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Ming-Chi Kuo: No reversible USB Lightning connector for iPhone 6

That reversible USB Lightning cable no one needs? It’s not coming…yet.

What else does that iPhone 6 user guide leak reveal?

The sleep/wake button is where? And how much storage is included?

Instagram launches Hyperlapse time-lapse app for iOS devices

Here comes the resurgence of cloud and headlight/taillight videos.

Apple offers free replacement for defective iPhone 5 battery

Just in time to trade it in for an iPhone 6. Still, better see if you qualify.


Appidemic: Create your travel guide with Spottly for iPhone

Have travels, will share.

Flappy Bird developer launches new Swing Copters game

Get it quickly…you never now how long it’ll be available.

Apple releases new video to celebrate diversity among its employees

“From the very beginning, we have been a collective of individuals.”

Appidemic: Red Herring for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

If you’re looking for “a categorical challenge,” you’ve come to the right place.

Rumor: A Lightning cable with a reversible USB end now?

Come on, China…you’re not even trying anymore.

Apple hires former Navteq executive to join Maps division

Still attempting to pacify disgruntled Apple Maps users.

Spotify for iPhone receives new and improved sorting features

Spotify has released updates to its iPhone client—improving sorting capabilities for Play Queue management, adding a filtering option, and checking duplicate songs. The Play Queue management has a drag-and-drop option for listeners to arrange or reorder the songs at their pleasure.

Apple to be Foxconn’s first client in robotic factory services

Is it possible for robots to replace humans in mass production? Foxconn, the chief manufacturer of Apple’s iOS devices, thinks so.