Apple improves iCloud security with extra encryption

Most cloud services providers have been boosting their security with the intent of warding off the NSA and other malicious groups. The same thing is happening with Apple and iCloud, as encryption for iCloud expands to protect file transfers from the sender all the way to the receiver. Though the receiver must be using an email client that supports TLS encryption, this update does improve security for most users.

Apple fixes iMovie crash bug

On Tuesday, Apple released a minor software update for iMovie for Mac, updating the video editing app to v10.0.4. This update’s major purpose is not to bring new features, but to fix a issue that causes the app to crash while editing videos. In addition, the update includes the usual stability improvements in its list of changes.

iWork for iCloud gets new features

iWork for iCloud—which includes Pages, Keynote, and Numbers—has been updated to include more collaboration and editing abilities. You can now create 2D and interactive charts with more color options and images up to 10 MB (up from 5 MB), and you can work with up to 100 people (up from 50) on the same document, which can be up to 1GB (up from 200 MB) in size.

Apple fixes /Users folder bug with iTunes update

Apple has already released a fix for the /users folder bug that many people encountered after updating to OS X 10.9.3. The bug seemed to make the folder completely disappear, but with a recently released iTunes update, Apple appears to have fixed it, even though the update didn’t include any mention of the folder issue.

Gmail messages disappearing from Apple Mail? Here’s a fix

Since upgrading to OS X Mavericks, Gmail messages have been disappearing from Apple Mail. I found a fix that worked for me, but it was buried in Apple’s support forums under the typical hostile debates over nothing useful…in this case, whether it’s Apple or Google’s fault. To save you that hassle, here’s how to prevent Gmail messages from disappearing from Apple Mail, and how you’ll get back the ones that went away.

Apple adds flat iOS 7 design elements to iWork for iCloud apps

Apple’s iWork for iCloud has finally received the iOS 7 treatment. On Thursday, Apple updated the Pages, Keynote, and Numbers applications for iWork— as well as several other online services from Apple—with the new iOS 7 design, making the template selection screen and document library look synchronized on iOS devices.

Apple adds iBooks gifting option to the iBookstore

On Tuesday, Apple added a new gifting option to the iBookstore service, allowing customers to send books as gifts for the holidays. This is new for the iBookstore, which is the last Apple service to receive the gifting option; users have been able to gift applications and music albums for quite some time now.

iMovie update improves performance on older Macs

Apple continues to push out OS X Mavericks app updates, the latest of which is iMovie for Mac application, having been updated to support Macs running legacy video cards. iMovie v10.0.1 for Mavericks was heavy with a redesign and new features, and as a result, the application ran slower than before on some older Macs. With this latest update, users of older Macs will be able to take advantage of the new features without having to sacrifice a whole lot of speed.

Apple seeds Safari 7.0.1 and 6.1.1 betas with PDF and autofill improvements

Apple has seeded two new Safari betas for developers to test, supporting OS X Lion, Mountain Lion, and Mavericks in the latest updates. The two updates include Safari 6.1.1 for OS X 10.7.5 Lion and OS X 10.8.5 Mountain Lion, as well as Safari 7.0.1 for OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Apple is prompting its developers to specifically look at PDFs, login and password autofill, as well as other general website compatibility and accessibility features.

Apple releases iBooks update for OS X

Only a few days ago, Apple released two OS X Mavericks updates for internal testing, and the company appears to be making changes to individual applications in the software as well. Earlier this week, Apple released an iBooks update for OS X with a number of bug fixes and stability improvements. It is unclear exactly what specific bugs Apple addressed in the iBooks for Mac app, but it apparently wasn’t a big enough issue to draw public attention.

Apple releases iTunes update with performance enhancements and bug fixes

About two weeks after Apple released iTunes 11.1.2, the company announced the 11.1.3 update to address some minor performance enhancements and bug fixes. This latest iTunes update fixes an issue with the Equalizer in which it didn’t work properly at all times. The update also adds some performance enhancements that fix the speed of iTunes when users are switching views between large libraries.

OS X Mavericks adoption rate hits 7% in under 24 hours

Apple released OS X Mavericks yesterday, alongside new Macbook Pros and the new iPad line-up. In under 24 hours, OS X Mavericks is said to have an adoption rate of 7%, which means a whole lot of Mac users are upgrading their devices to the latest software. According to a live tracker from analytics firm GoSquared, OS X Mavericks hit a 7% adoption rate in under 24 hours as opposed to the 3% adoption rate of OS X Mountain Lion in under 48 hours