Sue Wagner replaces Bill Campbell on Apple’s Board of Directors

Bill Campbell, the board’s longest-serving member, is retiring after 17 years of service. He first joined Apple in 1983 as vice president of marketing and was later Intuit’s CEO. Sue Wagner, founding partner and director of BlackRock, has been elected to Apple’s board of directors. BlackRock is the world’s largest asset-management company which Sue Wagner co-founded in 1988.

Apple will reportedly work with Samsung on chips

TSMC won’t be the only company working on Apple’s A7 processors. According to a new report from Reuters, the company may also work with Samsung to boost production of the A7 chips, which would put TSMC in the position of having to fight for business rather than being handed a nearly exclusive contract. Apple and Samsung have worked together many times in the past, but Apple has recently tried to move work away from Samsung.

IBM and Apple enter into “landmark” partnership

It has been many years since IBM and Apple were on good terms, but with a new partnership it appears as though the companies are finally tolerating each other once again. Apple CEO Tim Cook and IBM CEO Virginia Rometty explained it is a “landmark” partnership, and the two companies apparently fit together just right.

Hinge study suggests Apple employees aren’t very attractive

Apple stores are arguably the nicest out of all the tech retail stores, but that isn’t because Apple employees are more attractive than everyone else. It turns out Apple employees are actually less attractive, on average, than employees from tech companies like Amazon and Microsoft, according to users of Hinge.

TSMC processors already shipping for iOS devices

Processors from manufacturing company TSMC have been shipping to Apple since the second quarter of 2014, reports the Wall Street Journal. The A-series processors manufactured by TSMC are expected to be in future iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, and the chips are coming from TSMC as the result of a manufacturing deal struck between the companies in 2013.

Apple expands to Jarir Bookstore in Saudi Arabia

Apple recently made a deal with Jarir Bookstore, a major retailer in Saudi Arabia, to sell all Apple products and provide an after-sales service. Jarir Bookstore sells not just books, but a variety of computer supplies, video games, electronics, smartphones, office supplies, and more.

43% of Apple buyers own only one Apple device

Once a customer experiences the low-hassle satisfaction of using an iPad or iPhone, it shouldn’t be a massive task to persuade them that Macs offer a superior PC user experience as well. In that context, increased convergence of OS X with the iOS makes marketing sense—something that appears to be coming with OS X Yosemite and iOS 8.

Apple to be Foxconn’s first client in robotic factory services

Is it possible for robots to replace humans in mass production? Foxconn, the chief manufacturer of Apple’s iOS devices, thinks so.

Apple lawsuit wrap-up for June 2014

It was a slow month for Apple lawsuits in June 2014, with a nice mix of patent lawsuits, intellectual property arguments, and lawsuits coming to a conclusion. But that doesn’t mean Mexico is happy. Nor are WiLAN, Enterprise Systems Technologies, and a few of those blue-shirted folks you talked to at the local Apple Store (especially if they also had backpacks).

Apple A9 chips to come from Samsung, GlobalFoundries

The consumer electronics sector always creates strange business partners, and that has long been the case with Apple and Samsung. Once again, it is being reported that Apple will rely on Samsung and GlobalFoundries for its 14-nm A9 chips which are now expected to reach devices in 2015. Those chips will be produced at a GlobalFoundries Fab 8 factory in Malta, New York, according to DigiTimes.

Apple creating speech recognition team to advance Siri

Since relying on Nuance in the event of an acquisition by Samsung might not be a great idea, Apple will reportedly form its own speech recognition team that will work on the technology behind Siri. Just like with Google Now on Android devices, Siri is expected to play a major role in future versions of iOS, and Apple needs a good team if that is to happen.

Bono doesn’t care for Apple’s modesty

Companies have a tendency to show off whenever they do something good for the community, but Apple has a reputation for avoiding any marketing related to its charity work. Modesty is an important quality, whether it is part of a company or a person, but Bono would like to see Apple promote its charity work with the intention of getting other companies on board.