Apple announces record 74.5M iPhone sales

Let’s not talk about the iPad, however…okay?

New free music promotion available on iTunes

The “Single of the Week” is now “Free On iTunes,” and it includes TV.

iPhone sales projected to have been 73M in Q4

Apple may have set a record with its holiday quarter performance.

Apple SEC filing reveals board changes, salaries

When you record $182.8 billion in sales, you can afford some hefty salaries.


iMessage should be cross-platform, says BlackBerry CEO

Apple is “…discriminating against BlackBerry customers,” according to the CEO.

China to look at Apple products, fears NSA tampering

It’s probably not a bad idea.

iPhone 6 sales rise in Asia, gain the second spot in South Korea

Samsung is still #1, but Apple swiped 30% of total smartphone sales in Korea.

Crimean developers no longer working with Apple

Sanctions were put in response to Russia’s advances in the region.

Apple Pay competitor Softcard may be bought by Google

Because nobody else wants it.

Class representative asking for larger cut of Apple anti-poaching settlement

Dude feels his role in the settlement is worth $160,000.

Intel CEO responds to rumors of an Apple switch to ARM

The long and short of it? He’s not too concerned.


LA’s plan for iPads in schools had many issues

A waste of expenses, a lack of training, and a failure to create clear goals.