iPhone 6 and 6 Plus shipments to surpass 70 million

Looks like even Steve Ballmer will be getting one.

Apple + IBM Enterprise Project ready to mobilize

It looks like the Apple/IBM alliance’s timing has been impeccable.

Stats show Apple Pay is doing quite well

Despite Walmart’s best efforts, Apple Play is catching on.

UnionPay added to App Store payment options

UnionPay is the largest bankcard network in China.

Apple to open research office in Cambridge, England

Time to update your resume.

Walmart will never take Apple Pay, report claims

Furthering their staunch stance against providing a pleasant shopping experience.

AppleCare for Enterprise launches with IBM

It comes with some added perks, such as onsite hardware repair and 24/7 support.

Apple lawsuit wrap-up for October 2014

Remember pagers? Someone does, and used the technology to sue Apple.

Shares in Apple continue to reach new highs

Not too shabby for a company that’s only still around because Microsoft “bought it” in 1997.

iPhone 6 could outsell Galaxy Note 4 by a 10 to 1 margin

Buck up, Samsung. You still make really good TVs.

Apple trying to sell iPhone in Iran, report claims

And apparently, Apple’s not the only company.

Report: Apple to open 25 more retail stores in China

It’s like they don’t even care about what’ll happen to the fake Apple Stores.