Review: Guitar Tricks guitar lessons via web, iPad

Guitar Tricks is a comprehensive learning tool that delivers very good value for money…but it needs more Queen.

Safari vulnerable with SSL flaw

It’s called FREAK, and it’s the NSA’s fault, it would seem. Thanks, guys.

Frozenbyte unveils Trine 3, and it is beautiful

As stunning as you’d expect, with an added twist you may not have seen coming.

Your GOG Weekend Promo adventures to Germany

Save up to 80% on some fantastic adventures and RPGs from Daedalic Entertainment.

Interview: Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb Software

“One of my key bits of advice for any young creative person, no matter what the medium, is to be a constant reader.”

New versions of Tweetbot coming to iOS and Mac

Considering Tweetbot is such a vital resource to the world of Twitter, this is exciting news.

Crash log reporting added to Xcode 6.3

iOS and OS X developers will be able to see issues much faster when they arise.

“Killer App” for Apple Watch (and the Mac) announced

Send messages to Mac and (soon) iOS and Apple Watch users with predefined replies.

AOL logins for iTunes gone in March

In related news, AOL apparently still has users?


Review: CotEditor is a nicely-featured, free plain text editor for OS X

CotEditor looks and behaves as you would expect an OS X application should.

Twenty Five Years of Photoshop, a reflection

It’s time to sit back and appreciate what Photoshop is (and has been) over the years.

Review: Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock for Mac/PC

When you’re jarred out of stasis, it’s never for pleasant reasons.