Kirk Hiner

Kirk Hiner has been covering Apple products on the web since 1998. In between writing reviews and covering Apple product news, he has written the novel "Mowin' the Heavenly Lawn" and co-authored the play "Spoon Millionaires." Kirk currently lives in the Mogadore with his wife and three children, where he's always never finishing his next book, playing a lot of video games, and going on and on about Japanese rock bands, the Seattle Seahawks, and Flash Gordon.

GOG Weekend Promo sends you to indie RPG heaven

I’m not sure what’s better about the GOG Weekend Promo this time around, the fact that it’s all about indie RPGs, or the fact that so many of them are Mac compatible. From now through July 15th, GOG has 14 Mac compatible RPGs marked down 60%. And that’s just the old stuff. Want some new RPG goodness? How about Divinity: Original Sin? Or how about MouseCraft, both of which are now available for Mac and PC.


Here’s why you need the Just Mobile AluCable Flat

You may think the Lightning cable Apple included with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is enough. You may be right. But it’s not for me. I use my iPhone and iPad pretty much everywhere, and I don’t want to have to drag my cable along with it. Plus, I have a few docks that didn’t come with cables, but support them. For uses like this, Just Mobile’s AluCable Flat is an excellent replacement.

Kickstarter Find: After Reset sci-fi RPG for Mac, PC and Linux

It’s not a bad idea to drop names like Fallout and Baldur’s Gate in the press release for your Kickstarter campaign. It’s unsettling to drop the name Richard Nixon. In this particular case, though, Richard Nixon is heading up Black Cloud Studios, an independent developer looking to reboot their old-school, open-world, post-apocalyptic RPG for PC, Mac and Linux: After Reset.

Sleep smart with the Beddit Sleep System from Misfit

Some people like to read in bed. Some very misguided people think it’s a decent place to hold a conversation. Me? I like using my bed for sleep. And thanks to Misfit, I can also now use it to monitor my sleep with the Misfit Beddit Sleep System. Integrating with the Beddit Sleep Monitor and advanced signal processing technologies, Beddit measures the quality of your sleep using heart rate, respiration, movement, snoring, and sound.

Appidemic: Sonic Jump Fever for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Taking old skins and slapping them on new games is not an uncommon practice in video games. And in the world of mobile gaming, where players are more likely to follow a gaming trend than a franchise, it’s pretty much the norm. But as I spent the past couple days with a preview copy of Sonic Jump Fever, I found myself wondering if this isn’t the best use of the character yet on an iOS device.

Trident Case announces Qi-enabled iPhone case and charger series

Man. You people just really don’t like wires anymore. I’m not one to step in the way of progress, so here’s some news to help you cut the wires from your iOS devices. Trident Case has expanded its Electra Series with a new line of wireless chargers and cases that leverage Qi inductive charging technology. The series comprises five wireless chargers and two Qi-capable cases for devices that are not Qi-compatible, such as the iPhone.

GRID 2 Reloaded Edition races through town this summer

Whereas I’ve never understood why people would want to watch one guy take a thing and make it go faster than another guy’s thing, I do get the need to be one of those guys with the thing. Most of us can’t just take our Toyotas to the streets of Paris and Abu Dhabi for some intense racing action, however, which is why we rely on Feral Interactive to release games such as GRID 2 Reloaded Edition.

Sharknado won’t leave us alone

Where I live, tornados are kind of thing. We just had a warning today, in fact, according to the AT&T notification. However, sharks are kind of not a thing, so no worries there. I live in greater fear of a frognado or tirenado, neither of which instill much fear. Thankfully, we’ll soon have Sharknado: The Video Game for iOS to fill that void.

Kickstarter Find: UNITI Stand for iMacs and monitors

There’s a right height for your monitor, and your iMac or Cinema Display may not be at it. Adjusting your chair to hit it can leave you sitting uncomfortably, but staring down or up at your monitor can hurt your posture. The solution is a monitor stand. I’ve used and reviewed a few here at AppleTell, most of which concerned themselves with either looked good sitting under Apple products or with providing additional functionality. The UNITI Stand, now on Kickstarter, seems concerned with both.

Are A-Audio Headphones the best that $299 can buy?

I ask not because I’m about to present the answer, but because A-Audio claims to already have the answer, and they say, “Yes.” Their claim that headphones have become little more than a popular fashion accessory can certainly be backed up by watching any sports-related press conference these days, and they’re looking to provide a better balance between fashion and performance with the A-Audio Legacy headphones.

Appidemic: Small Stars Movie Quiz for iOS

Has trivia ever been this adorable? Certainly, this is the cutest Leatherface and Sweeney Todd have ever been. That’s because they’re all part of Small Stars Movie Quiz, which tasks you with identifying pop culture icons from across five genres of film, then proving that you remember a thing or two about them.

Review: Satechi Flexible LED Desk Lamp

Here’s what I want you to do. Tell your parents, “Hey, it’s never to early to start thinking about back to school.” Tell them you want the Satechi Flexible LED Desk Lamp. “It’ll make it easier to study when [roommate] is trying to sleep, and you want me to study, don’t you?” They’ll buy it for you now, forget about the cost later, then be willing to buy you even more stuff when back to school shopping actually commences.