Be careful when running the Adobe CC 2015 update

Use the default update settings and your copy of Adobe CC 2014 will be deleted.

Seen @ Macworld/iWorld 2013: MacMate hosting and cloud storage

iCloud aims to make cloud services simple, but the tradeoff there is a lack of capabilities (try creating a shared PhotoStream from a folder of pictures on a USB drive). The MacMate team was on hand at the recent Macworld expo to show off their combination of cloud storage, web gallery, and website hosting services, for those who miss the power and flexibility of MobileMe.

How MobileMe users can avoid the looming iCloud storage crunch

If you (like me) were a dedicated fan of Apple’s cloud services long before cloud services ever became a thing (iTools, anyone?), you may be bumping up against the new 5 GB storage limit in iCloud. Former MobileMe users got a one year free upgrade to 25GB of storage, but now that year is up and Apple has notified those users that their iCloud accounts are set to downgrade to the default storage limit on September 30th.

Apple’s new web portal goes live

Apple’s iCloud Web portal has been in Beta for quite some time, but it appears users can finally utilize the iCloud web client service. When users log into the service they will have the ability to easily share and sync content across multiple devices, including for two new features: Notes and Reminders.

Apple officially ends support of MobileMe services

While Apple has allowed its MobileMe users a grace period to help them transition to iCloud, visitors to are now greeted with a closed sign and an iCloud link. MobileMe’s iDisk and Gallery features have also been axed in favor of Apple’s newer iCloud offerings.

Apple warns MobileMe users of discontinuation on June 30th.

Apple has started to send e-mails to MobileMe users warning them about the impending end to that service. Mac users have less than 30 days left to extract their photos and files from the iDisk, Gallery and iWeb. As it was originally almost announced a year ago, the MobileMe ($99 per year) service has been replaced by the free cloud-based offering: iCloud. As part of the transition: iDisk, Gallery and iWeb will no longer be offered.


Beware of new MobileMe to iCloud transition phishing scam

Reports of a new email phishing scam are making their rounds, this time attempting to trick MobileMe users into upgrading their account to iCloud while attempting to grab those users’ personal information such as credit card and social security numbers. When receiving emails like these, it is always best to ensure you are actually taken to Apple’s website by checking the URL.

Developers now able to migrate their MobileMe accounts to iCloud

Developers that are subscribed to Apple’s former MobileMe service are now able to migrate their account over to iCloud through Apple’s new portal. Users will be able to take their Mail, Contacts, and Calendar data with them so they can continue to use iWeb, iDisk, and Photo Gallery until June 30th of next year. Apple also notes, however, that Dashboard widget sync, dock item sync, keychains, signatures, mail account rules, mail preferences, and mail smart boxes are no longer available after migrating.


Rumor: Email from Apple reveals iCloud storage details

A MobileMe user recently received an email from Apple detailing what happens once you get close to reaching the 5GB storage limit to which everyone is entitled for free in the company’s iCloud service. Once users near their 5 GB limit, they will receive an email that details their options: either buy more storage from Apple or free up space using the iCloud Storage & Backup settings on their iDevice and by simply deleting emails.


Expired MobileMe accounts already running on iCloud

Those with expired MobileMe accounts may be glad to know Apple is resurrecting them through iCloud, a process which has already begun. Users’ old MobileMe account information will now function as their iCloud Apple ID, which they would use to log in to the service. However, in order to be able to use your expired MobileMe account at this time, you need to have both the iOS 5 beta and OS X Lion with the iCloud beta installed.


Rumor: iWeb to be discontinued

As MobileMe will be undergoing its transition to Apple’s new iCloud service, many have been wondering about what will happen to MobileMe services that the company had not mentioned as part of the transition. A user of both iWeb and MobileMe was concerned about the product’s fate, and decided to email Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs about it. The one word response, if legit, is not encouraging for iWeb users.

Find My iPhone app receives two new features

The Find My iPhone iOS app has just been given an update, adding two new features to its previous offerings. According to the release notes for the update, if the iPhone you are trying to find is offline, you will now receive an email once it comes back online and is located. And you are now able to remove an offline device from the list within the app.