The 10 most insane Bluetooth speaker designs at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair

I’ve come across some absolutely marvelous Bluetooth speaker systems this week, both in design and functionality. Passing by the booths and sampling the audio, I’ve heard so much Asian pop music that old-school Avril Lavigne was actually a nice respite at one point. But I kept at it, because I never knew when another speaker set designed to look like a crimson aquatic mammal balancing a beach ball on its head was waiting at the end of the aisle.

Seen @ Macworld: Bass Egg

Music is portable, headphones are portable, but so far good speakers have remained stubbornly stationary. The Bass Egg made a big impression at this year’s Macworld expo, pumping out huge sound with powerful bass in an easily portable package.

AppleTell’s favorite products of Macworld / iWorld 2014

After Macworld / iWorld 2014 came to a close in San Francisco last Saturday, the AppleTell team sat around a tiny table at Uncle Vito’s discussing our favorite products of the show. After nearly a week of reflection and pouring through our notes, Kirk Hiner, David Temple and I have finally selected our favorite products of Macworld / iWorld 2014: an app for urban explorers, a cube for your pets, and Momentum for your ears.

BlueAnt launches PUMP HD sport earbuds

If your workout needs some pumping up in the audio department, check out BlueAnt’s new PUMP HD earbuds. Rugged, waterproof, and designed for the hardest of workouts, these earbuds deliver huge sound to power you through.

Mobile listening and content creation with Sennheiser at Macworld/iWorld 2014

Sennheiser will be showing no favorites on the expo floor next week at Macworld/iWorld 2014. DJ? Filmmaker? Digital artist? Content creator? Maybe you’re just someone who loves music, like me. No matter what your need/desire for premium audio solutions, Sennheiser has some products they’ll want to show off, and then you can be on your way as their focus this year is mobility.

Pioneer launches new DJ-style in-ear headphones

Pioneer has launched two new models of in-ear DJ-quality headphones designed to make excellent sound more portable. Rather than carting around a bulky set of DJ over-ear cans, the new DJE-1500 and DJE-2000 aim to offer the same sound quality via a lightweight in-ear form factor.

Check out Korus music/gaming/movie audio solutions at Macworld/iWorld

Macworld/iWorld Expo may still be three weeks away, but we’ve already got some new products to get excited about. Core Brands, LLC, has just announced it will demo the Korus V600 and Korus V400 wireless speakers designed for Apple gamers and video/music aficionados at the event, which takes place March 27-29 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

The future of headphones is now—or just ahead, anyway—with Mo-Fi

Blue Microphones has always done a fantastic job of getting audio from its source to your computer or whatnot, but now it seems they’re aiming to deliver that audio back to you. They’ve begun the tease for the Mo-Fi headphones, which they state offer “true mobile high fidelity.” We don’t know much more than that, but we’ve signed up to learn more, and so can you.

ClearView Clio: A Bluetooth speaker for the aesthete

Launched at CES back in January of this year, ClearView bills its Clio Bluetooth speaker as the First Invisible Speaker; from the photos, that seems to be an accurate description. Product images on their website feel less like geek porn and more like a game from Highlights magazine—spot the speaker in the room scene. Featuring a single curved glass panel and barely-there base, the Clio transforms 2.1 channel sound from boring box to invisible marvel.


Kickstarter Find: HiddenRadio2 Bluetooth Speaker

The HiddenRadio2 Kickstarter campaign is hot, and for good reason. This pint sized bluetooth speaker offers a great blend of functionality and design, and looks for all the world like something Apple would create if they chose to enter the mini Bluetooth speaker market.

Berlin Boombox launches DIY cardboard boombox

It’s combination throwback, eco-nerd, and DIY. The Berlin Boombox is made of recycled cardboard in a pack-flat design, and in order to use it you have to put it together yourself. Oh, and if you know all the words to the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” theme song, chances are it will look strikingly similar to a sound system you once used to listen to cassette tapes, too, but it lets you rock out to the tunes on your iPhone rather than carting around magnetic tape.

Harman announces new audio gear at CES 2014

Harman, producers of some of the best audio gear available, announced several products that all shared a common theme: no cords. Bluetooth audio and other wireless streaming protocols are helping us ditch cables for listening to music, and Harman introduced three products to their JBL lineup and one stunningly gorgeous Harman/Kardon entrant at CES 2014.