Apple lawsuit wrap-up for June 2015

June 2015 saw a number of Apple lawsuits that didn’t go their way.

Apple recalls all Beats Pill XL speakers

It’s not your music that’s hot, it’s just the battery.

Apple lawsuit wrap-up for May 2015

Want to make a quick million? Fall asleep on your MagSafe power adapter.

IBM to become the biggest “Mac Shop” on the planet

One for the “who’da’ thunk it” department.

Jony Ive takes on new responsibilities at Apple

Jony Ive gets a promotion and new responsibilities in design from Apple retail store to the Apple Campus 2.

Apple lawsuit wrap-up for April 2015

Art that can’t be named, Rob Gronkowski porn, and car wrecks that haven’t even happened yet.

Woz vs. Woz? Steve Wozniak (no, not that one) debuts outdoor fans

An entrepreneur has surfaced named “Steve Wozniak,” though it’s not who you think.

Working, living conditions improving at Foxconn

A recent limited tour of Foxconn’s Shenzhen factory provided Re/code a glimpse of what life is like for Foxconn workers.

Samsung’s patent review could save Apple $533M

Even the Supreme Court may help out this time.

Apple comes in 8th for mobile device patents in 2014

A quarter of 2014’s patents had to do with mobile devices.

Apple lawsuit wrap-up for March 2015

Tim Cook is being sued for something having to do with…reproductive access? Are we reading that right?

iPhone sales reach new high in China

China is quickly becoming one of the most important markets for Apple’s iPhone.