Duet Display app turns iPad into second display for Mac and PC

60 frames per second and zero lag.

Your GOG weekend promo offers plenty of “May”hem

These Mac game sales will care you through June(hem), into July(hem) and beyond.

Gunpowder heads to Mac and PC via Steam Greenlight

Return to the West. Bring explosives.

Big Cities: Skylines update adds Euro maps, tunnels

Now with tunnels for your inner groundhog.

Civilization: Beyond Earth gets “Rising Tide” expansion

Here’s hoping Rising Tide will increase the replayability of a promising, if predictable, game.


StarDrive 2 launches on Mac App Store

Pimp my starship.

Your GOG Weekend Promo offers Mac gamers some big hitters

Grim Fangango. Blackguards. Dreamfall. Big hitters, indeed.

E3 2015 preview: InnoGames forges a gaming empire

InnoGames’ Fabio Lo-Zito talks to us about mobile and browser-based games as we look ahead to E3 2015.

Elite: Dangerous now available for Mac

Because space freelancing shouldn’t be platform-locked.

FileMaker releases FileMaker Pro 14

FileMaker Pro gets easier to use even as the capabilities of the software get more complex.

BIAS FX moves guitar pedalboards to the cloud

He put his ear to the cloud / and like a distant scream…

Appidemic: Black & White 2 and Battle of the Gods expansion for Mac

Black & White 2 is a great game if you like role playing, but being a god can get somewhat tedious.