Apple tries to dump A123 lawsuit

Apple does not believe the lawsuit has full legal grounding.

UBS: 58M iPhones will be sold in March quarter

Apple is continuing to set records.

Judge fine with $415M settlement in anti-poaching case

But I thought this had already settled for…oh, it’s Judge Koh.

Apple lawsuit wrap-up for February 2015

Storage space, employees, 30-pin adapters, and your parents’ music all lead to trouble for Apple.

BMW, Apple talks unrelated to new electric car

When can we start the Apple hovercraft rumors?

Judges in patent case doubt Samsung has greatly hurt Apple

“Why are you fighting it?” one of the judges asked Apple. “Why am I wasting my time?”

iPhone sales outperform Samsung in Q4

It took one of the best quarters in Apple history to pull it off.

Apple Watch retail plans will have fitness focus

Retail plans for the Apple Watch will focus on fitness, bands, and iPhones.

Apple hiring its Silicon Valley security team

Apple has faced complaints from unions and workers in the past due to its use of contractors.

Gene Munster: 10,000 Apple Watch Editions to be sold in the first year

He also predicts they’ll start at $4,999.

Tim Cook: Data privacy is a “human right”

Apple CEO Tim Cook wants data privacy to be protected at all times.

Next iPhone memory chips said to be from Samsung

Samsung will supply upwards of 50% of the next-generation iPhone memory chips.