Total War: Attila coming in 2015 for OS X and Windows

The Total War series takes on “the scourge of God”…or that early Billy Joel band.

GRID 2 Reloaded Edition available now for Mac racers

Race through real world locations in over 70 licensed vehicles.

Review: The Sims 2: Super Collection is exactly that

Perhaps more of an appreciation than a review.

Metal Gear Rising seeks Revengeance on the Mac

Metal Gear? On the Mac? Solid!

Kickstarter Find: Project: Gorgon – a new approach to MMOs

A 3D fantasy MMORPG for Mac, PC, and Linux that’s designed around exploration and community.

Latest Humble Bundle has action and adventure games

Become an engineer, surgeon, detective, robot, and more for under $6.00.

Interview: Wadjet Eye Games discusses game development and ports

“Don’t do episodic!”

Total War: Rome II – Emperor Edition has new features

Let loose the elephants of war!


Win one of 5 free downloads of Tomb Raider for Mac

Two days left to win a free SteamKey for the Tomb Raider reboot.

A Golden Wake is a 1920s adventure for OS X, Windows, and Linux

It’s kind of “The Great Gatsby” in Florida, and without the annoying Baz Luhrmann-style soundtrack.

GOG turns 6, which is 80% in game savings years

It’s their birthday, but you receive the gifts.

Your GOG Weekend Promo gets pretty obscure with the Mac games

From castles to the moon, the GOG Weekend Promo will keep you “simulated.”