Review: Sennheiser Urbanite on-ear headphones

A sonic fashion statement.


Should Apple kill off the iPod Classic?

The iPod Classic still uses the click-wheel, which now looks like it is from a different era of Apple devices. As a matter of fact, Apple doesn’t even include the Classic in ads and literature on its website anymore, aside from its own dedicated page. Considering this, one has to stop and wonder if Apple should kill off the iPod Classic altogether.


Monster’s iSport Freedom Bluetooth headphones help you cut the cord while working out

Monster is expanding their iSport line of headphones with the iSport Freedom. These are Monster’s first-ever on-ear wireless sport headphones. That’s right, they’re Bluetooth headphones powered by Pure Monster Sound. They can handle everything from playing your music with extreme clarity, tight articulation, and deep pounding bass to taking phone calls, and they’re durable and water-resistant enough to keep up with you through your workouts.

I-MEGO Walker Junior noise-canceling headphones review

As a frequent flyer and daily commuter, I’m the perfect candidate for noise-canceling headphones. So, you can imagine my joy when the I-MEGO Walker Junior noise canceling found their way to my cubicle. I have to admit, I’ve felt left out around my office since all my coworkers sport cool headphones, but I think with these bad boys decorating my ears I’ll be inducted into the cool headphones club.

BOOM Movement Spooners headphones review

Want to take your tunes outside with you, but don’t feel like sharing? While BOOM’s excellent Urchin speaker provides water- and shock-resistant music for groups, their Spooners headphones let you keep the party solo while still shaking off dust, water, and a pretty bruising amount of abuse.


Apple’s iPod sales continue to fall flat; what’s next for the popular music player?

On Monday, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster reported on Mac and iPod sales and noted that Apple’s iPod sales have slipped 23% in the last quarter and represent only 2% of Apple’s revenue. This means the iPod is no longer what consumers want, and that it may not necessarily be around for many more years. It is no wonder that Apple never bothered to update the iPod Classic line after they added the larger 160 GB model storage option.

Edifier Bric BT iPhone/iPod speaker dock review

The Bric BT, aka the iF330BT, is the Bluetooth-capable portable enhancement of the original Bric iPod dock, featuring the addition of Bluetooth streaming and dual bass reflex ports for added punch on the low end. It’s a competent portable Bluetooth speaker, especially considering it is priced under the majority of its competition

Edifier releases two Bluetooth speakers: Esiena and Bric BT

Edifier takes their task of building quite seriously, with designs that fuse audio performance to what can only be described as speaker sex appeal. The company has announced two new designs in their lineup, and both feature streaming options (a feature Apple likely envisions as obviating the need to keep the 30 pin Dock Connector alive). The new additions are the Esiena and Bric Bluetooth, and both bring a healthy dose of design to the standard category of speaker docks.

iFixit examines Apple’s new EarPods

The experts at iFixit got their hands on the new EarPods from Apple and took them apart to examine the internal contents. They found some exciting discoveries that show Apple took great steps to improve the technology over that of their predecessors.

Phiaton Primal Series PS210 earphones review

Phiaton’s Primal Series headphones take the company’s signature half-in-ear earphone design to a new level of comfort and musical precision (though the unwieldy name is still a challenge). With long-lasting comfort and impressive sound reproduction, these are a real winner in the sub-$100 earphone market.

NYT: Apple experimenting with wearable ipod with Siri functionality

The New York Times is reporting that Apple is secretly working in a prototype device that can be worn as a wrist-strap watch. According to sources within the company, the “… new curved-glass iPod that would wrap around the wrist,” will have the built-in functionality of Siri, allowing users to control the device with their voice. The inspiration seems to come from third-party accessories that make wrist watches of the iPod nano.

Apple announces Black Friday 2011 specials

We’ve seen a few leaks this week on Apple’s annual one-day-only Black Friday sales event. The savings on Apple products were accurately slight, but as in years past, Apple is offering significant savings on compatible third-party products. Save over $100 on Bowers & Wilkins speaker docks and various laptop bags, and you can get fun accessories like the Parrot AR.Drone for under $250.00.