Oscars Apple ad filmed with iPad

The Oscars aired last night, and a new Apple ad aired with it.

Apple releases new video to celebrate diversity among its employees

“From the very beginning, we have been a collective of individuals.”

Apple releases iPhone ad featuring Burberry fashion show footage

Apple partnered with Burberry in September 2013 to shoot the entire Burberry Womenswear Spring/Summer 2014 fashion show using the iPhones. Today, Apple released a new ad that features footage from the show with behind-the-scenes and backstage clips of models and the event itself.

Apple expands “Designed by Apple in California” ad campaign with double-page print ad

With the introduction of iOS 7 and a number of other products at WWDC 2013, Apple kicked off its “Designed by Apple in California” ad campaign. The campaign focuses on how Apple is enriching the lives of customers through the different aspects of development and design that go into making a product. The latest ad is an extension of “Designed by Apple in California,” and is a double-page print ad, showing a jogger with an iOS device strapped to his arm.

Apple airs new iPhone TV ad: “Music Every Day”

On Friday, Apple aired a new TV ad for the iPhone, dubbed “Music Every Day.” The new commercial is part of the new ad campaign by Apple that shows a specific feature from the iPhone and how it is used in the real world. In Music Every Day, Apple shows all of the places that its customers use the iPhone to listen to music in their everyday lives.


Sunday’s Super Bowl sees Apple score two touchdowns

Yesterday was a big day for Baltimore. But despite not being involved in the game (or even having a team in the sport), it was just as big a day for Apple. Last year, Jim Cramer at The Street noticed that Apple had the best ad in the super bowl despite not running an ad at all. The same held true this year if you really examine the footage; I’m talking about two entirely different touchdowns the tech giant managed to score during Super Bowl XLVII.

Branding: Apple’s all over it

“Brand” is everywhere. It’s amongst us and around us all the time. It’s the salary we receive as citizens of a capitalist democracy. Today’s marketing environment is as harsh for our senses as the frozen forest clearing was for our hunter-gatherer cousins. Despite all the talk of the great white shark losing its edge, Apple for me is still the behemoth. It’s the ad equivalent of a velociraptor amongst the corporate dinosaurs.


Apple launches four new iPhone 5 TV commercials

The iPhone 5 hit stores yesterday, and Apple began airing the first TV commercials to advertise its capabilities. The company’s newest TV spots focus on the iPhone 5’s bigger 4″ screen display, the new panorama camera feature in iOS 6, and also on the newly designed EarPods that come with every new Apple handset.

Apple airs new iPad commercial: “All On iPad”

Apple has released a new iPad TV commercial, “All On iPad,” making a total of three television ads that Apple focuses on the 3rd generation iPad. Apple continues the trend of their previous commercials, discussing the various capabilities and apps that run on the device.

Apple airs new commercials during Olympic Games

Whereas Apple has recently focused solely on their iOS devices in TV spots, they’ve shifted their attention back to the Macintosh with a campaign that shows off their OS X software. Apple’s new TV commercials airing during coverage of the 2012 Olympic Games in London feature an Apple Genius from the Apple Stores.

Apples releases TV ad for the new iPad: “Do It All”

Apple has released their second commercial for the new iPad, dubbed “Do it All.” As with the previous commercial, Apple unsurprisingly continues to focus on the beauty of the new iPad’s Retina display.

Apple airs first commercial for the New MacBook Pro

Apple has released its first TV commercial for the newly unveiled Macbook Pro models, and the company is of course focusing attention on the Retina display. Apple points out that the revolutionary display features a resolution of 2,880 x 1,880 pixels, packing more resolution than an HDTV screen.