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The 10 best money saving apps on iOS

Movies and television and books and “inspirational” Pinterest quotes all like to let us know money isn’t everything. And you know what? They’re totally right. Money isn’t everything. Neither is food, or shelter, or oxygen. Lucky for us, even though the modern world is always coming up with new expenses, some forward thinking designers have put technology to good use, and found ways to help us all save a little bit of money. Here are my 10 best money saving apps available today.

13 of the best free iOS apps available in 2013

Remember when just being able to call someone while you were on the go was a status symbol? Now, everyone has cell phones, and it’s just not enough anymore. Today’s phones can do everything from recording notes to giving directions to playing games. And to add a little bit more frosting to that cake, many of them don’t cost you a bent nickel. Here are 13 of the best free iOS apps available for download right now.