E3 2015: Master dungeons with Sword Coast Legends

I’m a bit of a pencil and paper traditionalist with D&D, but this game could very well make me a convert.

E3 2015: Polk Audio announces Striker Pro Hitman Contract Edition gaming headset

Polk Audio branding gets a bit more targeted…so to speak.

E3 2015: Lara Croft Go is exactly what Tomb Raider should be

This little mobile game may be truer to the Tomb Raider legacy than the recent console titles.

E3 2015: The dawning of the Age of Wushu Dynasty

Take your martial arts skills on the go with this mobile version of the PC favorite.

Striker Pro gaming headset is ready for Mac and iOS gamers

It’s not just good software news coming out of E3.

It’s time for our E3 2015 Mac and iOS game giveaway

All you need to win them is a Twitter account and serendipity.


We plan to Mac the hell out of E3 2015

Pay attention, Mac and iOS gamers. This week includes you, too.

Fallout Shelter available now on iOS

Gimme shelter.


Metal for Mac is a big deal for gamers, and this is why

Aspyr Media’s Director of Technology, Jez Sherlock, says the news looks good.


Split-screen multitasking for iPad in iOS 9 is an exciting productivity improvement

The addition of even this limited sort of multi-windowed multitasking is a big step forward for the iOS.

Apple News app for iPhone and iPad coming along iOS 9 this fall

A news reader that will go up against Flipboard and the like.

Apple Music announced for iOS, Mac, and Windows

Does Apple Music have what it takes to bring down Spotify?