The new Apple iPhone 5C ad makes me want taffy

Of course, the main features of Apple’s “budget” iPhone 5C are its fun array of colors and its plastic hardshell. This is the center of Apple’s new iPhone 5C “Plastic Perfected” ad campaign. Although I get the point—the plastic is flowing smoothly to fill the perfectly sculpted and colorful iPhone 5C—I can’t help but think it looks the same as the process for making taffy.

Apple looking to double the size of its in-house advertising and marketing team

According to a report from AdAge, Apple is looking to double the size of its in-house ad and marketing team from 300 employees to nearly 600 employees. This would be a significant change, showing the Cupertino company wants to take a different approach to its ad campaigns. Former CEO and chairman Steve Jobs was said to have kept the number of employees at 300 because he thought of Apple as a products company and not as a marketing company.

Apple releases new “Facetime Every Day” ad

Apple continues to appeal to the emotional side of its products instead of the technical with its new ad campaign. The latest ad is called “FaceTime Every Day,” and shows FaceTime video being used in a number of real life situations, including at a birthday party, at the airport, and a couple communicating via sign language.


In praise of free software, and why in-app ads are here to stay

I’m a fan of free applications, Open Source or adware. It’s time to shift the conversation away from whether there should be in-app ads at all, and instead determine how to make ads in apps as interesting and relevant as possible for consumers, and as efficient and effective as possible for advertisers and developers.

Former Apple iAd Manager moves to Tapad

Peter Krasniqi, formerly part of Apple’s iAd group where he was a sales manager, has joined multi-screen ad targeting firm Tapad. Krasniqi joined Apple via their acquisition of mobile ad firm Quattro Wireless in 2010, where he was a director of performance ad sales.


“Styled In California” – Apple’s take on the California design signature

Apple has been playing up its status as a California firm in its latest ads, with their “Designed in California” signature line. For some historical context, the Prelinger Archives has posted the 14 minute video “Styled In California,” a “Montgomery Ward Fashion Presentation” produced by Fairbanks (Jerry) Productions for the retailer in the early 1960s.

Apple’s iPad mini print ad campaign wins notable Grand Prix award

On Thursday, an iPad mini ad campaign from Apple and TBWA won one of the most notable awards in advertising: the Grand Prix for Press award. Apple and TBWA were awarded the prize at the Cannes Lion International Festival of Creativity.


Apple’s relationship with TBWA/Chiat/Day strained by…Phil Schiller? [Updated]

Popular ad firm TBWA/Chiat/Day has been working with Apple for many years and helped to come up with the Cupertino company’s iconic “1984″ ad. This relationship has been a longstanding one as Apple has been using the firm for its ads since then. Now, it seems Apple’s relationship with the ad firm is becoming strained as they engage in a controversy over the leadership style of Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller.


Apple airs new iPhone commercial named “Photos Every Day”

Apple’s new television commercial, dubbed “Photos Every Day,” focuses on the iPhone 5′s camera features and how people use the powerful 8MP camera to capture special moments at a variety of times and places, and under a variety of weather conditions. The iPhone commercial finishes with the quote, “Every day, more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera.”


Sunday’s Super Bowl sees Apple score two touchdowns

Yesterday was a big day for Baltimore. But despite not being involved in the game (or even having a team in the sport), it was just as big a day for Apple. Last year, Jim Cramer at The Street noticed that Apple had the best ad in the super bowl despite not running an ad at all. The same held true this year if you really examine the footage; I’m talking about two entirely different touchdowns the tech giant managed to score during Super Bowl XLVII.

Branding: Apple’s all over it

“Brand” is everywhere. It’s amongst us and around us all the time. It’s the salary we receive as citizens of a capitalist democracy. Today’s marketing environment is as harsh for our senses as the frozen forest clearing was for our hunter-gatherer cousins. Despite all the talk of the great white shark losing its edge, Apple for me is still the behemoth. It’s the ad equivalent of a velociraptor amongst the corporate dinosaurs.

Apple unveils its first Christmas ad for iPad mini

We’re just a couple days away from Christmas and Apple has gotten into the holiday spirit with their latest commercial for the iPad mini. The new TV Ad—titled simply “I’ll be Home”—features a young girl sharing an adorable moment with her grandfather over Apple’s FaceTime as she sings “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.”