Apple using China Telecom servers to store iCloud data

China doesn’t trust the NSA.

Possible iWatch employees working on “special projects”

Add a “special projects” category to your October expenditures.

Apple bans two chemicals in overseas manufacturing

Now with 100% less benzene and n-hexane.

Robin Williams commemorated at Apple and iTunes

“He will be greatly missed.”

China Central Television reports Apple is, in fact, banned

At this point I wonder if we’ll ever know for certain what procurement or energy-saving lists Apple products are or aren’t on in China. Since Bloomberg reports that Apple declined to comment and the Ministry of Finance didn’t respond to their faxes, getting an official answer seems unlikely. Whatever Apple does to get their products approved by the Chinese government will likely happen behind closed doors.

Contrary to reports, China has not banned Apple products

China has not banned Apple’s iPad, iPad Mini, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro from government purchases, as has been recently reported. Apple failed to make it onto the 16th semi-annual energy-saving products in government procurement notification list, but Apple products can continue to be purchased as long as there are no special energy-saving requirements.

Apple and Samsung enter into surprise agreement

Apple and Samsung are two of the largest names in consumer electronics, and since they compete against each other in many different markets, they’ve been engaged in legal and market battles for years. At least some of those legal battles will be coming to an end now that the tech companies have announced a landmark agreement. Samsung and Apple have agreed to drop all patent lawsuits against each other as long as they are located overseas. Patent disputes in the U.S. will continue.

Apple’s multi-terabit CDN launches

Apple’s $100 million content delivery network (CDN) is now live in the U.S. and Europe. It will be transmitting traffic to Comcast and other Internet providers directly, courtesy of paid interconnection deals. The CDN is capable of transmitting numerous terabits of data per second, and so will be of great value to Apple when it dispenses new releases of OS X and iOS.

Beats employees weren’t fired after Apple merger

Apple has not have fired 200 Beats employees…yet. According to a report from Billboard, all employees, except for about five who were fired due to performance issues, were offered full-time jobs and are going through Apple orientation. However, a large number of employees were told their job could be eliminated within three months to a year.

Apple lawsuit wrap-up for July 2014

The July 2014 Apple lawsuit wrap-up sees the return of our old favorite—patent infringement lawsuit using patents so vague they could be applied to almost any technology. There’s a bout between Bose and Beats, Apple store employees grow tired of living by the sweat of their brow, and Judge Denise Cote shakes an angry fist in the air while saying, “Grrrrrrr! Apple!”

Russia wants source code from Apple, SAP

The Russian government has proposed that SAP and Apple, Inc. relinquish access to their source code to ensure the two companies’ widely used devices are not being used by spies to steal data from state institutions. The proposal was made last week when Communications Minister Nikolai Nikiforov met Apple’s general manager in Russia.

Apple’s acquisition of Beats is final

Apple has closed its $3 billion deal to acquire Beats. The announcement was made in a page posted on Apple’s website. The company took the opportunity to welcome Beats “to the family,” although they have yet to reveal what their plans for Beats are.