Rumor: Apple to open world’s largest Apple store in Dubai

I’m guessing it won’t be located next to a Hot Topic.

Save money on 20 productivity apps at the App Store

For a limited time, save more than 50% on 20 business, utility and productivity apps at the App Store. From organizing your life with task managers and calendars to reading PDF files to writing notes and more, there’s bound to be something that will make you more productive.

Save money at Apple stores with a tax holiday

If you’re thinking of hitting the Apple Store for some new products in the coming days, you’ll at least want to wait until Friday. Apple Store customers won’t pay sales tax on select Apple products, both in retail stores and online, if you live in one of nine states that have a tax holiday.

MacBook Pro with Retina Display gets updated

The MacBook Pro with Retina display laptops have been officially refreshed with more memory, faster processors, more upgrade options, and a cheaper price. As has been rumored, the 15-inch model now comes with 16GB memory standard, along with a 1TB flash drive upgrade option.

Apple expands to Jarir Bookstore in Saudi Arabia

Apple recently made a deal with Jarir Bookstore, a major retailer in Saudi Arabia, to sell all Apple products and provide an after-sales service. Jarir Bookstore sells not just books, but a variety of computer supplies, video games, electronics, smartphones, office supplies, and more.

Apple reduces iPhone 5 trade-in value

Users who want to trade in their iPhone 5 for credit towards a newer model will find less value for their legacy devices, as Apple has slashed the trade-in-value by $45. Once as high as $270 at Apple Stores, the iPhone 5 trade-in value is now listed at $225. This offer is available to U.S. and Canada Apple stores only.

Official lease plan shows Apple Store location in Marlborough, Massachusetts

It was just recently that Apple began hiring for the future retail store at Marlborough, Massachusetts, and now an anonymous tipster has revealed its exact location—a leaked document of the Solomon Pond Mall’s official lease plan surfaced, and Apple will occupy a T-shaped space that covers 7,400 square-feet, beside Clark’s store on the lower level.

Apple expands Portland retail store with bigger, better and “glassier” space

Bigger, better, and classier (and “glassier”)—that’s what you get when you go inside Apple’s new Portland retail store housed in one of downtown’s premier retail spots (replacing a Saks Fifth Avenue shop). Its first day was jam-packed as shoppers dropped by to shop for, tinker with, and ogle the gadgets and computers that sit inside.

Apple announces education pricing for iPad

Apple has introduced a new education pricing structure for its latest iPads: the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display. The tablets will cost $469 and $379 respectively, according to a report in iGeneration. Neither of the discounts are massive, but when schools are trying to buy dozens of tablets for a classroom, saving $20 or $30 on each unit is not a bad deal.


Apple Stores to go 100 percent renewable soon

Apple has been pushing green energy initiatives in the United States, and while the company’s good reputation definitely has some blemishes overseas, Apple says that it is now working to transition all of its retail stores to renewable energy. Moving data centers and corporate headquarters off the grid is expensive, but not nearly as challenging as transitioning Apple stores to renewable energy, since those can be located in tricky areas like inside a mall.

Apple in-store iPad trade-in program expands to Europe

Apple fans in the U.S. and Canada are already able to bring their iPads to an Apple store for trade-in credit, and according to Apple’s website, a handful of countries in Europe are now receiving the same program. France, Germany, Spain, and the UK are all being included in the program.

Angela Ahrendts plots out strategy for Apple retail’s future

Before 2013 ended, Apple hired Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts as new SVP of Retail and Online Stores. Burberry saw sales grow considerably under Ahrendts, and she’s already been quite active with Apple to achieve similar results, meeting with managers, visiting stores, and making changes within the retail executive team. Recently, she plotted out a three-part vision that includes mobile payments, emphasis on China, and changing the Apple Store sales experience.