Review: Drive Genius 4 OS X system maintenance and repair

Despite what some folks might tell you, computers (even Macs) do not run forever without some care.

Parallels updates Mac Management for Microsoft SCCM

Businesses keep control, employees keep their Macs, everybody wins.

Hands-on with the best (and free) Mac app launcher hardly anybody uses

Quicksilver is extremely easy to use for its basic app launching function, but it can do so much more.

Apple anti-malware updated to detect iWorm

The malware should be taken off of systems soon.

Review: Mac Backup Guru 2 gets more features, price cut

Added value at a cheaper price. If only all software updates were like this.


Review: Mac Internet Security X8

Do you need virus protection if you’re running OS X? It’s not a terrible idea. Do you need a firewall if you’re on a Mac? Absolutely. Mac Internet Security X8 from Intego provides both in a flexible package that makes security understandable, friendly, and flexible for mobile users. It keeps you safe without interfering with the work you need to do on the Internet.


Review: Cloak 2 VPN for OS X and iOS

The Internet’s full of spies and hackers! Everyday users probably stand a low chance of falling victim to one, but for an added measure of protection, Cloak gives you the benefit of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) without all the hassle of setting up and maintaining your own.

Review: Hider 2 data encryption for OS X

MacPaw is as interested in digital security as you are, and they have developed a handy app to prove it. Hider 2 allows you to encrypt and render non-viewable any file you want to hide on your Mac. Just to be clear, yes, there are things you cannot hide with this app, such as other apps or file folders in your root directory. Otherwise, the folders on your Mac can be dropped into the hider app to protect everything within the folder.

Seen @ Macworld: ESET Cyber Security software

Cyber security isn’t just something Windows users have to worry about anymore. Between Java- and Flash-based virus and phishing schemes, Mac users can fall victim to hackers just as easily, but ESET’s Cyber Security software is designed to help prevent that.

Review: Shiny Soap isn’t so clean

As our computers get larger hard drives, their ability to hold more stuff increases. How bad all this unnecessary stuff is might be up for debate, but it’s probably not necessary. And if it’s not necessary, you may as well get rid of it. Shiny Soap from Shinysoft has distilled their software down to the nitty-gritty to provide as simple an interface as one could have. However, sometimes too simple is too much lost.

Hard drive space recovery software Washing Machine is just not there yet

While I like Washing Machine’s interface and the ability to focus in the various types of items you may want to investigate for cleaning up, I found the lack of detail about what you might be doing potentially dangerous—you really do not want to delete files you need, nor do you want to make the wrong choice and delete the wrong one of multiple files.


The joy of Dropbox

There are other cloud storage and synching services: Apple’s own iCloud, Box, iDolly, Google Cloud, Microsoft SkyDrive, and more. However, while they all have their virtues, none of them matches Dropbox for no hassle, transparent, “just works” functionality in the context of keeping work in progress—along with recently archived files—on several work platform laptops and my iPad harmoniously synchronized.