Working for the skin trade; skin sales for your electronic devices

Skin manufacturers know a lot you got new tablets, laptops, phones and gaming systems this holiday season, and they want you to know they’ve got protective skins ready for you at reduced prices. Skins are a good way to go, as they’re inexpensive, they provided basic scratch/scuff protection, they’re compatible with third-party docking devices, and they allow you to show off your personality and interests.

SkinIt offers Movember designs, discount

Movember is in full swing, and your moustache is surely looking really good right now. But how’s your iPhone looking? Your iPad? Your MacBook? Shouldn’t they get a proper moustache, too? Yes, they should get a proper moustache, too, and this is why SkinIt is offering a range of MoSkins, MoCases and MoDecals at 20% off their normal price.

Hockey’s back, is your iPhone ready?

After three grueling months, North America’s national nightmare has finally come to an end. This Saturday, the puck will drop on the 2013 NHL season. I may be the only AppleTell writer who cares about this, but our parent company is based in Philadelphia, and you know what that means, right? It means mandatory Flyers skins for all employee electronic devices. Thankfully, SkinIt is offering 20% off all orders through January 21st.

Gear up for the playoffs with SkinIt NFL skins and cases

SkinIt has announced a special that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but it’s a special nonetheless. With the NFL playoffs now in swing, they’re offering free USPS shipping on their lineup of NFL skins and cases for your iPhone, iPad, MacBook and more. But considering there’ll only be four teams left by the time your order’s delivered, I’m guessing it won’t apply to most of you.

Loop Wrist Band for 6th gen iPod nano review

When the sixth generation iPod Nano arrived with its tiny square display, it seemed natural that people would want to wear it as a watch face. To that end, Loop Attachment Co. makes a one-piece silicone wrist band that fits the iPod nano perfectly.


Hard Candy introduces Nano Clip for new iPod nano

Sure the new iPod nano will have that larger screen and more storage space, but does it have the iPod shuffle’s clip? No. No, it will not…unless you pick up a Nano Clip case from Hard Candy. The lightweight yet sturdy body will keep your new iPod nano safe, and the secure clip will keep it attached to your person.

NYT: Apple experimenting with wearable ipod with Siri functionality

The New York Times is reporting that Apple is secretly working in a prototype device that can be worn as a wrist-strap watch. According to sources within the company, the “… new curved-glass iPod that would wrap around the wrist,” will have the built-in functionality of Siri, allowing users to control the device with their voice. The inspiration seems to come from third-party accessories that make wrist watches of the iPod nano.

BOGO gadget and laptop skins at SkinIt today only

Good evening, and welcome to day…12. The final entry in SkinIt’s 12 Days of Deals is upon us, and it seems it was worth waiting for: buy one skin, get one free. Here’s a great chance to take care of two gifts at once, or reward yourself with a little something while knocking another gift off your list.

Today only, save 50% on SkinIt custom skins

SkinIt continues their 12 Days of Deals campaign with one of the best offers yet: 50% off custom skins. It’s day 11 in the campaign, after all, and that means it’s December 11th. There’s not a whole lot of time left to complete your Christmas gift shopping, and a custom skin for iPhones, iPad, MacBooks, and dozens of other digital devices is a pretty solid gift idea, don’t you think?

12 Days of Deals from SkinIt

SkinIt is getting into the spirit of giving by having you give them money…only a lot less of it. Every day through the beginning of December, they are offering different deals on their plethora of skins for numerous phone, laptop and gaming devices. With today’s deal, buy any large device skin (laptop, iPad, Xbox, Kindle) and you can get two small device (phone, mp3 player) skins for free.

Apple announces Black Friday 2011 specials

We’ve seen a few leaks this week on Apple’s annual one-day-only Black Friday sales event. The savings on Apple products were accurately slight, but as in years past, Apple is offering significant savings on compatible third-party products. Save over $100 on Bowers & Wilkins speaker docks and various laptop bags, and you can get fun accessories like the Parrot AR.Drone for under $250.00.

Belkin has 50% off (almost) everything on their online store

Belkin, maker of all types of accessories for laptops, iOS devices, and Android devices, is having a sale until September 30th. Not just any sale, but a 50% off (almost) everything sale with no minimum purchase. All you have to do is use the coupon code FB50 when you check out on Belkin’s online store. The only bad news is that Belkin’s web site has been inundated with shoppers, so it may take you a few tries to get in.