E3 2015: Arnie Jorgensen tells of The Banner Saga 2 [video]

No Kickstarter needed for The Banner Saga’s sequel.

E3 2015: Master dungeons with Sword Coast Legends

I’m a bit of a pencil and paper traditionalist with D&D, but this game could very well make me a convert.

The White March: Part 1 is Pillars of Eternity’s first expansion

Paradox and Obsidian tease a chilly new expansion.

It’s time for our E3 2015 Mac and iOS game giveaway

All you need to win them is a Twitter account and serendipity.


Be careful when running the Adobe CC 2015 update

Use the default update settings and your copy of Adobe CC 2014 will be deleted.

New Adobe video updates bring it all together

Adobe has just opened the floodgates for their video applications.

It’s raining applications again: Adobe Creative Cloud 2015

Adobe has updated all the Creative Cloud applications, but be warned…

Final Fantasy XIV expansion coming to the Mac

It comes with three new jobs: Dark Knight, Machinist and Astrologian.

Foto Promos’ Big Deal brings photography resources, charity together

Save 98% on photography resources, and give back to charity.


Metal for Mac is a big deal for gamers, and this is why

Aspyr Media’s Director of Technology, Jez Sherlock, says the news looks good.

This War of Mine review: Collateral damage

War doesn’t give you the opportunity to win.

Build custom giants in Goliath for Mac, Windows, and Linux

To fight monsters, you’ll create monsters.