Oscars Apple ad filmed with iPad

The Oscars aired last night, and a new Apple ad aired with it.

Bank of America ad features iPhone 6, Apple Pay

“The new, easy, smart way to pay with a simple touch.”

Microsoft releases Cortana vs. Siri ad

Microsoft’s new commercial pits its Cortana virtual assistant against the robot-voiced Siri from Apple. As the title “Happy Anniversary” suggests, the video revolves around a wedding anniversary. It shows the two phones side by side as the narrator makes a series of commands in relation to his activities for the day. Siri is unable to comply with any of the requests.

In-house Apple ads aren’t performing as well

Internal documents have revealed Apple is unhappy with Media Arts Lab, the ad agency owned by TBWA. That discontentment has reportedly put Apple in the position of moving away from Media Arts Lab so it can do more work in-house. But so far, that in-house work isn’t as good.

Apple internal ad department will employ 1,000 people

It was reported last week that Apple would be creating its own internal advertising department as a way to cut ties with its current external ad agency, TBWA/MAL. That agency was no longer working well with Apple, according to internal conversations, and now there are more details regarding what Apple’s replacement will be.


New iPhone 5s ad focuses on fitness

The unveiling of Healthkit during the WWDC keynote confirmed previous reports on Apple’s plans to tap into the health and fitness industry. It looks like we’re going to see more of these concepts in upcoming devices and software upgrades, and the new ad campaign for the iPhone 5s is pointing the way.

Apple television ad creation now an internal job

Apple is reportedly leaving behind its external advertising agency, Media Arts Lab, but it is not doing so without taking some of the agency’s employees with it. A report from Bloomberg says that sources close to the company have confirmed Apple has already hired two people from Media Arts Lab who will lead the new internal advertising department.

Apple releases new iPad commercial using audio clip from “Dead Poet’s Society”

To further push the iPad as a creative tool, Apple has just released a new iPad commercial. Lasting 1 minute and 30 seconds, the commercial shows how the iPad is used in various ways. What makes the new iPad commercial different from the previous one is the fact that it uses a very nice voiceover taken from the 1989 hit movie, “Dead Poet’s Society,” starring a young(er) Robin Williams.


Amazon ad pokes fun at Apple’s new iPad Air

Apple’s iPad Air was just unveiled on Tuesday, and already the company’s competitors are taunting the new device. On Wednesday, Amazon posted an ad on the front page of their website that shows a Kindle Fire HDX device with a tagline that reads “lighter than Air.” In the ad, Amazon is referring to the reduced weight of the iPad Air (which comes in at 1.0 pound) and the weight of its own device, which comes in at 0.82 pounds for the $379 Wi-Fi model.

Apple airs new iPhone 5s commercial: “Metal Mastered”

After the first iPhone 5s print ads arrived last week, Apple has now aired iPhone 5s commercial called “Metal Mastered” for the popular device. The TV spot uses the same video the company aired during the media event when it announced the iPhone, but added an upbeat disco track called “Ohh La La” by Goldfrapp to make the ad more appealing.

First iPhone 5s print ad showing off Touch ID appears in magazine

Apple’s iPhone 5s was released weeks ago, and ads for the smartphone are now beginning to appear in print magazines and other publications. I’ve seen iPhone 5c ads on television and along highways and roads all across New York City, and now it looks as though the iPhone 5s is also going to get the same treatment. With these new ads, Apple has done away with the “Designed by Apple in California” ad campaign and is now focusing on features on the iPhone 5s, such as Touch ID.

The new Apple iPhone 5C ad makes me want taffy

Of course, the main features of Apple’s “budget” iPhone 5C are its fun array of colors and its plastic hardshell. This is the center of Apple’s new iPhone 5C “Plastic Perfected” ad campaign. Although I get the point—the plastic is flowing smoothly to fill the perfectly sculpted and colorful iPhone 5C—I can’t help but think it looks the same as the process for making taffy.