Review: Guitar Tricks guitar lessons via web, iPad

Guitar Tricks is a comprehensive learning tool that delivers very good value for money…but it needs more Queen. Photos app gets new features

Zoom ability and an email feature.

I really hate Facebook, so give me something new, kids

Or maybe you have, and I’m just not welcome there. Fair enough.

Adobe’s Creative Cloud early Black Friday sale

The entire Creative Cloud suite is on sale from now through November 28th.

Adobe releases new Mac software and mobile apps

A big day for Adobe means big downloads for you.

Dropbox suspends auto-backup functionality on iOS 8

You probably shouldn’t delete any files from Dropbox for a while.


Opera is an excellent web browser, so why don’t more people use it?

Gone is the erstwhile funkiness of its interface, but the deep set of unique features remain.

I come not to bury email, but to praise it

Email is an exciting landscape of freedom amidst the walled gardens of social networking and messaging services.


Hero cat clip passes 20M: 2014 viral videos are 5x more viral than in 2012?

According to Ben Kaplan, CEO of PR Hacker, the “hero cat” video reached 20 million YouTube views in only 5 days—more than five times faster than the 26 days required for Korean pop phenomenon Psy’s 2012 record-breaking “Gangnam Style” video to reach the 20 million benchmark.

Should Apple make Yahoo! Search the default iOS search engine?

Reportedly, Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer is actively seeking closer business ties with Apple, but short of a full-scale merger or takeover. Apple has a longstanding good relationship with Yahoo, which Ms. Mayer hopes to build on by having Apple make Yahoo! its default Safari search engine, but it won’t be a cakewalk.

Gmail messages disappearing from Apple Mail? Here’s a fix

Since upgrading to OS X Mavericks, Gmail messages have been disappearing from Apple Mail. I found a fix that worked for me, but it was buried in Apple’s support forums under the typical hostile debates over nothing useful…in this case, whether it’s Apple or Google’s fault. To save you that hassle, here’s how to prevent Gmail messages from disappearing from Apple Mail, and how you’ll get back the ones that went away.

League of Angels MMORPG launches, confuses theologians

I suppose there are two types of angles out there—those cherub-looking things that help us find love on Valentine’s Day, and the really hot game ones that are worthy of cosplay. If the latter is more your thing, you’ll be pleased to know R2Games has officially launched their turn-based MMORPG: League of Angels, and they’ve added more angels in the process.