Kirk Hiner

Kirk Hiner has been covering Apple products on the web since 1998. In between writing reviews and covering Apple product news, he has written the novel "Mowin' the Heavenly Lawn" and co-authored the play "Spoon Millionaires." Kirk currently lives in the Mogadore with his wife and three children, where he's always never finishing his next book, playing a lot of video games, and going on and on about Japanese rock bands, the Seattle Seahawks, and Flash Gordon.

What lurks in the PowerShadow i5d battery case for iPhone 5/5s?

It’s the combination of the dock and the case, then, that allows me to heartily recommend the PowerShadow i5d. There are less expensive, more attractive options available, but if you hate having to take your phone out of its case in order to dock it, the PowerShadow i5d is the most convenient option I’ve tried yet.

Skateboard artist Don Pendleton’s UE Boom is pretty cool

Ultimate Ears has released a few limited-edition runs of their UE Boom wireless Bluetooth speaker, the latest of which is a collaboration with artist Don Pendleton. Continuing the company’s aim to blend people’s passions for music, design and art, the limited-run Jettison Edition is designed with Pendleton’s distinct organic cubist graphic style.

VocaLive 2 puts a complete vocal recording/editing studio on your iPhone or iPad

When we first reviewed VocaLive back in 2011, it was billed as vocal processor. IK MultiMedia has now redefined the app, and it’s a worth a re-evaluation. VocaLive 2 now comes with a multitrack studio complete with digital audio workstation features such as timeline audio editing, waveform visualization, touch-and-drag looping, and more.


The FLIR ONE will have your iPhone seeing infrared

Back at Macworld/iWorld 2014 in March, one of our most surprising finds was the FLIR ONE thermal imaging camera. This iPhone 5/5s case—when paired with its iPhone app—displays live infrared imagery, allowing you detect heat energy that is otherwise invisible to the eye. And staring July 23rd, pre-orders are being accepted online.

Castle of Illusion appears on Macs this Thursday

You’ve heard of Disney’s Marvel Comics, Disney’s Star Wars and Disney’s The Muppets, but have you ever heard of Disney’s Mickey Mouse? Dude, I’m totally serious! Disney has this cartoon mouse character, and this cartoon mouse character has a game called Castle of Illusion that Feral Interactive is releasing for OS X on Thursday, July 24th.


Breathe easily with the Satechi USB Air Purifier & Fan

Remember back when office desks had ashtrays built right into them? Me neither, although I’m told they existed. It maybe won’t be long now before they have air purifiers built into them, so I guess we’re making progress. If you’re having trouble writing that into your contract, the Satechi USB Air Purifier and Fan should hold you over.

Appidemic: Autumn Dynasty – RTS for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Real time strategy gamers are a special breed. I’ve had numerous conversations with developers about the rabid RTS crowd, and how critical they are of each change that comes their way, while also being the most dedicated and loyal game fans they are. So, how will fans take to Autumn Dynasty – RTS? I suppose that depends upon what you felt about it when it was just Autumn Dynasty.

Appidemic: SBK14 Official Mobile Game for iOS

I have absolutely no interest in motorcycles or motorcycle racing. And yet, of all the games I’ve had on my iPhones, the one that’s survived the longest is Freeverse’s (RIP) Wingnuts Moto Racer…or MotoChaser, I guess it’s called now. It doesn’t matter, because it no longer appears to be available. What is available is SBK14 Official Mobile Game, and I have a feeling motorcycle racing fans will be happier with that, anyway.

Control the temperature (and the mood) with EverSense

You’re heading home from work, or perhaps from dinner with your date, and you want to make sure your home is nice and cozy when you get there. Okay, but what about the mood? You might want a little music, maybe set the lighting, but you’re driving, right? You can’t be disrupted by apps. Allure Energy can handle that with their EverSense system, which goes into action just because you’re getting close to home.

Blue’s Mikey Digital finally likes Lightning

Blue Microphones has been the go-to source for PC and iDevice audio recording for quite some time now. Those who love their portable Mikey Digital, however, have had to wait for a Lightning equipped model or use a Lightning adapter on their old model. Well, no more of that. Blue has announced availability of the Mikey Digital with Lightning connection.

GelaSkins gets a facelift, is now Nuvango

Some people go under the knife to make a slight change here or there. Some do it to get an entirely new identity. The latter seems to be the case with GelaSkins. The mobile accessory case/skin manufacture has just launched a new site, bringing it with a complete name change. GelaSkins is now Nuvango, but their product line-up is the same you’ve come to want and expect.

Resident Evil visits Deadman’s Cross on iOS and Android

If you’re a gamer, your favorite letter pretty much has to be X. Whenever you see that in a title, you know you’re about to get a pretty good mashup for video game worlds. CAPCOM is all about this, and their latest crossover is with Square Enix, whose zombie-themed collectible card battle RPG for iOS and Android, Deadman’s Cross, will be part of a new collaboration with CAPCOM’s horror game staple, Resident Evil.