Apple unveils updated MacBooks


As the rumors predicted, the Apple Store was down this morning, and new MacBooks were announced. The MacBooks now use Intel’s latest Core 2 Duo (Penryn) chipset, and have been upgraded across the board. While prices remain the same, the processors have been bumped up from 2.0Ghz and 2.2Ghz to 2.1Ghz and 2.4Ghz respectively. Also, the two upper end MacBooks now come with 2GB of RAM standard, and the whole MacBook line has been updated to 3MB L2 cache.

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Apple updates MacBook Pros with Penryn; multi-touch

MacBook Pros

Finally, after weeks of intense rumoring, the new updated MacBook Pros are here. Featuring new Penryn chips with bumped clock speeds, and the latest Nvidia Graphics with up to 512MB of VRAM, the new MacBook Pros are beasts. They continue to widen the gap between the consumer MacBooks and the MacBook Pros with new multi-touch capability that was first seen in the MacBook Air. The new MBPs also come with larger and faster hard drives with 200GB and 250GB of storage, and a new option for a 200GB 7200rpm HD for pro users.

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iPhone 1.1.3 causing SMS problems

If you have recently updated your iPhone to 1.1.3, and are experiencing some minor SMS issues, you are note alone. Apparently, many UK-based iPhone users are reporting on Apple’s own Discussion forums that SMS updates are appearing out of order. The topic has grown quite large with 200 responses and over 11 000 views. Most more »


Introducing: the MacBook Aircraft

We’ve heard the whiners. We’ve heard all the people making fun. “No Ethernet port?” “No optical drive?” “Only one USB port?” “No FIREWIRE??” Well, flickr user nybras.rodrigo has heard your pleas. The solution is something he likes to call the MacBook Aircraft. Three USB ports, three FireWire 400 ports, and two FireWire 800 ports. You more »


Today Show’s Meredith Viera licks the MacBook Air

MBA Lick

There’s nothing better than waking up to the Today Show where a bunch of non-geeks try to talk about technology that they know absolutely nothing about. Surprisingly, Apple has allowed the NBC Today Show to try out the new MacBook Airs. The overall consensus is that in the eyes of rich people, the MacBook Air looks good – really good. They rave about how thin and small it is, and then Meredith Viera licks the MacBook Air in an attempt to “claim what is hers”. However, the funniest part of the video is when Al Roker, the technology guy, informs everyone that they can have the SSD option for “a little more”.

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MacBook gets stripped on camera

Some people actually enjoy having the slimmest notebook in the world, and others, just want to tear it apart. Gizmodo has gotten their hands on Apple’s new MacBook Air, and have decided to take it apart. The innards of this sleek sub-notebook are almost cooler than the outside (at least for a geek). All you more »

Deutsche Telekom only sells 70,000 iPhones in 11 weeks

On Saturday, Deutsche Telekom, or T-Mobile Germany, said that they have activated 70 000 iPhones in the first 11 weeks. They originally launched the iPhone in Germany and in the UK on November 9th, 2007. While O2, the UK iPhone carrier, has activated 190 000 phones in the first 2 months, and Orange, the iPhone more »

MacBook Airs coming to an Apple Store near you on Tuesday (or Wednesday)

Steve Jobs said 2 weeks. Two weeks and the MacBook Airs would be shipping to the world. And now Boy Genius is reporting exclusive knowledge that the MBAs have arrived at the Apple Stores on Friday/Saturday, and are getting ready to go on sale. Rumor has it that the Apple Genius’ will be getting their more »

Skyhook’s Wifi Location technology explained

The new MyLocation feature on the Google Maps application in the iPhone and iPod Touch allow users to find their location. Many thought that this technology only uses cell triangulation to locate where the phone is. However, Apple has partnered with Skyhook Wireless to allow iPod Touch users to find their location as well. Skyhook more »

MacHeads: The Movie

MacHeads: The Movie. When I first saw the trailer for this I thought it was a joke. But this is real. MacHeads is a documentary that shows the lives of the mac addicts and members of the “Cult of Mac”. They interview normal Mac geeks, as well as respected technology journalists like Andy Ihnatko. Many more »


MacBook Air Remote Disk quite limited

The MacBook Air has been landing all over, and all the Mac Geeks have been unboxing them and trying them out. Engadget has given us a sneak peak at some of the features of Remote Disc, one of the MacBook Air’s features. Steve Jobs touted it at Macworld by saying that you could install software more »

iPhone 1.1.3 ready for third-party apps

Nate True, iPhone hacker extraordinaire, has found that the iPhone 1.1.3 update shows signs of third-party app support. The update has prepared the iPhone and iPod Touch for native applications in many different ways. First, the SpringBoard has been updated to show additional apps on additional home screens. Also, applications now share a decided “mobile” more »