Apple releases new iPad commercial using audio clip from “Dead Poet’s Society”

To further push the iPad as a creative tool, Apple has just released a new iPad commercial. Lasting 1 minute and 30 seconds, the commercial shows how the iPad is used in various ways. What makes the new iPad commercial different from the previous one is the fact that it uses a very nice voiceover taken from the 1989 hit movie, “Dead Poet’s Society,” starring a young(er) Robin Williams.


Great holiday Apple ad turns “staring at your phone” on its head

That a lot of people see smartphones as a social barrier that closes us off from those around us is a challenge for Apple and other gadget companies when it comes to marketing. How do you make a heartwarming, holidays-and-family-themed commercial for the device that a lot of people use to ignore their relatives? A new Apple ad, released to the web Monday, threads that needle absolutely beautifully.

Apple promotes new Mac Pro by sending posters to journalists

Apple demoed its heavily redesigned Mac Pro at the October media event, where they announced the new system is going to go on sale in December starting at $2,999. Now, Apple is promoting the Mac Pro by sending journalists promotional posters with glossy, high quality images of the computer. On the page next to the images, Apple describes the Mac Pro and talks about what went into creating the device.


Amazon ad pokes fun at Apple’s new iPad Air

Apple’s iPad Air was just unveiled on Tuesday, and already the company’s competitors are taunting the new device. On Wednesday, Amazon posted an ad on the front page of their website that shows a Kindle Fire HDX device with a tagline that reads “lighter than Air.” In the ad, Amazon is referring to the reduced weight of the iPad Air (which comes in at 1.0 pound) and the weight of its own device, which comes in at 0.82 pounds for the $379 Wi-Fi model.

Apple airs new iPhone 5s commercial: “Metal Mastered”

After the first iPhone 5s print ads arrived last week, Apple has now aired iPhone 5s commercial called “Metal Mastered” for the popular device. The TV spot uses the same video the company aired during the media event when it announced the iPhone, but added an upbeat disco track called “Ohh La La” by Goldfrapp to make the ad more appealing.

First iPhone 5s print ad showing off Touch ID appears in magazine

Apple’s iPhone 5s was released weeks ago, and ads for the smartphone are now beginning to appear in print magazines and other publications. I’ve seen iPhone 5c ads on television and along highways and roads all across New York City, and now it looks as though the iPhone 5s is also going to get the same treatment. With these new ads, Apple has done away with the “Designed by Apple in California” ad campaign and is now focusing on features on the iPhone 5s, such as Touch ID.

The new Apple iPhone 5C ad makes me want taffy

Of course, the main features of Apple’s “budget” iPhone 5C are its fun array of colors and its plastic hardshell. This is the center of Apple’s new iPhone 5C “Plastic Perfected” ad campaign. Although I get the point—the plastic is flowing smoothly to fill the perfectly sculpted and colorful iPhone 5C—I can’t help but think it looks the same as the process for making taffy.

Apple looking to double the size of its in-house advertising and marketing team

According to a report from AdAge, Apple is looking to double the size of its in-house ad and marketing team from 300 employees to nearly 600 employees. This would be a significant change, showing the Cupertino company wants to take a different approach to its ad campaigns. Former CEO and chairman Steve Jobs was said to have kept the number of employees at 300 because he thought of Apple as a products company and not as a marketing company.

Apple releases new “Facetime Every Day” ad

Apple continues to appeal to the emotional side of its products instead of the technical with its new ad campaign. The latest ad is called “FaceTime Every Day,” and shows FaceTime video being used in a number of real life situations, including at a birthday party, at the airport, and a couple communicating via sign language.


In praise of free software, and why in-app ads are here to stay

I’m a fan of free applications, Open Source or adware. It’s time to shift the conversation away from whether there should be in-app ads at all, and instead determine how to make ads in apps as interesting and relevant as possible for consumers, and as efficient and effective as possible for advertisers and developers.

Former Apple iAd Manager moves to Tapad

Peter Krasniqi, formerly part of Apple’s iAd group where he was a sales manager, has joined multi-screen ad targeting firm Tapad. Krasniqi joined Apple via their acquisition of mobile ad firm Quattro Wireless in 2010, where he was a director of performance ad sales.


“Styled In California” – Apple’s take on the California design signature

Apple has been playing up its status as a California firm in its latest ads, with their “Designed in California” signature line. For some historical context, the Prelinger Archives has posted the 14 minute video “Styled In California,” a “Montgomery Ward Fashion Presentation” produced by Fairbanks (Jerry) Productions for the retailer in the early 1960s.