Should Apple make Yahoo! Search the default iOS search engine?

Reportedly, Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer is actively seeking closer business ties with Apple, but short of a full-scale merger or takeover. Apple has a longstanding good relationship with Yahoo, which Ms. Mayer hopes to build on by having Apple make Yahoo! its default Safari search engine, but it won’t be a cakewalk.

Life Goes On is live on Steam, but many knights are not

What’s gonna work? Teamwork! Even if some of the team members have to die. Most of them, in fact. But hey, for a select a few, Life Goes On, and the job gets done. Called “A comically morbid game about heroic knights, teamwork, and using dead bodies to solve puzzles,” Infinite Monkeys Entertainment’s Life Goes On is now available for PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam.

The Son of Crawmerax Borderlands 2 DLC has been released

Truth be known, I didn’t know Crawmerax had a son. I didn’t even send a card, and now he’s all ready for his very own Borderlands 2 DLC. Sir Hammerlock vs. the Son of Crawmerax is the 13th DLC for the widely popular Borderlands 2—part 5 of the Headhunter series—and is being released simultaneously with the PC version.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut now available for Mac

If you didn’t get Deus Ex: Human Revolution because you were waiting for the Ultimate Edition. Then didn’t get the Deus Ex: Human Revolution Ultimate Edition because you were waiting for the Director’s Cut, your patience has paid off. Feral Interactive has announced that Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut is now available for Mac exclusively through Steam.

Hands-on with the Adobe Illustrator 17.1 update

While there are a number of new features and enhancements to Adobe Illustrator v17.1, there are several that stand out for my work-flow. When it comes to the one for I’ve been waiting for the longest, making the choice was about as easy as anything I’ve ever encountered: rounded corners.

Seen @ Macworld: Endpoint Protector DLP and MDM solutions

Everyday users are becoming more aware of security (Heartbleed, anyone?). But for corporate IT departments, keeping data secure has been a requirement for quite some time. Endpoint Protector was at this year’s Macworld Expo, and we sat down with the team to discuss their Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions for Macs, iDevices, Android devices, and Windows.

Review: Spec Ops: The Line dares you to cross it

Spec Ops: The Line is a Mac game that puts you in the boots of Walker, a Delta team leader on a mission to do some recon. Unfortunately for you the mission gets complicated quickly and you set off on a secondary mission to make contact with and rescue Colonel Konrad. And that’s where things go a bit pear shaped.

Help Gomo save his dog in a point and click adventure

Help Gomo save his dog in a point and click adventure for OS X and Windows.

Secrets of Raetikon flying to OS X, Windows, and Linux

Secrets of Raetikon is an atmospheric, open-world 2D game where you fly like a bird and explore an uncharted world for OS X, Windows, and Linux.

Kickstarter Find: 3 games for Mac gamers

Here are three games for OS X, Windows, and Linux that need your support on Kickstarter, including two tactical RPGs (Chaos Reborn and Popup Dungeon) and a point and click adventure (The Breakout).

Apple issues iMovie for Mac update

Apple has released v10.0.3 of iMovie for Mac, bringing in new usability features and several bug fixes. First among the new features is the option to sort events in the sidebar by date, adjusting transition by double-clicking transition, and the ability to crop and rotate clips in events. iMovie for Mac now also lets you change the font, size and color of new titles.

SimCity 4 returns to the Mac, and it is glorious

I know this because I saw it in action at or around Macworld / iWorld 2014. The fine folks at Aspyr gave us a demo, and you won’t believe how cool it is to watch your city bustle on a 27″ iMac at native resolution. SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition is available now at the Mac App Store for just $19.99.