Apple Watch battery life rated at “about a day,” water resistance not hot either

Any chance they’ll address these shortcomings by January 2015?

Apple Watch underwhelms, media event disappoints

But is that entirely Apple’s fault?


The pros and cons of Apple Pay

Two important pros, one significant con.


What Apple got wrong with the Apple Watch [updated]

Apple failed their customers on two very basic points.

Apple Pay turns your iPhone into a mobile payment system

Apple Pay launches in October as an iOS update.


One more thing…Apple announces the Apple Watch

“It is the next chapter in Apple’s story,” and it is the Apple Watch.

Apple announces the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Apple has finally put an end to all the rumors.

The iPhone 6 shames your 3DS and Vita [updated with VainGlory trailer]

It hurts to say it, as I’m a Nintendo fanboy, but iOS gaming has taken over.

Apple Store down ahead of iPhone 6, iWatch launch

The Apple Store is closed, our wallets are open.


Apple September 9th Media Event live blog

Because Apple’s live video stream is terrible today.

What to expect from the Apple September 9th media event (now that it’s official)

“Wish we could say more.” You’re so cheeky, Apple.

AppleTell’s surprising iOS find of E3 2014: Wikipad Gamevice [updated]

When I was scheduling meetings for E3 2014, I was expecting to see a lot of great iOS games…which I did. What I wasn’t expecting to see was great iOS hardware…which I also did. The Wikipad Gamevice for iPad mini is now in development, providing hardware controls for your touchscreen games.