Kirk Hiner

Kirk Hiner has been covering Apple products on the web since 1998. In between writing reviews and covering Apple product news, he has written the novel "Mowin' the Heavenly Lawn" and co-authored the play "Spoon Millionaires." Kirk currently lives in the Mogadore with his wife and three children, where he's always never finishing his next book, playing a lot of video games, and going on and on about Japanese rock bands, the Seattle Seahawks, and Flash Gordon.

You should be playing Jagged Alliance: Flashback

Turn-based tactics, role-playing and squad management set in the late-1980s.

Mujjo announces Refined Touchscreen Gloves

Just hope it doesn’t get too cold before November 20th.

iPad Air 2 case spotlight: Griffin Technology

Slim, folio, all-terrain…Griffin’s ready to go for iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3.

Pangea Audio unveils 5 foot Apple Certified Lightning cables

Longer, certified, and more colorful.

iPhone 6 case review: Seidio Surface with Metal Kickstand

It could become a go-to case for the life of my iPhone 6.


iPhone 6 case review: Evutec Brigandine Karbon S Series [updated]

A minimal case for minimal, but exceptionally strong, protection.

Get the Gamers’ Guide to iPad Games on your iPad

Read about games from gamers who write about games.


Alpine iLX-007 in-dash receiver is Apple CarPlay compatible

Now you can focus on gas mileage and speaker system when car shopping.

Big Huge Games and Nexon announce DomiNations for iOS

Its history involves Zynga and Firaxis, so pay attention.


BrydgeAir keyboards are shipping for iPad Air and iPad Air 2

Possibly the closest you’ll come to turning your iPad Air into a MacBook Air.

Rock the Pyle Audio Street Vibe Bluetooth speaker system

It’s like the boomboxes of the ’80s if the ’80s had been now.

2015 International CES will help pick up the Macworld pieces

There may be no drum circle, but there’ll be plenty for Apple developers and fans.