Kirk Hiner

Kirk Hiner has been covering Apple products on the web since 1998. In between writing reviews and covering Apple product news, he has written the novel "Mowin' the Heavenly Lawn" and co-authored the play "Spoon Millionaires." Kirk currently lives in the Mogadore with his wife and three children, where he's always never finishing his next book, playing a lot of video games, and going on and on about Japanese rock bands, the Seattle Seahawks, and Flash Gordon.

iPhone 6 case spotlight: Evutec

Who knew Kevlar could be so colorful?

iPhone 6 case spotlight: Gresso

Eliminate “bendgate” for either $90 or $3,000. Your call.

Mac gamers will cross the Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel on October 14th

GameAgent members can pre-order for to find something special.

iPhone 6 case spotlight: Element Case

New affordable lines, traditional Element designs.

iPhone 6 case spotlight: Pong

Stronger signal, less chance of attracting MUTOs.

Review: Mo-Fi powered hi-fi headphones

Built to be worn and used, not slung around your neck during a post-game press conference.

Review: The Sims 2: Super Collection is exactly that

Perhaps more of an appreciation than a review.

iPhone 6 case spotlight: Griffin Technology

Like any good performer, Griffin knows how to work the crowd.


Just Dance Now, just pay first

Dance anwhere you’ve got an Internet connection and a regrettable taste in music.

Metal Gear Rising seeks Revengeance on the Mac

Metal Gear? On the Mac? Solid!


iPhone 6 case spotlight: EXOvault

EXOvault may just help eradicate this whole bent iPhone 6 epidemic.


Review: We start off with the Perseus Gel Case for iPhone 6

The dude who killed Medusa can now protect your iPhone 6.