because it strips down the case/bag experience to the bare essentials. Those bare essentials—my iPhone and Macbook—are key items in my average work day, and most times are the only things I need.

Waterfield Designs Rough Rider leather messenger review

The Rough Rider Leather Messenger is all about maximizing space and carrying all of your digital devices in style. The bag is made of very high quality leather and waxed canvas (two of my favorite materials for products like this), and when you’re walking around with the bag (or running for the bus or train) the strap system keeps all of your stuff close to your body so it doesn’t move around too much.

iOS 7.0.6 adoption hits 13.3% in the U.S. within two days

On Wednesday, mobile analytics firm Chitika confirmed that Apple’s iOS 7.0.6—which was released last week—hit a 13.3% adoption rate within 48 hours. Apple released iOS 7.0.6 to address an SSL vulnerability that made log-in information available to hackers on any open or public network.

Apple releases fix for Power Nap issues in 2013 Mac Pro

Late Wednesday, the company released a firmware update to address an issue with the Power Nap feature in the 2013 Mac Pro. The Mac Pro SMC Update 2.0 now allows a 2013 Mac Pro to go into Power Nap mode without utilizing the fan for every update.

FCC Speed Test App for U.S broadband connections now on iOS

The FCC Speed Test app for iOS tests speeds for U.S broadband connections. The app provides feedback on how the network is operating, and also pulls together speed and location data to create a nationwide performance map of broadband speeds.

Apple releases OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 with fix for SSL vulnerability

Apple has finally released OS X Mavericks v10.9.2 with a fix for the SSL vulnerability currently plaguing the company’s devices. Apple released iOS 7.0.6 as well as a software update for the Apple TV in order to address the vulnerability that allowed hackers to bypass SSL/TLS verifications on shared and public networks and steal user information from affected devices, including log-in usernames and passwords, as well as other sensitive information.

iOS 8 concept video shows combined Control Center, Multitasking, and Notification Center interface

An iOS 8 concept video released on Monday shows a combined Control Center, Multitasking, and Notification Center interface, making any main page on an app a card that can slide away to reveal an interface below. The video was created by designer Bill Labus who notes his hatred for double clicking the home button is what inspired him to design this new concept.

Apple CEO Tim Cook remembers Steve Jobs on his birthday

There is no doubt Tim Cook still keeps Steve Jobs’ spirit alive within the company and keeps his work going for the world to appreciate. As Apple heads into yet another year of revolutionary product announcements, Tim Cook took time to remember his colleague and, most importantly, his friend.


Akitio Thunder Dock Thunderbolt docking station review

The Akitio Thunder Dock Thunderbolt docking station supports older and newer technologies, including two Thunderbolt ports, two eSATA host ports (up to 6Gb/s), one 7 watt bus-powered FireWire 800 host port, and two bus-powered USB 3.0 host ports.


Could an Amazon TV box compete with the Apple TV?

I think Amazon is on serious grounds to compete with the Apple TV in a way that no other company can compete. An Amazon TV box would be as close to an Apple TV alternative as possible, especially because Amazon has been build an ecosystem with, until now, nothing to tie it all together. This device would be it.

Apple acquires Burstly, creator of TestFlight iOS beta testing platform

Burstly announced earlier this week that it would be getting rid of the Android version of the TestFlight software and would stop taking in new customers for its SDK. The company has kept TestFlight open for current customers, though Apple will likely shut down the service and incorporate it into its own developer center sometime in the near future.

Apple secures new “.Technology,” “” domain names

Apple continues to register generic top-level domains (gTLDs) run by Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). The domains are named after ones you would expect Apple to register, as they not only relate to the company’s products but also to the general tech environment in which they exist.