Review: PhotoScissors background removal tool for OS X

TeoreX’s PhotoScissors app for OS X is a smart tool for removing unwanted background elements or clutter from photos with a few mouse gestures.

Review: SilverFast Archive Suite 8 for OS X

Better scans lead to better results…and Apple’s scanning software does not provide better scans.

Review: You don’t need the full hardware setup to enjoy SketchBook Pro

SketchBook Pro 7 is where the digital artwork toys are.

Converting from Aperture to Lightroom: Starting the process

Adobe has just released a starting process for Aperture users to start using Lightroom. The bad news is this is not really a formal migration process, but rather an opportunity for Aperture users to start using Adobe’s software. The good news for Aperture users, and all photographers, is that Adobe recently formalized their Creative Cloud Photography Plan that provides both Lightroom, Photoshop, Bridge, Behance, and 2 GB of Creative Cloud storage for $9.99/month (annual plan paid monthly).

Free Webinar for Adobe Add-ons

One of the big changes that came with the Creative Cloud 2014 was the demise of the Adobe Extension Manager, now replaced by Adobe add-ons. If you are at all interested in learning more about Adobe Add-ons—how to create them or use them—the Add-ons team is holding their first webinar on July 30th.


Review: Dreamweaver CC-2014 skews towards designers

With the newly released Dreamweaver CC-2014, Adobe is making things easier for designers while at the same time providing some limited advancements for developers. This change may not go down so well with developers who work, live, and breath code. But for Designers who wish to have the power of Dreamweaver without having to stare at code, this may be a sigh of relief.


Adobe’s Creative Cloud is still evolving, for better and worse

Adobe is now branding/naming their software on an annual basis. Thus, this years updates will be CC-2014, and it’s safe to assume that subsequent releases will be CC-2015, CC-2016, etc. This is important because some of the software is radically changing, most specifically Photoshop.

Review: PhotoSweeper duplicate photo cleaner

PhotoSweeper promises spring cleaning for your photo library, and the app does not disappoint. It’s like a personal trainer for your photo library: it can slim down your photo library and speed up your iPhoto/Aperture experience, and it’s got a great interface and powerful functionality to boot.

Adobe unveils new hardware, updates Creative Cloud, mobile photo apps

Yesterday, Adobe unleashed a slew of app updates and some new hardware for photographers and other digital creatives. There were updates to mobile and desktop apps, some brand new apps, and even a new appcessory bundle consisting of a digital sketch pen, ruler, and companion apps.

Macphun announces Creative Kit Plus bundle

It’s almost summertime, and that means it’s almost time for river race adventures, or at least outdoor fun. And if you’re going to be documenting it in photos, Macphun has a new summer bundle you’ll want to know about. It’s called the Creative Kit Plus bundle, and it makes $260 worth of their photo editing tools for OS X available for only $99.00.

Macphun’s Intensify, Intensify Pro updated

Macphun’s Intensify and Intensify Pro apps represent some of the best standalone photo editors, and a recent update has brought several important new features to these detail-enhancing photo apps.

Win one of four Macphun photo effect apps for OS X this Memorial Day

It’s Memorial Day weekend, which should afford you plenty of opportunities for some great photos: parade floats, C-130 fly-bys, family gathered around the grill, or perhaps something a little more reverent. As such, AppleTell is teaming up with Macphun to give away a copy of four of their popular photo effects apps for OS X, and all you need to do to enter is pay attention to Twitter.