Apple reports record-breaking Q4 financial results

$42.1 billion quarterly revenue, $8.5 billion net profit.

Apple Pay transactions to be dominated by in-app purchases

The kids need their Roblox Robux.

Analysts expect great quarterly results from Apple

iPhones are kind of popular.

Apple wants to drop Beats Music prices

Because they can’t drop prices on the headphones far enough to make them worth it.

Apple Pay partners list grows to 58

That’s 24 applications and 39 retailers.

October 16th Apple event may have iPad and Mac news

Mac mini refresh, then? Apple TV? eMate?

Apple lawsuit wrap-up for September 2013

In which Apple shareholders launch the most ironic lawsuit ever.

Rumor: Samsung to provide displays for iPad refresh

Does this go on elsewhere? Does Burger King supply McDonald’s with buns?

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to arrive in China on October 17

Preorders start in China on October 10th. Hopefully, Apple’s ready this time.

Teardown reveals iPhone 6 costs around $200 to manufacture

Too bad we’re paying for so much more than just parts and labor, huh.

iPhone 5S gets a price cut in India unofficially

But it looks like you’ll be waiting until November for the iPhone 6.

Apple reports record-breaking iPhone 6 launch

Over 10 million units sold in three days.