Apple comes in 8th for mobile device patents in 2014

A quarter of 2014’s patents had to do with mobile devices.

Apple lawsuit wrap-up for March 2015

Tim Cook is being sued for something having to do with…reproductive access? Are we reading that right?

iPhone sales reach new high in China

China is quickly becoming one of the most important markets for Apple’s iPhone.

European regulators investigating Apple music streaming

Apple don’t give a damn ’bout its bad reputation.

Sling TV combating HBO’s streaming deal with Apple

Dish Network owns and operates Sling TV.

Apple’s Jimmy Iovine poaching Tidal artists

Tidal has launched as the “savior of the music industry.”

HBO CEO explains partnership with Apple for HBO Now

60% of HBO Go streaming traffic comes from Apple devices.

Apple Pay hurt by checkout growing pains

Some cashiers seem to be as confused by Apple Pay as they are be by cash.

Apple’s $848M solar farm deal is better than it seems

Ends up the deal is backloaded.

Angela Ahrendts praises Tim Cook in interview

Ahrendts: “The world needs more leaders like Tim.”


Lawsuit over iOS device storage called “misleading” by Apple

Apple doesn’t believe lawsuit shows evidence of fraud.

Apple campus water recycling project approved

More recycled water use could significantly help parts of the drought-ridden state.