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Woz vs. Woz? Steve Wozniak (no, not that one) debuts outdoor fans

An entrepreneur has surfaced named “Steve Wozniak,” though it’s not who you think.

NFL owners get new iPads, courtesy of the Vikings and Best Buy

It’s good to be an NFL owner. If you’re one of the 32, not only are you probably a billionaire already, but you’ve got the most management-friendly economic system in American sports, complete with non-guaranteed contracts and a share of billions in TV rights revenue. Not only do football franchises appreciate in value at an absurd rate, but it’s practically impossible for NFL owners to ever lose money, even if they fail to sell any tickets. Oh, and they also get free iPads, from a city hoping to host an upcoming Super Bowl.

AKG K845 over-ear Bluetooth headphones review

The K845 over-ear headphones from Harman International’s AKG brand are the best headphones I’ve tried out in recent memory. They’re huge, covering the user’s ears and a lot more, but they provide first-rate sound without hurting the ears.


Great holiday Apple ad turns “staring at your phone” on its head

That a lot of people see smartphones as a social barrier that closes us off from those around us is a challenge for Apple and other gadget companies when it comes to marketing. How do you make a heartwarming, holidays-and-family-themed commercial for the device that a lot of people use to ignore their relatives? A new Apple ad, released to the web Monday, threads that needle absolutely beautifully.

STM Grip for iPhone 5c review

Formerly known for laptop bags, STM—an established, Australian maker of accessories for Apple products—has more recently made a major push into mobile device cases. One of their latest entries is the Grip for iPhone 5c, and it’s a standout. The STM Grip offers hard shell protection, but is light and easy to hold and use.

Free this Week: Instapaper for iOS

The iOS app I probably use more than any other, Instapaper, is free for iOS this week thanks to a special promotion through Apple’s App of the Week program. I’ve been using Instapaper for about two years, and it completely changed the way I consume the Internet and read in general. The app allows the user, with one click, to save any article or other web page for later, whether doing so from a mobile device or desktop.


Pure Contour i1 Air iOS speaker dock review

iOS device docks with streaming capability are a hot category these days. I’ve tried out quite a few of them, and Pure’s Contour i1 Air is one of the best. It provides all the functionality one wants from this sort of product, with a great look and at a fair price. With the Contour i1 Air, pure has come up with a very functional, easy-to-use and cool-looking streaming product.

iHome iDL100 triple charging stereo FM clock radio dock review

Do you have an iPhone or iPad with Lightning connectors and nowhere to charge both at once? Do you have a stray iPhone or iPod with a 30-pin connector that you can’t charge without way too many wires? iHome’s iDL100 Dual Charging dock aims to solve all those problems, and does so in a stylish, sleek and very functional manner.

No, the iPhone 5 won’t save the U.S. economy

With the unveiling in mid-September of the iPhone 5, there was some chatter in both the tech and political press that a blockbuster release of the phone could lead to strong economic activity, or even a recovery. I’m not an economist, but the idea that the iPhone 5, all by itself, can rescue the economy doesn’t sound plausible to me.

TeleRead Review: Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad

“This is one slick and well-designed little product. The keyboard itself is light and responsive. It connects to the iPad via Bluetooth, and has a groove at the top where you can prop the iPad in either portrait or landscape mode. When in use, it really does look like a laptop!”


There is no iPhone 5

Ever since before the launch last fall of the iPhone 4S, Apple fans have been clamoring for the incredible, mythical creature known as the iPhone 5. This device would feature a new, totally different form factor—4G capability—and everything else that’s been missing from previous versions of the device. Too bad, because the iPhone 5, in name, almost certainly doesn’t exist.


Hands on with Spyder Digital Research’s PowerShadow Battery Case and Charge/Sync Dock

Love your iPhone, but sick of running out of battery by the end of the day each day? Spyder Digital Research is here to help with a new docking case that charges your phone all day long. Spyder’s PowerShadow Battery Case & Charge/Sync Dock, which works with both the iPhone 4 and 4S, consists of a thick case that charges the iPhone, as well as a USB-based dock that, essentially, charges the charger. It is also possible to charge the phone directly through the dock.