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Appletell Review: Speck PixelSkin case for the iPhone 3G

Speck PixelSkin case for the iPhone 3G
With the iPhone 3G recently released, we are seeing an onslaught of cases coming to market. The decision for a case will be easy for some, as it seems a lot of manufacturers are making the same—if not similar—models as their original iPhone counterparts. But, what are you to do if this is your first iPhone, or if you are looking for something new?With so many from which to choose, this can be difficult.

Speck has quickly introduced a few case models that fit the new iPhone, one of which is the PixelSkin. Check out the review after the break.

Appletell Review: Maximo iMetal Isolation headphones, iMetal Stereo headphones for the iPhone

Maximo iMetal Isolation headphones for the iPhone
I recently had the opportunity to check out a couple sets of iPhone headphones from Maximo, and yes they fit (without an adapter) in the recessed jack on the original iPhone without any problems. I was sent two sets of headphones to review, the iMetal IP-HS2 Isolation headphones and the iMetal IP-HS1 Stereo headphones.

Keep reading to check out the full review.

Appletell Review: Griffin iPhone cases; ClearBoost, Wave case

Griffin ClearBoost and Wave case for iPhone

Product: Griffin Technology ClearBoost and Wave case
Price and Availability: Both currently available, the ClearBoost is $29.99 and the Wave case is $24.99
Rating: ClearBoost 5/10 and Wave case 9/10
Pros: Both cases offered solid protection for the iPhone along with the display.
Cons: A personal issue, but they both make using the Apple dock difficult.
Overall: If you are looking for a solid case or a signal booster, then either of these from Griffin would make an ideal option to consider.

Both the ClearBoost and the Wave case ship with a clear film style protector for the display and also a cleaning cloth.

iPhone users get an official unlimited calling plan

In an update recently posted on the Apple website, a new calling plan offering an unlimited option for the iPhone has been listed. In a mix between the recent rash of unlimited calling plans the iPhone plans seem to offer a strange mix. The “New” plan will set you back $119.99 a month and includes more »

Apple posts Feature Guide for the iPod Touch

Apple has posted the feature guide for the soon-to-start-shipping iPod Touch. A nice 85-page PDF document that will answer just about any question you have regarding the Touch. It covers everything from the Basics to Music and Video, Photos, the Wi-Fi Music Store, Applications and Settings. It would have been nice to include a Notes more »

AT&T now offering an international plan for the iPhone

Leaving little excuse for those outrageous iPhone bills, AT&T has just introduced the “International Data Global Plan”. Now for just $24.99 a month you can get 20MB of data transfer with overages at just $.005/KB ($5 per MB). The new international plan will work in 29 countries to include Canada, China, Mexico and many additional more »

Apple’s ‘Mum is no longer the word’ press conference in London

Apple has begun to invite members of the UK media to a special press conference that is being held at the Apple Store Regent Square on September 18th. The invitation simply has the title of “Mum is no longer the word” along with some directions and the date and time of the event.

Similar to any Apple event being announced the speculation has begun about just what will be announced. Could this be the announcement for the iPhone?

Pic after the jump.

Incase Protective Cover replacement for the iPhone

Incase has some great products and a favorite of mine has been the Protective Cover for the iPhone, this is the rubber cover that “should” fit tightly on your phone. It turns out that some of the recent covers are having some issues and began stretching to the point of no longer fitting the iPhone. more »

iPhone tip that could save you thousands when traveling

So far we have seen way to many complaints from people who have taken their iPhone overseas only to come back with a huge bills due to roaming. This can be solved quickly and easily by removing the SIM card. If you use a simple paper clip you can remove the SIM card and have more »

iPhone price cut has increased sales by 200%

It seems that in addition to making a lot of early adopters angry the price cut for the iPhone has also has a positive effect on sales driving them up by 200%. Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster is estimating that the iPhone was selling about 9,000 units per day before September 5th and since the price more »

iTunes Store now with auto-complete search

Apple has updated iTunes to version 7.4.1 and in addition to the ringtones they have also added auto-complete to the iTunes Store search. Now when you search the iTunes Store you will be given a drop down of possible matches. A great way to search for that song or artist when you are not really more »


Get SMS calendar alerts from iCal

A great tip that I found over on Lifehacker shows us how to get calendar updates from iCal via SMS. As you know, text message inboxes have email addresses—for instance, (for Verizon users). If you add your phone’s email address as an emailing option in your Address Book vCard, you can choose it as more »