The Walking Dead: The Game – Season 2, Eps. 4 & 5 for OS X review

The ending shows us that the writers never had any ideas for this season.


Mac gamers, you need to play the Tomb Raider reboot

It was dumb of me to wait so long to dig into this game. Don’t make the same mistake.

GameAgent wants to give you Mac games and a MacBook to play them on

This is the single greatest giveaway in the history of civilization (IV and V, at least).

The Journey Down Ch. 2 is now available, Ch. 1 is free

It’s one of the jazziest journeys you’ll ever take.

Doorways: The Underworld will open September 17th

“Born of the seeping punctures of human imagination.”

Your GOG weekend promo has classic EA Mac games on sale

And it includes one my all-time favorites, which means it should be yours, too.

Borderlands 2 is free to play this weekend, but there’s more

Plenty of Mac games on sale, and a primer on how to connect a gamepad to play them.

Ancient Space story-driven RTS coming to OS X and Windows

Discover what lies beyond the Black Zone with actors from Star Trek, True Blood, Firefly, and more.

Exploring Left in the Dark: No One On Board for OS X

The ghost girl says not to get on the ship, so let’s get on that ship!

Rising Star Games reveals Mac games at Gamescom

Tulpa’s the surrealistic one, TRI is the perplexing one.

Blinding Dark aims to redefine horror on Mac, PC and Linux

But they’re doing it by starting the game off like every other horror game ever made.


Daedalic announces Anna’s Quest for 2015 release

Anna lives a peaceful life. How long do you suppose that will last?