Gmail messages disappearing from Apple Mail? Here’s a fix

Since upgrading to OS X Mavericks, Gmail messages have been disappearing from Apple Mail. I found a fix that worked for me, but it was buried in Apple’s support forums under the typical hostile debates over nothing useful…in this case, whether it’s Apple or Google’s fault. To save you that hassle, here’s how to prevent Gmail messages from disappearing from Apple Mail, and how you’ll get back the ones that went away.

League of Angels MMORPG launches, confuses theologians

I suppose there are two types of angles out there—those cherub-looking things that help us find love on Valentine’s Day, and the really hot game ones that are worthy of cosplay. If the latter is more your thing, you’ll be pleased to know R2Games has officially launched their turn-based MMORPG: League of Angels, and they’ve added more angels in the process.

Return to innocence: Classic Mac OS on a Mac Plus emulator in any web browser

Do you ever miss the days of innocence (at least in terms of computers)? I don’t think the Mac ever seemed more magical than it did the first time I booted up System 6, the version of the Mac OS that came installed on that my first Mac. In context, System 6 remains, in many respects, my favorite Mac operating system version ever. If you want to indulge nostalgia for those halcyon days, you can now get a taste using a Web browser running on most OS platforms, including OS X, iOS, Android, Windows, or Linux.

Google Chrome Apps now available for Mac

After being tested since May this year, Google has finally made its Chrome Apps available for Mac. Google Chrome Apps was first introduced for Windows and Chromebook users in September. For its Mac iteration, Google Chrome Apps works like your usual native Mac apps. It also works offline, enabling the automatic updating and syncing of apps across any platforms where you use Google Chrome.

TenFourFox brings Firefox 17 to PowerPC Macs

TenFourFox—Floodgap’s port of Firefox for Power PC Macs—is a game-saver for those of us who still have PowerPC Macs in service, and it brings the great features of’s latest browsers to these older platforms, literally extending their useful service life by years.

Stock5S lets you check iPhone 5s availability in several countries

A few days back, we shared a handy online tool that allows users to track stock availability of the iPhone 5s. Unfortunately, the application is only available for the residents in the U.S. If you are based in any other country, you’ll be happy to know another developer managed to get his site up and running, showing the availability for iPhone 5s in several countries, including the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Singapore, Canada, China and Hong Kong.

Appidemic: Blippex search engine

After checking out the Blippex search engine for OS X for several days, I would say Microsoft’s Bing team and the folks at Google needn’t be losing any sleep over the new competition. At least not yet. Blippex is still very much a work-in-progress. However, it will be interesting to see how rapidly it improves.


Hands-on with Copy Cloud storage service, offering 15GB (or more) free storage

Barracuda Networks’ Copy is a new Cloud storage service that currently offers 15 GB of free space to individual sign ups, and even more with referrals. Dropbox only gives you 250 MB per referral, while Copy gives you 5 GB with a current promotion, and is not capping the amount of space you can acquire during the promotion period. Copy supports iOS, Mac OS X (10.7 and up) Windows, Android, and Linux with client apps, plus access from the Copy Website.

Attend iPhone, iPad and Mac Summer School for free at ScreenCastsOnline

Whether you’re looking to master your Mac or Apple iDevice, or simply want to see if there are any features/abilities you’re missing, online training is often the way to go. If you’ve got some free time left this summer, ScreenCastsOnline offers up over 500 tutorials on Mac, iPhone and iPad hardware and apps. And through their Summer School program, they’re free for one month.


Dropbox Datastore is great, but to complement—not replace—my hard drives

While I think Dropbox Datastore is a great idea and substantial enhancement to the Dropbox service, I’m a long way from ready to say goodbye to my hard drives. For one thing, Internet access is far from universally available. Then there’s the matter of cost. The 100GB, 200GB and 500GB storage options are priced respectively at $99, $199, and $499 on an annual subscription fee basis.

The Last Door web game review

The Last Door is a strange game. It’s a deliberate throwback in lots of ways, from its exaggeratedly primitive pixel graphics to a point-and-click adventure that focuses more on story than on puzzles. However the designers turn what could be a funny retro adventure on its head with a subtle supernatural horror story that has genuine shocks and an atmosphere designed to unease. To wit: the game opens on a prologue where the character you control hangs himself.

Hands-on with the Opera Next Web browser public beta

With version 15 of its Opera Next indie Web browser, Opera has discontinued development of its in-house Presto browser engine and adopted the Open Source Chrome engine. I’m a longtime Opera fan, having used it off and on (recently mostly on) since the mid- to late ’90s, and after running the Opera “Next” version 15 public beta for over a month now, I can say that this new iteration is the best Opera yet.