Apple promotes new Mac Pro by sending posters to journalists

Apple demoed its heavily redesigned Mac Pro at the October media event, where they announced the new system is going to go on sale in December starting at $2,999. Now, Apple is promoting the Mac Pro by sending journalists promotional posters with glossy, high quality images of the computer. On the page next to the images, Apple describes the Mac Pro and talks about what went into creating the device.

First iPhone 5s print ad showing off Touch ID appears in magazine

Apple’s iPhone 5s was released weeks ago, and ads for the smartphone are now beginning to appear in print magazines and other publications. I’ve seen iPhone 5c ads on television and along highways and roads all across New York City, and now it looks as though the iPhone 5s is also going to get the same treatment. With these new ads, Apple has done away with the “Designed by Apple in California” ad campaign and is now focusing on features on the iPhone 5s, such as Touch ID.

Apple’s iPad mini print ad campaign wins notable Grand Prix award

On Thursday, an iPad mini ad campaign from Apple and TBWA won one of the most notable awards in advertising: the Grand Prix for Press award. Apple and TBWA were awarded the prize at the Cannes Lion International Festival of Creativity.

Black Friday 2012: Early Apple deals roundup

Black Friday’s still a couple of weeks away, but that’s not preventing the major retailers from releasing (leaking?) their deals. The good folks over at Gamertell have been posting the fliers and online ads, many of which contain good deals on Apple’s iDevices and third-party accessories. Here’s an early roundup.

Windows 8 compared to a mullet…by Microsoft

A lot is riding on the Surface tablet project for Microsoft; the previous version of Windows-based tablets never really caught on, and after years of watching Apple sell millions of iPads, Redmond has finally responded with a product they hope will be considered cutting-edge and the new epitome of cool. So why compare it to a mullet?

Retronaut presents “The Evolution of Apple Ads”

Ephemera site Retronaut has collected a gallery of classic Apple ads running from 1975 (with a black and white ad for the Apple-1) up to 2002 (for the iMac G5). It’s a fascinating collection of how the company presented itself to customers when it was on top of the world with the bestselling Apple ][, to its slump in the ’90s, to its resurgence with the “i” line.

Nintendo markets Cosmic Family to terrestrial families

You might be wondering, why would some folks not want to install iTunes? Well, putting it simply, some hate it, and besides, iTunes is not available on operating systems like Linux. So what’s a penguin-and-iPod lover got to do? Thankfully, open source apps like Senuti and libraries like gtkpod/libgpod can help bridge the gap. Unfortunately, more »

A super sized Atari 2600 joystick

According to a report from The Guardian, it seems like O2 will now be the exclusive mobile carrier of Apple’s iPhone in the UK. Unfortunately, the carrier had to offer as much as 40% of its sales revenue to the Cupertino-based electronics giant. The margin will be confirmed tomorrow, but another competitor has already described more »