Kirk Hiner

Kirk Hiner has been covering Apple products on the web since 1998. In between writing reviews and covering Apple product news, he has written the novel "Mowin' the Heavenly Lawn" and co-authored the play "Spoon Millionaires." Kirk currently lives in the Mogadore with his wife and three children, where he's always never finishing his next book, playing a lot of video games, and going on and on about Japanese rock bands, the Seattle Seahawks, and Flash Gordon.


Win one of 5 free downloads of Tomb Raider for Mac

Two days left to win a free SteamKey for the Tomb Raider reboot.

iPhone 6 bullet point impressions

Short version, it’s awesome.

Our totally unnecessary iPhone 6 unboxing video

Watch me open a box and react accordingly.

McDonald’s gives apples to dedicated Apple customers

Caution HOT! (That would be the phone AND the pie.)

iPhone 6 case spotlight: Rokform

iPhone cases that offer tough protection and can open your beer.

iPhone 6 case spotlight: designed by m

Looks like the iPhone 6 is in for a properly packaged treat.

iOS 8 now available for download

The install requires 4.6GB of free space, so get to app deletin’.

NHL 2K to start for iOS and Android this season

Career mode, 3-on-3 mini games, and multiplayer shootouts.

iPhone 6 case spotlight: Otterbox

They’re the most trusted case brand source in the business, after all.


iPhone 6 case spotlight: Moshi

More of what you expect (and want) from Moshi.

SwiftKey Keyboard app coming with iOS 8

Type your way…not the way you were taught by trained professionals.

iPhone 6 case spotlight: Urban Armor Gear

We don’t yet know how durable the iPhone 6 will be. With a UAG case, it won’t matter so much.