Apple combats excessive App Store refunds in EU

Europe: the continent that cried “Refund.”


Apple’s patent holdings jumped by 13% in 2014

During the past year, Apple was granted 2,003 patents.

Verifone system accepts Apple Pay

One terminal, many ways to take your money.

Apple’s Q1 earnings announcement on January 27

Expect revenue as high as $66.5 billion.

Bank of America ad features iPhone 6, Apple Pay

“The new, easy, smart way to pay with a simple touch.”

Apple lawsuit wrap-up for December 2014

A 2005 iPod lawsuit? Like, when that Fratellis ad was on?


Lawsuit targets Apple due to “misleading” device storage space

And who is made to suffer? The grandchildren and brides, according to the complaint.

Taiwanese regulators clear Apple of data privacy violations

None of the companies examined by the authorities breached privacy laws.

Apple return policy in EU changes to 14 days

A similar return policy does not exist in the U.S., Canada or any other market.

Apple Pay reaching gas stations in 2015

Think of all the beef jerky you can buy with Apple Pay!

Apple preserves historic barn on spaceship campus site

They’ll use it a storage shed, more or less.

Apple Pay could launch in the U.K. in early 2015

One U.K. bank has not immediately welcomed Apple Pay.