Rumor: Samsung to provide displays for iPad refresh

Does this go on elsewhere? Does Burger King supply McDonald’s with buns?

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to arrive in China on October 17

Preorders start in China on October 10th. Hopefully, Apple’s ready this time.

Teardown reveals iPhone 6 costs around $200 to manufacture

Too bad we’re paying for so much more than just parts and labor, huh.

iPhone 5S gets a price cut in India unofficially

But it looks like you’ll be waiting until November for the iPhone 6.

Apple reports record-breaking iPhone 6 launch

Over 10 million units sold in three days.

Tim Cook: Apple tries to avoid data collection

“Our business is not based on having information about you. You are not our product.”

Apple announces record iPhone 6 and 6 Plus pre-orders

Compare 4 million pre-orders to your Nexus 4, Internet.

iPhone 6 shipments projected at 10 million units in September, 80 mil by year’s end

They may be late to the party, but they’ve sure livened it up.

Apple lawsuit wrap-up for August 2014

Does anyone else think Judge Lucy Koh is just trying to hide her crush on Apple?

Apple using China Telecom servers to store iCloud data

China doesn’t trust the NSA.

Possible iWatch employees working on “special projects”

Add a “special projects” category to your October expenditures.

Apple bans two chemicals in overseas manufacturing

Now with 100% less benzene and n-hexane.