Bono doesn’t care for Apple’s modesty

Companies have a tendency to show off whenever they do something good for the community, but Apple has a reputation for avoiding any marketing related to its charity work. Modesty is an important quality, whether it is part of a company or a person, but Bono would like to see Apple promote its charity work with the intention of getting other companies on board.

Apple, Samsung trying to end patent war

Apple and Samsung have gone back and forth in patent battles for the past couple of years, but the companies are apparently getting tired from all of the fighting. The Korea Times reports that Samsung and Apple are trying to reach “common ground” so they can end their current legal battles and move on to fight in the marketplace, not the courtroom.

Apple settles in e-book price fixing case

A court filing has revealed that Apple is settling in the e-book price fixing lawsuit that was filed against the company. Plaintiff representative Steve Berman reportedly handed Judge Denise Cote a letter on Monday explaining that all parties—Apple, the consumers, and the state attorneys general—had agreed to settle the case.

EU investigation targets Apple’s use of Irish tax laws

It is well known that major corporations, including Apple, use the tax policies of various countries to hold onto larger portions of their money. When companies keep all of their money in the United States, it is subject to significant tax rates, so it only makes sense that companies will use loopholes to avoid taxes. Apple has come under fire in recent years for its use of loopholes, and now a formal investigation has been launched against the company.

Apple internal ad department will employ 1,000 people

It was reported last week that Apple would be creating its own internal advertising department as a way to cut ties with its current external ad agency, TBWA/MAL. That agency was no longer working well with Apple, according to internal conversations, and now there are more details regarding what Apple’s replacement will be.

Apple lawsuit wrap-up for May 2014

May 2014 seemed to be the month of some really odd and crazy lawsuits—from a former Apple employee promised lifelong employment to a handwritten lawsuit and everything in between, including our favorite patent disputes. The latest Samsung vs. Apple lawsuit has reached the end of what is bound to be the start of many more.

Apple television ad creation now an internal job

Apple is reportedly leaving behind its external advertising agency, Media Arts Lab, but it is not doing so without taking some of the agency’s employees with it. A report from Bloomberg says that sources close to the company have confirmed Apple has already hired two people from Media Arts Lab who will lead the new internal advertising department.

WWDC 2014: 800 million Apple iOS devices sold

It’s Apple’s special day today as the gates to WWDC 2014 are now open. There’s plenty to tell you about, but first a bit of congratulations is in order, as Apple has already sold 800 million iOS devices. That’s a lot of gadgets right there. Of this number, 500 million iPhones were sold, with about 130 million being added to the install base since 2013.


Why rumors of Apple seeking to silence iPhone leakers are unsettling

Though it makes sense for any tech company to try and limit leaks, asking for help from the Chinese government could be viewed as a little bit extreme. There are not many news stories about China arresting or dealing with technology bloggers in a harsh way, but the country’s force has been shown in other instances.

Apple exploring mobile payments relationships

Apple may be trying to come out with its own mobile payments system for iOS devices, and is in talks with high-end retailers about the potential uses of such a service. Apple has already explored the potential for non-physical payments to some extent by allowing people to pay for items in its retail stores with an iTunes account, though the rumored mobile payments system may not work in the same way.

Apple shares hit yearly high ahead of WWDC 2014

Apple’s all-time high was $700 back in September 2012. Unfortunately, Apple shares went down after that for various reasons. Sales have not been as good since then, but Apple can make a comeback during the second quarter of this year, as there’s much anticipation of new Apple products to be unveiled this summer.

Apple will announce $3b Beats acquisition this week

It may have been slightly delayed, but Apple will officially be purchasing Beats sometime this week, according to a report in the New York Post. It had originally been reported that the deal was to take place more than a week ago, and that Apple would pay $3.2 billion. However, it seems as though some last minute changes were made to get the deal down to just $3 billion.