Safari vulnerable with SSL flaw

It’s called FREAK, and it’s the NSA’s fault, it would seem. Thanks, guys.

Adobe’s Creative Cloud early Black Friday sale

The entire Creative Cloud suite is on sale from now through November 28th.

Adobe releases new Mac software and mobile apps

A big day for Adobe means big downloads for you.

Free Webinar for Adobe Add-ons

One of the big changes that came with the Creative Cloud 2014 was the demise of the Adobe Extension Manager, now replaced by Adobe add-ons. If you are at all interested in learning more about Adobe Add-ons—how to create them or use them—the Add-ons team is holding their first webinar on July 30th.


Review: Dreamweaver CC-2014 skews towards designers

With the newly released Dreamweaver CC-2014, Adobe is making things easier for designers while at the same time providing some limited advancements for developers. This change may not go down so well with developers who work, live, and breath code. But for Designers who wish to have the power of Dreamweaver without having to stare at code, this may be a sigh of relief.


Adobe’s Creative Cloud is still evolving, for better and worse

Adobe is now branding/naming their software on an annual basis. Thus, this years updates will be CC-2014, and it’s safe to assume that subsequent releases will be CC-2015, CC-2016, etc. This is important because some of the software is radically changing, most specifically Photoshop.

Ember for Mac OS X review

It’s because ideas have their ebb and flow—and to keep up with them, to organize everything systematically, and to make them more concrete and palatable—you need tools and methods. Fortunately, Realmac’s Ember for Mac OS X does a pretty good job with this. It’s a must-have app for professionals and creative types who are into curating, organizing, collecting, and visualizing photos, designs, ideas and more.


Should Apple buy Bing if Microsoft puts it on the market?

Apple has proven over and over that it can make handsome profits in market sectors and categories where Microsoft has failed to do so. With its famous cash hoard, Apple would presumably have no difficulty purchasing Bing should Microsoft put it on the market. It would be fascinating to watch what Apple could do with what is already an excellent search engine, perhaps renamed “iSearch.”

Email services bite the dust in wake of Edward Snowden leaks affair

At least two email services and a law blog are collateral damage casualties of the war between the U.S. National Security Agency and former employee Edward Snowden. I’ve had a Lavabit email account since almost the time the service started up a decade ago, and I’m sorry to see it shut down. I never used the encryption feature, but Lavabit was extraordinarily reliable as an indie provider of free general email service, and I’ll miss it.

WWDC 2013: Apple Design Awards show 11 apps

Apple has announced the 11 winners of its Apple Design Awards at WWDC 2013 that range from games to utilities, on both iOS and OS X. Plenty of games are represented, as well as well as apps from the WWF, Yahoo!, and the ever popular Evernote.

MotionComposer Mac review

One of the best professional decisions I ever made was to not bother learning Flash programming. It’s not just that Flash was annoying to work with it, it’s that there were (and still are) programs out there that gave you Flash files without having to bother with Flash. One such program is Motion Composer from Aquafadas. It gives you plenty more, too, the most important of which is HTML5 support so your animated and audio creative content doesn’t get left behind.

A Camino browser eulogy and appreciation

I was saddened a bit to hear that the Camino browser development team is calling it quits. However, the proverbial handwriting has been on the wall for some time, with the pace of Camino development slowing, and pretty much stopping as far as Power PC is concerned. In recent years I never found it compelling enough to use over Firefox and the array of other excellent browser choices available for Intel Macs.